Tech announces high school rally winners

Mar 19, 2011 | General News

Winners in the 2011 North Louisiana District Rally qualifying for the State Rally in Baton Rouge or who won first through fifth place in a subject for which there is only district testing have been announced following competition at Louisiana Tech on Saturday, March 19.
More than 1,500 students from 18 North Louisiana parishes competed. Schools also compete for the sweepstakes award in each division.
Testing in the 48 subjects is separated into five divisions, based on school size, said Joan Edinger, associate director of admissions at Tech and district rally director for the North Louisiana High School Rally Association.
“We are extremely proud that Louisiana Tech has the opportunity to play an important role in the future of these extraordinary young people,” Edinger said. She said Tech has been hosting the event for nearly 50 years. 
Edinger said area students who qualified for State Rally or who won first through fifth place in a subject that has only district competition (as indicated by an asterisk) are listed below by parish, school division and subject. The State Rally is scheduled for April 16.
“We are also grateful to our dedicated faculty and staff members who give their time and effort to proctor the testing sessions and help compute the results,” she said. “This competition helps the students to develop academically and personally. It gives them and their families something to be proud of.”
Bienville Parish
            Arcadia High School (IV) — environmental science, Deanza Andrews, 2; Journalism I, Jeremy Mason, 1*; spelling 9, Michael T. Smith, 1.
            Gibsland-Coleman High School (V) — U.S. history, Dennis Tubbs, 3; Algebra I, Kiedej’a Jackson, 5; parenthood education, Kirsta Hawk,  2.
            Saline High School (V) — health, Maranda Dill, 2.
Bossier Parish
            Airline High School (I) — accounting, Alexander Rothenberger, 2; Algebra I, Allison Lockhart, 2; sociology, Allyson Greer, 2; Spanish III, Erin Rizzo, 2; geometry, Hyein Jeong, 2; advanced math-pre calculus, Jessica Wojtkiewicz, 2; chemistry, Sagar Desai, 2; physical science, Sarah McGee, 1.
            Haughton High School (I) — calculus, Blane Worley, 2; spelling 10, Ezar Bess, 2*; world geography, Jeremy Pickett, 3; psychology, Kurstie Neighbors, 2; English pronunciation, Morgan Braswell, 1*; English IV, Rachel Miller, 2; financial mathematics, Ryan Moore, 1; English literature, Taylor Haynie, 2*; health, Trey Long, 2; civics, Will Turner, 2.
            La New Tech @ Plain Dealing (V) — business computer applications, Alex Cochrell, 3.
Caldwell Parish
            Caldwell Parish High School (III) — calculus, Amber Graham, 2; U.S. history, Cole McIlwain, 1; physical science, David Howard, 3 ; advanced mathematics-pre calculus, Dong Yun Kang, 3; parenthood education, Erin Hart, 2; civics, Gavin Burch, 2; physics, Haley Harris, 2; Agriscience II, Hunter Beckley, 1; English I, Jonathan Folds, 1; Algebra II, Lavelle Roquemore, 3; geometry, Madalyn Frazier, 3; chemistry, Zach Baum, 1.
Claiborne Parish
            Athens High School (V) — Algebra I, Daralyn Parker, 1.
            Claiborne Academy (V) — English IV, Abigail Bass, 2; world history, Alexandra Taunton, 3; English III, Caroline Bourn, 5; biology, Hunter Soileau, 1; U.S. history, Jacob Tinsley, 2; psychology, Jesse Beard, 1; Journalism I, Miller Killgore, 2.   
Haynesville High School (IV) — chemistry, Catherine Slaton, 2; civics, Frenando Grider, 3; nutrition & food, Janesia Webb, 1; physics, Je’marion Willis, 1; Algebra I, Kandyce Hicks, 4; financial mathematics, Lakkia Carswell-bey, 1.
            Homer High School (III) — English II, Alyssa Tew, 2; free enterprise, Chris Long, 3; biology, Dekota Roberts, 2; geometry, John Robert Holloway, 2; English literature, Kayla Jones, 1*; introduction to business computer applications, Shakayla Butler, 2; Journalism I, Shermadee McDaniel, 1; civics, Taylor Grafton, 1; Spanish I, Tony Sepulvado, 3.
            Summerfield High School (V) – U.S. history, Austin McCurry, 4; Algebra II, Justin Miller, 1; spelling 11, Logan Puckett, 2*; financial mathematics, Nathon Harkins, 1.        
De Soto Parish
            Logansport High School (IV) — Journalism I, Kadarius Gray, 2; physical science, Michael B. Register, 3.
            Mansfield High School (III) — principles of business, Caleb Huff, 2 ; advanced math functions and statistics, Deammernie Blaze, 2; environmental science, Shannon Sisson, 2; world history, Tyler Mayweather, 2.
            North Desoto High School (II) — Biology II, Bradley Barron, 2; physical science, Cameron Wisher, 3; family and consumer science, Chelsea Saffel, 2; chemistry, Dylan Rivers, 3; biology, Gregg Simmons, 1; sociology, Jake Young, 1; world geography, Jessica Burford, 2; Agriscience III, Joey Smith, 1; Agriscience I, Johnathan Roberts, 2; English II, Lauren Hooker, 3; world history, Matt Drabek, 1; Spanish II, Raven Gowan, 2; U.S. history, Robin Brown, 1; health, Ryan Moon, 1; environmental science, Samuel Stentz, 1; Spanish I, Tierra Scott, 1; free enterprise, Vanessa Bautista, 1.
            Pelican All Saints High (V) — Spanish III, Destiny Alexander, 2; sociology, Justin Marr, 2; introduction to business computer applications, Ladarelette Ross, 2.
            Stanley High School (V) — accounting, Cara Carpenter, 1; business computer applications, Darianne Brown, 2; English II, Emily Stephens, 3; world history, Tanner Timmons, 2.
East Carroll Parish
            Briarfield Academy (V) — Algebra II, Lane Robertson, 6; geometry, Marron Frith, 1; advanced mathematics-pre calculus, Sara Jo Brown, 4.
Franklin Parish
            Franklin Parish High School (III) — English I, Aleah Pylant, 3; French II, Allena Wiggers, 1; spelling 11, Damian Hooker, 1*; English literature, Jessie Work, 1*; physical science, Jonah Blackwell, 1; environmental science, Josh Strickland, 2; Agriscience II, Mason Galloway, 2.
Jackson Parish
            Jonesboro-Hodge High School (III) — Computer Science I, Ariel Harrell, 2; Algebra I, Joan Tran, 2; Biology II, Matthew Smith, 3; Agriscience III, Michael Palmer, 2; Agriscience I, Tyler Hampton, 2.
            Quitman High School (V) — Algebra I, Bethany Schimmel, 2; English IV, Caroline Maxwell, 1; Algebra II, Hunter Anderson, 3; world history, Hunter Strickland, 1; geometry, Justin Nelson, 4; Agriscience I, Natalie McGuire, 3; advanced  mathematics-functions and statistics,    Olivia James, 2; Biology II, Sean Tyler, 3.
            Weston High School (V) — free enterprise, Allison Gilbert, 1; English II, Carli Kinman, 4; health, Ebonie Brazil, 1; Agriscience II, Jacqueline Harlan, 2; Spanish I, Juanita Medrano, 1; Biology II, Justin Huckaby, 1; geometry, Rakeal Williamson, 3; physical science, Shadrik Hancock, 4; Agriscience I, Victoria Smith, 1.
La Salle Parish
            Jena High School (III) — spelling 10, Abbie Cox, 2*; nutrition and food, Ashley Savoy, 1; Spanish I, Ashley Smith, 1; French I, Cassie Mattson, 2; Agriscience I, Ceth Hanner, 1; Algebra I, Ethan Welch, 1; English literature, Grace Russell, 2*; environmental applications,         Jessa Young, 1; chemistry, Kade Wilson, 3; sociology, Kaitlyn Harville, 1; Algebra II, Katelyn Keene, 2; financial mathematics, Kevin Hackney, 2; family and consumer science, Logan Evans, 1; English pronunciation, Luke Goudelock, 2*; spelling 9, Macie Campbell, 2*; English II, Macy Tullos, 3 ; Spanish II, Rachel Smith, 2; physical science, Richie Johnson, 1; Agriscience III, Ryan Haggart, 1; spelling 11, Trent Norman, 2*; biology, Weston Twiner, 1; Journalism I, Will Juarez, 2.
Lincoln Parish
            Bethel Christian School (V) — spelling 9, Alexis Wyatt, 4*; civics, Dustin Foster, 4; biology, Jack Scharr, 4; spelling 10, Jacob Scharr, 1*; English pronunciation, Jocelin Jackson, 3*; English II, Katherine Gaulden, 2; chemistry, Rebecca Davis, 5; English IV, Ryan Walters, 3.
            Cedar Creek School (IV) — Biology II, Addie Barron, 2; English IV, Alarica Dietzen, 1; English pronunciation, Allison Whittenberg, 1*; French II, Chloe Kaczvinsky, 2; Algebra I, Hassan Shahid, 2; Spanish III, Isabella De Soler, 2; French I, Jacob Antee, 3; Algebra II, Jeff Carroll, 1; advanced mathematics-pre calculus, Justine Ker, 1; advanced mathematics-functions and statistics,    Lauren Yepson, 2; English literature, Mackenzie Lewis, 2*; geometry, Mark Vandenlangenberg, 2; English III, Molly Mitchell, 1; spelling 10, Ryan Dwyer, 2*; physics, Scott Barron, 2; Spanish II, Taylor Blount, 1; English II, William Rudnicki, 1.
            Choudrant High School (IV) — chemistry, Justin Lord, 3; advanced math-pre calculus,          Katie Hogan, 3; Agriscience III, Katie Hogan, 1; family and consumer science, Lane Nutt, 2; free enterprise, Lane Nutt, 3; English I, Lane Brister, 4; physics, Lucas Rinehart, 3; geometry, Luke Taylor, 1; Spanish I, Luke Taylor, 2; introduction to business computer applications, Paisley Futch, 1; Agriscience II, Rebecca Walters, 1; principles of business, Sarah McCorkle, 1.
            Dubach High School (IV) — financial mathematics, Amanda Calhoun, 2; introduction to business computer applications, Breaijah Fontenot, 3; business computer applications, Joyclin Elliott, 4; Agriscience I, Kaleb Reeves, 2.
            Grambling University Lab School (V) — English I, Brianna Ridgell, 4; Spanish II, Chello Middleton, 2; spelling 9, Endiah Green, 3*; introduction to business computer applications, Shamirika Session, 3.
            Ruston High School (I) — Journalism I, Amber Brown, 1; Spanish II, Anna Fuller, 2; world geography, Ben Serio, 1; environmental science, Casey Johnston, 1; financial mathematics, Chelsea Williams, 2; chemistry, Clark Pierce, 1; English I, Courtney McKinney, 3; nutrition and food, Dara Smith, 1; French I, Darby Guinn, 1; world history, Elizabeth Sawyer, 2; accounting, Heather Strawbridge, 1; English literature, Holly Grigsby, 1*; spelling 10, Jake Kyte, 1*; spelling 9, James Davison, 2*; Spanish I, John Herren, 2; biology, John David Moore, 3; Agriscience I, Jonathan Craig, 1; English II, Jonathan Verrett, 2; family and consumer science, Kaitlyn Heiden, 1; Algebra II, Kari Hackbarth, 1; Agriscience II, Layton Richard, 1; Algebra I, Mary Margaret Manning, 1; health, Matt Oakes, 1; principles of business, Natasha Alva, 1; psychology, Nathan Bennett, 1; Computer Science I, Phillip Alva, 1; Spanish III, Rachel Hill, 1; spelling 11, Reed Malek, 1*; business computer applications, Sam Phillips, 2; French II, Shelby Giddings, 1; introduction to business computer applications, Victoria Wheat, 1; physics, Walker Holmes, 3; Agriscience III, Zach Hannibal, 2.
            Simsboro High School (V) — business computer applications, Emily Davis, 4; chemistry, Emily Choate, 4; environmental science, Hunter Pike, 1; Agriscience II, Jordan Best, 1 ; Algebra II, Kathrine Skinner, 5; principles of business, Rojanique Cole, 2; advanced math-pre calculus,          Skylar Ferrell, 1.
Madison Parish
            Madison High School (III) — Algebra I, Agape Skinner, 3.
            Tallulah Academy (V) — biology, Brian Wilson, 3; English I, Margie Cox, 5; world geography, Norman Earnst, 4.
Morehouse Parish
            Bastrop High School (I) — parenthood education, Amelia White, 1; Journalism I, Bria Waters, 2; English III, Caitlyn Dew, 2; chemistry, Denise Bowe, 3; Algebra I, Devin Cherry, 3; spelling 9, Ellen Johnson, 1*; sociology, Jessica Bird, 1; civics, Josh Womack, 1; free enterprise, Kennedy Edwards, 1; U.S. history, Rachel Burshell, 2; English II, Sierra Bowe, 3.
            Prairie View Academy (V) — Algebra I, Alexis Deblieux, 4; Spanish II, Caleb Anders, 3; psychology, Molly Gregory, 2; English IV, Presley May, 5; Agriscience III, Tyler Jones, 3.
Ouachita Parish
            Carroll High School (II) — spelling 10, Angel Hymes, 1*; Spanish I, Kolonda Woods, 2.
            Neville High School (II) — health, Alecia Harris, 2; spelling 10, Allison Crotwell, 2*; introduction to business computers, Andrea Warner, 1; English IV, Anna McMullin, 1; financial mathematics, Aspen Davidson, 2; advanced mathematics – functions and statistics, Austin Tyler, 1; physics, Daniel Coenen, 1; free enterprise 2, Daniel Addison, 2; spelling 9, Daniel Verla, 2*; English pronunciation, George Flynn, 1*; calculus, Jane Marie Smith, 1; Biology II, Jasmimne Gipson, 1; biology, Joel Albritton, 2; English II, Lillie Burroughs, 2; English literature, Madelyn Snead, 2*; French II, Margaret Jacks, 2; civics, Margaret Manning, 3; French I, Montrel Mitchell, 2; Algebra I, Odenesha Tyson, 1; physical science, Owen Herrock, 2; Spanish II, Paige Wyatt, 1; geometry, Pui Christina Wong, 1; advanced math-pre calculus, Rachel Hayne, 2; journalism I, Sam Hallack, 2; spelling 11, Samantha Evans, 2*; Spanish III, Samuel Carroll, 1; Algebra II, Sara Jacks, 1; chemistry, Spencer Roark, 1; English I, Tammir Marshall, 1; English III, Tejal Patel, 1; U.S. history, Will Myers, 2; world geography, Will Coburn, 2.
            Ouachita Christian School (IV) — Spanish III, Avery Bromley,1; calculus, Billy Morvant, 1; advanced mathematics-functions and statistics, Brian Halsell, l; English III, Brigitte Barnes, 3; civics, Caroline Ander, 2; Spanish I, Chad Duong, 3; English II, David Halsell, 1; physical science, Dillon Morvant, 2; U.S. history, Dustin Savage, 3; French I, Emily Green, 1; Algebra II, Hannah Mosher, 2; world history, Hayden Anthony, 2; English literature, Madison McDonald, 1*; biology, Preston Watts, 3; advanced math-pre calculus, Tanner White, 2; French II, Tiffany Kiok, 1; English IV, Winson Wang, 2.
            Ouachita Jr. High School (V) — Algebra I, Ray Freasier, 3.
            Ouachita Parish High School — business computer applications, Ben Savana, 1; Spanish II, Daniel Cordova, 1; introduction to business computers, Derek Dozier, 2; English I, Kenneth West, 1; advanced mathematics-pre-calculus, 3; Mallory Keene, 3; Spanish I, Matthew Rowland, 3.
            River Oaks School (V) — free enterprise, Aamna Asif, 3; physics, Aaron Rogers, 3; Spanish I, Albert Nugent, 2; English I, Brent Charles Alexander, 3; English literature, Brogan Brasseaux, 2*; chemistry, Daniel Zollinger, 1; U.S. history, Gentry Johnston, 5; calculus, Hannah Rugg, 1; advanced mathematics-pre calculus, 3; Jordan Raborn, 3; algebra II, Jordan Sutton, 4; Spanish III, Kaitlin Clark, 1; French I, Libby Herman, 1; French II, Madison Street, 1; English III, Molly Trammel1, 3; world geography, Philip Raeisghasem, 1; spelling 10, Rebecca Causey, 2*; Biology II, Ryan Thurmom, 2; Spanish II, Samantha Thurmon, 1; environmental science, Seth Lawrence, 3; spelling 9, Zaib Qayyum, 1*.
            St. Frederick High School (IV) — environmental science, Bhuvan Ketha, 1; English II, Brooke Matusiak, 2; Biology II, Chase Wilson, 1; biology, Cullen Clark, 1; chemistry, Greg Long, 1; English IV, Jake Johnson, 3; English III, Joseph Edwards, 4; world geography, Judge Shepard, 1; English I, Madelyne Clark, 2; calculus, Mason Everett, 2; world history, Nicholas Slaughter, 1; U.S. history, Robert Anderson, 1.
            Sterlington High School (III) — spelling 10, Ally Sutton, 1*; advanced math-functions and statistics, Andrew Tan, 1; English IV, Anna Kate Haman, 3; physics, David Cascio, 1; U.S. history, Garrett Garbelman, 2; Biology II, Jake Meade, 2; free enterprise, Katelynn Matthews, 2; hspelling 9, Kathryn Coutcher, 1*; world geography, Kathryn Coutcher, 1; English III, Katie York, 2; calculus, Kelsey Salsbury, 1; English I, Lucia Corona, 3; Spanish II, Miranda Ross, 1; chemistry, Nathanael Walker, 2; biology, Noah Hutson, 3; accounting, Ross Fuller, 2; French II, Stephanie Corona, 1; environmental science, Taylor Day, 1; Spanish I, Taylor Lockwood, 2; physical science, Taylor Buffington, 2; English II, Zack Doolittle, 1.
            West Monroe High School (I) — spelling 11, Abbey Barton, 2*; advanced mathematics-functions and statistics, Ahmed El-giar, 1; English IV, Anne Muckleroy, 1; geometry, Austin Knies, 1; physical science, Bradley Charles Thomason, 2; free enterprise, Dianna Whitmore, 2; calculus, Ellis Michael, 1; physics, Jeffery Cornelison, 1; Biology II, Josh Zuber, 2; advanced mathematics-pre calculus, Maggie Sylvester, 1; biology, Matt Upshaw, 1; world history, Nicholas Trichel, 1; French I, Shawn Stauff, 2; English I, Shelby Dubos, 2; English II, Stephanie Sturdivant, 1; parenthood education, Summer Platt, 2; English III, Summer Risinger, 1; French II, Tyler Nugent, 2; U.S. history, Victoria Johnson, 1.
            West Ouachita School (I) — English IV, Courtney Cloud, 3; environmental science, Danielle Wood, 2; Biology II, Faith Clingen, 1; advanced math-functions and statistics, Garrett Murray, 2; world geography, Gillian Holder, 2; environmental applications, Haley Bryan, 1; Spanish I, Jessica Holifield, 1; biology, Katelyn Minchew, 2; nutrition and food, Katelyn Slawson, 2; Agriscience III, Kyle Temple, 1; Agriscience I, Maggie May, 2; physics, Nick Farrell, 1; Algebra II, Sarah Gresh, 2; family and consumer science, Tara Nappier, 2.
            Wossman High School (II) — French I, Brittany Jackson, 1; business computer applications, Brittany Franklin, 1; psychology, Jesse Flunder, 2; civics, Kabrina Johnson, 1; English I, Kyler Parker, 2; English III, Lacey Lenoir, 3; accounting, Markus Bryant, 1; sociology, Percy Richard, 2; calculus, Quanterecia Buckner, 2; Algebra I, Rayshawndra, 2; Biology II, Steven Burrell, 3; world history, Whitney Smith, 2.
Richland Parish
            Delhi Charter School (IV) — free enterprise, Anna Dulaney, 2; world geography, Bethanny Gray, 3; spelling 11, Briana Crockett, 2*; biology, Clarissa Johnson, 4; Algebra I, Jared Parks, 3; business computer applications, Keith Crnkovic, 3; Spanish II, Kelly Scurria, 3; English pronunciation, Ladarian Clay, 2*; Spanish I, Mathew Watson, 1; Algebra II, Zachery Scott, 3; English I, Zelene Ester, 3.
            Delhi High School (IV) — world history, Aaron Steed, 3; spelling 9, Jakeera Roberts, 3*; Agriscience II, Rasheed Godbolt, 2; English IV, Shanteria McDowell,4.
            Mangham High School (IV) — English II, Anna Guthrie, 3; English III, Emily Johnson, 2; spelling 11, Emily Johnson, 1*; English literature, Jessica Piro, 3*; spelling 10, Kasia Cielatka, 1*; health, Meagan Spillers, 2.
            Rayville High School (III) — family and consumer science, Allison Davis, 2; nutrition and food, Ashley Tabb, 2; US. history, Austin Hughes, 3; English III, Camryn Martin, 1; free enterprise, Cory Southall, 1; health, Dorien Hall, 1; world geography, Haley Bennett, 3; civics, Jonathan Wallace, 3; Agriscience II, Katie Kight, 2; English I, Linda Claire Morris, 2; Algebra II, Melissa Freeland, 1; accounting, Rae Ann Colvin, 1; advanced mathematics-pre calculus, Riley McEacharn, 1; parenthood education, Tyra Jackson, 1; world history, Will Romero, 1; English pronunciation, Xavier Tennant, 1*.
            Riverfield Academy (V) — English pronunciation, Alexis Manly, 1*; advanced mathematics-pre calculus, Caroline Franklin, 2; physical science, Emily Dupree, 2; English III, Erin Noble,1 ; world geography, Jason Livingston, 2; free enterprise, Logan Gandy, 2; English IV, Ryan Dupree, 4; physics, Ryan Dupree, 2; computer science I, Savannah Bridges, 1; spelling 11, Taylor Green, 3*.
Union Parish
            Downsville High School (V) — English III, Anna Whitehead, 4; environmental applications, Stephanie Dixon, 2.
            Farmerville High School (II) — Algebra II, Amy Royal, 2; biology, Ashley Eastwood, 1; advanced math-pre calculus, Cody Simpson, 1; geometry, Cory Satterwhite, 2; advanced math-functions and statistics, Desiree Tarver, 2.
Webster Parish
            Cotton Valley High School (V) — accounting, April Scott, 2; introduction to business computer applications, Destiny Scott, 1; civics, Jason Oller, 1; French I, Jeff Barber, 2.
            Doyline High School (IV) — business computer applications, Amber Culpepper, 1; Algebra II, Amy Callahan, 4; geometry, Cassidy Zanca, 3; French I, Precious Huey, 2; physical science, Rachel Brooks, 1.
            Glenbrook School (V) — geometry, Austin Snider, 2; Journalism I, Caleb Killiam, 1; business computer applications, Caroline Tucker, 1; sociology, Cody Boyd, 1; civics, Eleanor Gilbert, 2; Spanish I, Ellie Ratcliff, 4; biology, Ethan Tesnow, 2; spelling 9, Ethan Tesnow, 2*; Algebra II, Hunter Estabrook, 2; principles of business, Jai Dhimar, 1; spelling 11, Kate Tracy, 1*; U.S. history, Kate Tracy, 1; English II, Lauren Featherston, 1; spelling 10, Lauren Featherston, 3*; calculus, Levi Reagan, 2; English I, Meredith Nelson, 1; physics, Micah McGraw, 1; Agriscience III, Michael Sanders, 2; Agriscience I, Murray Twyman, 2; world geography, Noah Woodard, 3; advanced math-functions and statistics, Peyton Ruple, 1; English literature, Rachel Nastasi, 1*; environmental science, Rachel Nastasi, 2; Computer Science I, Ryan Hammontree, 2; English pronunciation, Sarah McCann, 2*; financial mathematics, Sunni Wilson, 3; English III, Taryn Eason, 2; parenthood education, Taylar Page, 1; environmental applications, Taylor Gandy, 1; family and consumer science, Thomas Beam, 1.
            Lakeside High School (III) — introduction to business computer applications, Annabeth Robinson, 1; business computer applications, Blanca Sototorres, 2; French II, Cristal Soto, 2; world geography, Enrique Soto, 2; English III, Jamie Smith, 3; principles of business, Kali Killian, 1; environmental applications, Kirsten Smith, 2; financial mathematics, Matthew Ledet, 1; health, Paige Osborn, 2; Biology II, Paul Donabauer, 1; Computer Science I, Sam Thrash, 1; spelling 11, Sarah Brown, 1*; French I, Tamera Douglas, 1; geometry, Taylor Doss, 1; advanced mathematics-pre calculus, Tiffany Soto, 2; English IV, Zachary Fink, 2.
Minden High School (II) — Journalism I, Addie Moore, 2; financial mathematics, Barbara Yosino, 1; English IV, Breann Brewster, 2; nutrition and food, Chequila Frazier, 1; Algebra II, Cody Golden, 3; civics, Courtney Mitchell, 2; English pronunciation, Gabrielle McLaughlin, 2*; business computer applications, Ingrid Rainer, 2; spelling 9, James Drake, 1*; Agriscience I, Jay Spears, 1; parenthood education, Jennifer Nunn, 1; psychology, Jordan Perry, 1; Agriscience II, Josh Bates, 1; physics, Josh Bordelon, 2; English III, Kalen McClain, 2; family and consumer science, Mallory Stephens, 1; chemistry, Morgan Johnson, 2; English II, Paul McGee, 1; introduction to business computer applications, Sabrina Wright, 2.
            Sarepta High School (V) — French II, Emily McGuffey, 2; chemistry, Jake Shows, 3; nutrition and food, Kaley Harbour, 1; parenthood education, Katie Patrick, 3; civics, Kayla Foster, 3; family and consumer science, Lexi Baker, 2; English II, Shelby Pace, 5; physical science, Tony Nipper, 1.
            Shongaloo High School (V) — introduction to business computer applications, James Dalton Harrison, 4; geometry, McCaul Lacobee, 5; biology, Victoria Christian, 5.
            Springhill High School (III) — business computer applications, Alexa Edwards, 1; English IV, Amanda Thurman, 1.
West Carroll Parish
            Epps High School (V) — Agriscience III, Hunter Brock, 1; nutrition and food, Mary Freeman, 2; physical science, Stephanie Smith, 3.
            Forest High School (IV) — principles of business, Austin Ashley, 2; world geography, Baylen Harris, 2; introduction to business computer applications, Bethany Ratcliff, 2; family and consumer science, Hannah Hughes, 1; nutrition and food, Jessica Mariche, 2; Agriscience III, Jordan Crain, 2; chemistry, Lacey Patrick, 4; environmental applications, Maria Villacorta, 1; accounting, Nathan Costello, 1; English I, Nikki Crowe, 1; spelling 9, Nikki Crowe, 2*; advanced math-functions and statistics, Ronnie Fortenberry, 3; Biology II, Thomas Sugg, 3; Computer Science I, Triston Smith, 1; U.S. history, Tyler Hughes, 2; parenthood education, Victoria Lowery, 1.
            Kilbourne High School (V) — Spanish I, Lauren Eubanks, 3; Biology II, Samantha McAlpin, 4; chemistry, Shelby Usry, 2; financial mathematics, Thomas McCurdy, 2.
            Oak Grove High School (IV) — business computer applications, Cady Tyler, 2; health, Destinae Brown, 1; Algebra I, Gigi Patterson, 1; Spanish II, Hagan Cupples, 2; free enterprise, Jacqueline Bonnor, 1; biology, Kaiden Overby, 2; Agriscience I, Kyler Hill, 1; parenthood education, Lacy Schultz, 2; civics, Tanna Dartlon, 1.
Written by Louisiana Tech News Bureau