Tech sees increases in spring undergraduate, graduate enrollments

Mar 25, 2011 | General News

Enrollment at Louisiana Tech continues to rise as the University’s Division of Enrollment Management reports an increase of 488 students, or 5.5 percent, over last year in the spring quarter headcount.
This marks the third consecutive year that Louisiana Tech has reported a rise in its spring quarter enrollment with 2011 increases seen in both undergraduate and graduate student classifications.  The spring enrollment numbers follow a 4.6 percent increase in Louisiana Tech’s fall quarter headcount, which was the largest percentage increase in the University of Louisiana System (ULS.)
Louisiana Tech’s Colleges of Applied and Natural Sciences, Business, and Engineering and Science all saw spring quarter increases as did the University’s Basic and Career Studies programs.
 “These numbers are very encouraging, especially in light of the challenges our institution and our state continue to face,” said Louisiana Tech President Dan Reneau.  “Good students want to go to good schools.  Our success is a product of a dedicated group of faculty and staff members, and a campus culture that places the needs of the students first.”
“Right now, there is an amazing sense of pride and accomplishment among our student body, and among our faculty, staff, and administrators,” said Pamela Ford, dean of enrollment management and marketing and public relations at Louisiana Tech.  “Students and their families are looking to Louisiana Tech University to provide them with opportunities to fulfill their educational pursuits.  And, we pledge to continue to do all that is within our power to deliver a quality educational experience for all.”
Louisiana Tech’s Graduate School also experienced a rise in its spring student population which followed record enrollment reported this past fall.  For the fourth consecutive year, both masters and doctoral-level student counts increased.  Graduate students now comprise over 23 percent of Louisiana Tech’s total student body.
Student recruitment, retention and engagement has been a campus-wide point of emphasis and the cornerstone of Tech 2020 in 2010 – Louisiana Tech’s initiative to renew and refocus the original Tech 2020 strategic plan – first developed in 2005 – to ensure the university stays in tune with academic, economic, and research trends in the state, region, and nation.
Specifically, Tech 2020 in 2010 focuses on the development and implementation of strategies to improve student recruitment, retention, success, enrollment, and diversity, while seeking to establish closer relationships with two-year institutions and broaden participation in research and development partnerships and activities.
In addition to the enrollment increases, Louisiana Tech posts the ULS’ highest graduation rate at 53.2 percent and the state’s fastest time-to-completion for first-time baccalaureates at 4.6 years.  Incoming freshman for fall 2010 had an average ACT score of 23.63 – the highest in school history.