Tech students comprise 1/3 of Miss Louisiana pageant

Jun 7, 2011 | General News

Winning is on the minds of 10 Tech women as they prepare for the 2011 Miss Louisiana Pageant.
From June 23-25, 30 contestants will vie for the title of Miss Louisiana, and Tech contestants occupy 1/3 of the pageant spots.
Ashley Taylor, coordinator of student development, said she couldn’t be more proud.
“This is a pretty big deal that we have 10 girls competing in the pageant,” Taylor said. “Each lady has their own area in which they excel. I think our girls are some of the best in the group.”
Taylor said the contestants are also proud to be representing Tech.
“There’s a day where the girls wear their college shirts, and each and every one of them is proud to be wearing a Tech shirt,” Taylor said. “I hope people see that.”
She said each girl has competed in the Miss Tech Pageant at least once, and through that pageant she has enjoyed building a relationship with each of the girls.
“In competing in this pageant, it shows these ladies are not only talented and well spoken, but they truly care about their education,” Taylor said. “The winner receives a scholarship, and each of the girls wants it to further her education.”
Taylor said she will represent Tech on the sidelines and cheer for each of the contestants. She said each year the number of contestants competing in the Miss Louisiana Pageant from Tech has increased since she has been here, and she is proud of the girls for making it this far.
The Tech contestants and the titles they achieved to earn them a spot in Miss Louisiana are as follows:
* Lauren Abshier, of Monroe, Miss City of Pineville and Miss Louisiana Tech University 2009
* Angela Cassels, of Calhoun, Miss Taste of the Twin Cities
* Tori Close, of Alexandria, Miss Louisiana Jazzland
* Mallory Cox, of Ruston, Miss Holiday in Dixie
* Nicole Fairburn, of Covington, Miss Twin Cities
* Christina Hayward, of Monroe, Miss Spirit of Pineville
* Jessica Hill, of Ruston, Miss North Louisiana Bayou
* Meagan Lee, of Rayville, Miss Louisiana Stockshow
* Lauren Vizza, of Shreveport, Miss Monroe
* Elizabeth Whitford, of Lafayette, Miss Louisiana Tech University
Written by Taylor Stephens