Physics professor’s image becomes standard for peer review publication

Sep 15, 2011 | Engineering and Science

A Louisiana Tech College of Engineering and Science physics professor has helped create an image that has become a standard for peer review publications.
Markus Wobisch, assistant professor of physics at Louisiana Tech, and his collaborators at “fastNLO” created the “World Summary Figure on Inclusive Jet Theory-Data Comparisons,” which has been accepted for print by the prestigious Particle Data Group Review of Particle Properties.  This marks the second time that this image has been used in this publication.
The review is produced annually by the international Particle Data Group Review of Particle Properties, and is considered the “bible” of particle and nuclear physics as well as an important source for cosmology and astrophysics. United States, Japanese, and European government agencies fund the review, which has been cited in more than 30,000 papers during the course of its history.
The inclusion of the image created by Wobisch and his collaborators indicates the high quality of their work, considering that the review does not generally publish summary figures created by outside sources.
Dr. Lee Sawyer, director of chemistry and physics, said that the image publication is exemplary. “Having any result quoted in the PDG review is considered the mark of respect in our field, and to have a figure become a standard portion of the review is remarkable.”
The Particle Data Group can be found at
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Written by Brandy McKnight –