Business professors contribute to Nobel Peace Prize-nominated encyclopedia

Mar 20, 2011 | Business

Dr. James Cochran, Bank of Ruston, Barnes, Thompson and Thurman Endowed Professor of Marketing, and Dr. Barry Babin, chair of the Department of Marketing and Analysis and the Max P. Watson Professor of Business at Louisiana Tech University, are contributing authors to the three volume International Encyclopedia of Statistical Sciences.
The encyclopedia’s editors, Miodrag Lovric of Serbia, Jasmin Komić of Bosnia, and Ksenija Dumičić of Croatia, were nominated for the 2011 Nobel Peace Prize by the Government of the Serbian Republic for their efforts in establishing the three volume set.
“The Encyclopedia offers another opportunity to present what could be considered complicated, in an easy to understand manner,” said Babin.  “Thus, the work may allow users around the world to make more informed decisions.”
The objectives of this 1,673-page set, which includes contributions by distinguished statisticians and educators from around the world, is to offer quick, comprehensive and highly accessible information on statistical terms, methods and applications, and to stimulate interest in statistics education in both developed and developing countries.
Babin received his doctorate from Louisiana State University and is respected for his research in the area of consumer and employee interface within the exchange environment.  He is also coauthor of the world’s leading text on multivariate data analysis.
Cochran, who received his Ph.D. in statistics from the University of Cincinnati in 1997, joined the Louisiana Tech College of Business in 2000.  He is considered a leading authority in the areas of sample based and Bayesian optimization, statistical methods, computational statistics, and statistical learning.
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