Opportunities abound for Tech students needing tutoring and those wishing to help

Apr 28, 2011 | General News

Whether a student has a proclivity for math or a desire for English or hates them both, options are available at the S2S Tutor, located in Louisiana Tech’s Enterprise Center and its new location at 728 Celebrity Drive.
Jonah and Whitney Ukpai, both graduates from Tech, founded S2S Tutor in 2008 in Tech’s business incubator, housed in the Enterprise Center, in hopes of assisting college students with their studies and offering them a way to help others in their college classes or students in kindergarten through high school, which is what the new center will focus on.
“We just want to help students,” Jonah said. “Tech is so fast-paced. The teachers have a lot to cover. We train our tutors to get you through the basics.”
The foundations for classes, both agreed, can assist students to get grounded in the material and move on to succeed. Additionally, S2S Tutoring allows students to pick their own tutors and stick with them.
“You’re not switching tutors,” Jonah said. “Students can request a tutor, and you’re learning one-on-one with a tutor who understands how you learn.”
One of the reasons S2S is so convenient, Whitney said, is because of the tutors’ flexible schedule with college students.
“They can tutor on campus,” she said. “You don’t have to be at the center to tutor. The tutors set their own hours.”
The tutors, in fact, are Tech students who are passionate about helping others and who have excelled in the subjects students need assistance with.
“We create jobs for students at the college,” Jonah said. “Why learn it if you can’t share it? We are always looking for students who want to tutor. We have students who have become tutors – they get help in math, but they can help in English or help with the K-12 (students).”
S2S Tutor does charge for its services, though it is currently readjusting its cost for tutoring sessions. However, Jonah Ukpai said that the goal of the S2S Tutor is to see students succeed.
“We really want to help people do better,” he said. “We want workers who want to do better. We’re excited when we work with students and see them progress and succeed. There’s no need to struggle in class or wait until the end of the quarter.”