Special collections receive new addition

May 10, 2011 | General News

Louisiana Tech’s special collections received a few new additions recently that will help students, scholars and history buffs have a greater understanding of this area’s history.
Ruston resident Charles L. Tannehill presented the special collections department with an original copy of “The Rosinbelly” and a collection of arrowheads.
“The Rosinbelly” was a mimeographed publication that was edited by Tannehill’s father, Murphy A. Tannehill of Urania, La., published during WWII from April 1942 through August 1945. It was distributed to anyone serving in the armed forces with a connection to Urania or the Urania Lumber Company.
The publication gave news from home, jokes, original cartoons and the addresses of service men and women. It also recorded what was happening in the town and served to put those enlisted in service in contact with one another, who sometimes would be serving on the same base and not be aware of it.
The postage and paper were furnished by the Urania Lumber Company.
The publication’s name was derived from two jobs in the lumbering operation: the men who pulled the cross-cut saws in the woods and the men who pulled the lumber from the green chain at the mill, both of which resulted in rosin being deposited on their bellies.
Additionally, Tannehill donated arrowheads and other Indian artifacts to the special collections. These donations were collected by Tannehill’s grandfather, Charles Haughton Davidson, as he plowed north of Vienna.