Louisiana Tech announces high school rally winners

Mar 28, 2012 | General News

Winners in the 2012 North Louisiana District Rally qualifying for the State Rally in Baton Rouge or who won first through fifth place in a subject for which there is only district testing have been announced following competition at Louisiana Tech on Saturday, March 24.
Approximately 1,500 students from 18 North Louisiana parishes competed. Schools also compete for the sweepstakes award in each division.
Testing in the 49 subjects is separated into five divisions based on school size, said Joan Edinger, associate director of admissions at Tech and district rally director for the North Louisiana High School Rally Association.
“The North Louisiana Rally allows individual students an opportunity to demonstrate their abilities and to test themselves against their peers,” Edinger said. “Louisiana Tech is honored and delighted to have a part in this program.
Edinger said area students who qualified for State Rally or whom won first through fifth place in a subject that has only district competition (as indicated by an asterisk) are listed below by parish, school division and subject. The State Rally is scheduled for April 21.
“We are also grateful to our dedicated faculty members who give their time and effort to proctor the testing sessions,” she said. “This competition helps the students to develop academically and personally. It gives them and their families something to be proud of.”
Bienville Parish
Gibsland-Coleman High School – Family & Consumer Science, Christianna Cottonham, 2.
Bossier Parish
Airline High School (I) – U.S. history, Chase Courville, 1; calculus, Erin Rizzo, 2; Chemistry, Hyein Jeong, 2; biology, Kaitlin Simpson, 1; algebra I, Madison Rowland, 3; geometry, Peyton Coker, 3; physical science, Rebecca Shumate, 1; English III, Sarah Brantley, 2; nutrition and food, Victoria Gonyea, 2.
Haughton High School (I) – introduction to business computer application, Alex Montegna, 1; U.S. history, Alicia Bailey, 3; biology II, Bradley Guin, 1; world geography, Dakota Digilormo, 2; calculus, Emily Lantz, 3; free enterprise, Fredrik Osborn, 2; world history, Jennifer Vance, 1; advanced mathematics-pre calculus, Kia Weinreber, 2; environmental science, Samantha Arellano, 2; financial mathematics, Shawntez Wyatt, 2.
Caldwell Parish
Caldwell Parish High School (III) – introduction to business computer application, Alicia Foy, 3; chemistry, Brenna Sanders, 1; physical science, Bryan Lamb, 1; physics, Casey Honecutt, 2; agriscience II, Cody Phillips, 2; agriscience III, Cole Beckley, 2; world geography, Gavin Burch, 1; English II, Jonathan Folds, 1; parenthood education, Kenitra Jackson, 2; advanced mathematics – pre calculus, Lavelle Roquemore, 3; Spanish I, Mary Frazier, 2; biology, Quinn Kelly, 3; biology II, Savannah Steele, 2; advanced mathematics – functions and statistics, Shaquille Chaleston, 2; calculus, Sung-Po Chang, 2; English I, Tara Taylor, 1; geometry, Tyler Duchesne, 3.
Old Bethel Christian Academy (V) – *spelling 9, Lenzy Davis Meredith, 3.
Claiborne Parish
Claiborne Academy (V) – U.S. history, Alexandra Taunton, 3; English IV, Caroline Bourn, 4; introduction to business computer application, Dacoda Skinner, 2; introduction to business computer application, Delaney Roberts, 3; geometry, Haider Laghari, 4; English I, Hannah Harper, 1; physics, Jacob Tinsley, 3; French II, Katie Patrick, 1; biology II, Kayley Gonzalez, 1; biology, Madison Butler, 4; Spanish I, Selina Gonzalez, 1; *English Pronunciation, Skye Dettenheim, 3; Adv. Mathematics – functions and statistics, Taylor Tuggle, 2; English II, Tyler Pitson, 3.
Haynesville High School (IV) – civics, Al Henderson, 2; physics, Catie Slaton, 2; French I, Dekeveon Thomas, 2; nutrition and food, Dominick Montgomery, 2; financial mathematics, Jamie Jones, 2; *English literature, Maryanne Gray, 3; environmental science, Mikeyah Evans, 2; *spelling 10, Presley Charlene, 2; advanced mathematics – pre calculus, Rontrette Sturdivant, 3; algebra II, Sean Bailey, 3; French II, Tyesha Hunter, 2.
Homer High School (IV) –  world geography, Bryce Turner, 3; algebra II, John Holloway, 2; journalism I, Stephanie Horner, 1; U.S. history, Taylor Grafton, 3.
Summerfield High School (V) –  world geography, Austin McCurry, 1; algebra I, Chet Andrews, 4; financial mathematics, Ira Davis, 1; civics, Jacque Biggs, 1; chemistry, Kennedy Carey, 1; environmental science, Taylor Youngblood, 3.
De Soto Parish
Logansport High School (IV) – introduction to computer business application, Charles Donald McClint, 1; parenthood education, Kinesha Williams, 2; environmental science, Raymond Rylee Hogg, 1; agriscience III, Shelby Scudder, 2.
Mansfield High School (III) –  accounting, Jessica Morgan, 1; principles of business, Kadedra Edwards, 2; health, Kanescia Garrett, 2; *English literature, Nakia Graham, 2.
North Desoto High School (II) –  agriscience III, Billy Williams, 1; Spanish I, Casey Tipton, 1; *English pronunciation, Charity Warlick, 2; advanced mathematics – pre calculus, Jessica Welborn, 3; Spanish II, Ladarius Raspberry, 2; agriscience II, Lauranne Carter, 1; free enterprise, Matthew Drabek, 1; environmental science, Mollie Woodward, 2; advance mathematics – functions and statistics, Terry Scott, 2.
Pelican All Saints High (V) – algebra II, Destiny Alexander, 5; sociology, Kadarius Williams, 2.
Stanley High School (V) – introduction to business computer application, Cara Chamberlin, 1; principles of business, Haley Burr, 1; world geography, Katelyn Long, 3; agriscience III, Liz Armstrong, 2; algebra I, Mariah Borne, 2; English I, Zach Temple, 5.
East Carroll Parish
Briarfield Academy (V) – physics, Houston Fortenberry, 2; algebra I, John Henry Tanksley, 1; financial mathematics, Kyle Miles, 2; advanced mathematics – pre calculus, Lane Robertson, 1; algebra II, Maddie Keene, 4; civics, Scarlett Loyd, 5; advanced mathematics – functions and statistics, Tyler Whatley, 3.
Franklin Parish
Franklin Parish High School (II) – biology, Adrienne Pilgreen, 2; world geography, Aleah Pylant, 1; introduction to business computer application, Alyssa McMurray, 1; English I, Dylan Roberts, 1; geometry, Jonah Blackwell, 2; *English Literature, Josh Strickland, 2; Parenthood Education, Kallie Gillespie, 1; U.S. history, Mason Galloway, 2; health, Zack Miller, 1.
Jackson Parish
Jonesboro-Hodge High School (III) – family and consumer science, Jessica Bowers, 1; Health, Jordan Boston, 1; agriscience II, Tyler Hampton, 1.
Quitman High School (V) – *English literature, Brittany Gonzales, 3; environmental science, Harley Ogden, 1; U.S. history, Hunter Strickland, 2; English III, Katie Gauldin, 3; free enterprise, Logan Willis, 1; algebra I, Morgan Hightower, 3; Spanish I, Paige Leedy, 4; agriscience I, Parker Atkins, 2; geometry, Sarah Horsley, 3; *spelling 11, Victoria Sharplin, 3.
Weston High School (V) – free enterprise, Andi Gates, 4; environmental science, Canyan Wyatt, 2; Chemistry, Ethan Robison, 3; Spanish II, Juanita Medrano, 1; parenthood education, Madison Wyatt, 2; health, Trey Hogue, 1; agriscience II, Victoria Smith, 2.
La Salle Parish
Jena High School (III) – *spelling 11, Abigail Cox, 1; nutrition and food, Alexis Campbell, 1; psychology, Ashley Smith, 1; sociology, Brittany Farris, 1; English I, Caitlyn Gallaspy, 3; world history, Cameron Windham, 3; algebra II, Danbee Park, 1; agriscience I, Kyle Tingle, 1; English III, Macy Tullos, 1; environmental application, Naomi Reeder, 1; biology, Richard Johnson, 2; world geography, Ryan Wall, 2; Spanish II, Tatyana Duncan, 1; *Spelling 9, Tatyana Duncan, 1; journalism I, Trevius Todd, 1; algebra I, Victoria Russell, 2; chemistry, Weston Twiner, 2.
Lincoln Parish
Bethel Christian School (V) – business computer applications, Alexis Wyatt, 2; algebra I, Christian Norred, 5; *spelling 9, Christian Norred, 2; *spelling 11, Jack Scharr, 1; English III, Jacob Scharr, 2; biology II, Jocelin Jackson, 3; Spanish I, Ryan Howard, 2.
Cedar Creek School (IV) – world geography, Allan Taunton, 1; sociology, Allison Ewing, 1; geometry, Ben Everett, 3; algebra I, Brandon Carroll, 1; free enterprise, Cassidy Maddox, 2; French III, Chloe Kaczvinsky, 1; advanced math – pre-calculus, Corey Kennedy, 1; French I, Gracyn Gorman, 1; English I, Hannah McNew, 1; French II, Jacob Antee, 1; advanced math – functions and statistics, Jeff Carroll, 1; calculus, John McCallum, 2; U.S. history, Joseph Hild, 2; chemistry, Katie Howard, 1; health, Kay-Lynn Klug, 1; *English literature, Kayla Kendrick, 2; biology II, Lauren Yepson, 2; algebra II, Mark Vandenlangenberg, 1; computer science I, Matt Moss, 2; English IV, Molly Mitchell, 2; biology, Nikki Mallepalli, 1; Spanish III, Ryan Dwyer, 1; *English pronunciation, Saraf Ahmed, 1; English II, Taylor Barron, 1; *spelling 11, Tori Robichaux, 2; English III, Will Rudnicki, 1.
Choudrant High School (IV) – Spanish I, Asen Poole, 1; computer science I, Brandon Bryant, 1; agriscience I, Brianna Thompson, 1; nutrition and food, Carley Putman, 1; chemistry, Hunter Antley, 3; algebra I, Jarod Sexton-Davis, 2; physics, Katie Hogan, 1; agriscience II, Lane Brister, 1; principles of business, Lukas Rinehart, 1; English I, Mallory Austin, 3; physical science, Paisley Futch, 1; business computer application, Rachel Danzy, 1; agriscience III, Rebecca Walters, 1; Spanish II, Zachary Garcia, 1.
Dubach High School (V) – agriscience II, Kaleb Reeves, 1; biology II, Logan Reeves, 2; algebra II, Summer Roberson, 2.
Grambling University Lab School – geometry, Allen Williams, 5; calculus, Chello Middleton, 2; French I, D’antonio Hart, 1.
Ruston High School (I) – Spanish III, Aaron Robertson, 1; accounting, Abbie King, 1; Spanish I, Adam Ramachandran, 1; *spelling 9, April Hooper, 2; geometry, Austin Meng, 1; agriscience I, Barrett Moore, 1; algebra II, Ben Serio, 1; world geography, Ben Sawyer, 1; *spelling 11, Bj Findley, 1; financial mathematics, Brighton King, 1; algebra I, Cameron Adams, 1; English II, Courtney McKinney, 3; environmental application, Daniella Alva, 2; psychology, Emily Compton, 2; French II, Emma Jones, 1; French I, Erick Huynh, 1; family and consumer science, Hannah Rhodes, 1; English III, Hayden Smithey, 1; Spanish II, John Herren, 1; agriscience II, Jonothan Craig, 1; agriscience III, Layton Richard, 1; biology II, Macey Sutherland, 3; computer science I, Michael Brewer, 1; introduction to business computer application, Mike Skipper, 2; principles of business, Riley Thompson, 1; business computer application, Ryan Duke, 2; sociology, Sarah Wilkerson, 1; parenthood education, Shelby Knodel, 2; *English pronunciation, Shelby Giddings, 1; journalism I, Whitney Durrett, 1.
Simsboro High School (V) – world history, Joseph Pesnell, 4; nutrition and food, Kierra Jones, 1; geometry, Xavier Ogunyemi, 1.
Madison Parish
Tallulah Academy (V) – psychology, Brian Wilson, 2; *English literature, Cameron Machen, 2; world history, Cameron Machen, 2; English II, Margie Cox, 4; advanced math – pre calculus, Robert Keith Grady, 3.
Morehouse Parish
Bastrop High School (I) – civics, Andrew Watson, 2; English IV, Caitlyn Dew, 2; Spanish III, Delesha Davis, 2; physics, Taylor Vancoevering, 2; Spanish II, Trevor Stewart, 2.
Prairie View Academy (V) – world geography, Clayton Moore, 2; agriscience III, Ethan Nobles, 3; physical science, Steven Barnhill, 4.
Ouachita Parish
Claiborne Christian School (V) – English IV, Harmony Russ, 1; psychology, Katie Rountree, 1; civics, Tumi Kuku, 3.
Neville High School (II) – *spelling 11, Allison Crotwell, 1; chemistry, Ariel Hippen, 1; biology II, Armand Arcilla, 1; world geography, Cindy Ho, 2; free enterprise, Corbin Boykin, 2; *spelling 10, Daniel Verlander, 1; Spanish III, De’ja Pierre, 1; introduction to business computer application, Ellie Jackson, 1; algebra I, Emily Bryant, 1; environmental science, Erica Scott, 1; English IV, Hannah Walters, 1; advanced math – functions and statistics, Holly Scott, 1; *English pronunciation, Jake Heflin, 1; physics, Jane Marie Smith, 2; Spanish II, Jasmine Belton, 1; civics, Jasmine Gholston, 1; U.S. History, Jordan Briggs, 1; French I, Jordan Johnson, 1; Physical Science, Kristin Dhaliwal, 2; calculus, Long Ly, 1; algebra II, Margaret Jacks, 2; geometry, Michael Grant, 1; French II, Michael Theriot, 1; family and consumer science, Miranda Griffin, 2; *English literature, Sam Parker, 1; journalism I, Sam Carroll, 1; English I, Samantha Clark, 2; advanced math–pre-calculus, Sara Jacks, 1; health, Shadman Yusuf, 2; English III, Spencer Roark, 1; English II, Tammir Marshall, 1; French III, Tiffany Kiok, 1.
Ouachita Christian School (III) – English I, An Le, 2; *spelling 10, Anna McKoin, 2; biology, Anna Mulhern, 1; calculus, Brian Halsell, 1; English IV, Brigitte Barnes, 2; geometry, Chamberlyn Pruitt, 1; French III, David Halsell, 1; civics, Dustin Savage, 1; physics, Dustin Morvant, 1; English II, Ellie Starnes, 3; French II, Emily Green, 1; advanced math—pre-calculus, Hannah Mosher, 2; biology II, Hayden Anthony, 1; English III, Kasey McDonald, 2; Spanish I, Ninche Kaba, 1.
Ouachita Jr. High School (III) – algebra I, Ben Hargrove, 1.
Ouachita Parish High School (I) – health, Jesse Slade, 2; English II, Kenneth West, 2; calculus, Mallory Keane, 1; business computer applications, Stormie Lee, 1.
River Oaks School (V) – *English pronunciation, Aaron Rogers, 2; French I, Abby Hicks, 2; Spanish I, Alyssa Vingiello, 3; accounting, Austin McKinley, 2; biology, Benjamin Zollinger, 1; English I, Cole Dewitt, 2; physics, Daniel Zollinger, 1; world geography, Gentry Johnston, 4; journalism I, Kaitlyn Bryan, 2; calculus, Kaitlyn Clark, 1; English III, Kayli Raeisghasem, 1; Spanish II, Kendra Clark, 3; English II, Libby Herman, 5; English IV, Molly Trammell, 2; algebra II, Radha Patel, 3; advanced math—functions and statistics, Samantha Thurmon, 1; geometry, Shaji Ul-Islam, 2; *spelling 11, Shelby Sylvester, 2; *spelling 10, Zaib Qayyum, 1; chemistry, Brent Charles Alexander, 4.
St. Frederick High School (IV) – Spanish II, Brandon Tramontana, 3; U.S. history, Cooper Doyle, 1; civics, Daniel Ellender, 3; biology, Jeff Manning, 3; calculus, Jon Kelly, 1; world history, Judge Shepard, 1; English IV, Julie Farrar, 1; geometry, Lexie Richard, 1; English III, Randi Domingue, 2; free enterprise, Stephen Reeves, 3.
Sterlington High School (III) – advanced math – functions and statistics, Ally Sutton, 1; world geography, Blake Marchbank, 3; environmental science, Natasha Russell, 2; physics, Nathanael Walker, 3; chemistry, Noah Hutson, 3; U.S. history, Quinn Glaze, 3; Spanish II, Ryan Veasey, 2; introduction to business computer application, Sydney Cathey, 2.
West Monroe High School (I) – *English literature, Adam White, 1; environmental application, Angil Manasco, 1; English III, Ann Bowler, 3; *spelling 10, Anna Sit, 1; free enterprise, Arielle Dison, 1; advanced math—pre-calculus, Austin Knies, 1; chemistry, Brian Kirby, 1; algebra II, Charlie Thomason, 2; English II, Dena El-Giar, 1; Physical Science, Ethan Yount, 2; English I, Faith Maxwell, 1; French III, Hannah Ware, 1; *spelling 11, Hannah Gissendanner, 2; U.S. history, Jackson Weaver, 2; biology II, Jeffery Cornelison, 2; geometry, Joshua Osborne, 2; French I, Joshua Parnell, 2; psychology, Maggie Sylvester, 1; physics, Matt Brandl, 1; civics, Matthew Upshaw, 1; health, Morgan McCoy, 1; sociology, Nickolas Clampit, 2; algebra I, Nicole Schubert, 2; Spanish I, Paul Linder, 2; advanced math—functions and statistics, Ruth Crigler, 1; French II, Shawn Stauffer, 2; biology, Skylar Winters, 2; English IV, Summer Risinger, 1; world history, Victoria Johnson, 2.
West Ouachita School (I) – advanced math—functions and statistics, Aaron Begey, 2; *spelling 10, Breanna Ray, 2; *spelling 9, Breanne Bearden, 1; *English literature, Heather Irene Howard, 2; nutrition and food, Hope Clingen, 1; Civics, Hunter Carter, 3; world geography, Josh Chisholm, 3; environmental science, Kelvin Head, 1; English I, Kristen Nugent, 2; agriscience II, Maggie May, 2; family and consumer science, Mallory Russell, 2; chemistry, Sarah Gresh, 3; Spanish I, Sarah Minter, 3; agriscience I, Tallie Hall, 2; parenthood education, William Nelson, 1.
Wossman High School (II) – calculus, Bria Savage, 2; French II, Brittany Jackson, 2; nutrition and food, Chelsea Tribble, 1; accounting, Demarkus Hill, 1; world history, Edward Batiste, 1; English IV, Lacey Lenoir, 2; psychology, Laracheal Drayton, 2; *spelling 9, Nathaniel Doyle, 1; business computer application, Ronesia Clark, 2; algebra II, Shinae Lee, 1; French I, T’arira Payton, 2.
Richland Parish
Delhi Charter School (IV) – *spelling 9, Abigayle Ryan, 2; *English pronunciation, Austin Hutchinson, 2; chemistry, Jimmy Sills, 2; *spelling 10, Matthew Watson, 1; Spanish I, Seth Presley, 2; advanced math—pre-calculus, Zachery Scott, 2; business computer application, Zelene Ester, 3.
Delhi High School (IV) – civics, Danielle Porter, 1; English II, Jakerra Roberts, 3.
Mangham High School (IV) – *spelling 11, Anna Gutherie, 1; *English pronunciation, Cole Poindexter, 3; world history, Cole Poindexter, 2; English IV, Emily Johnson, 3; *English literature, Emily Johnson, 1; agriscience II, Josh Trichell, 2; Spanish II, Taylor Cheek, 2; Spanish I, Will Gibson, 3.
Rayville High School (III) – algebra I, Alexis Biddy, 3; family and consumer science, Bailey Adams, 2; algebra II, Benjamin Martin, 3; financial mathematics, Brittany Dorsey, 1; English IV, Camryn Martin, 1; advanced math—pre-calculus, Jacob Stokes, 1; business computer application, Kadeja Johnson, 1; agriscience III, Katlyn Kight, 1; parenthood education, Kayla Johnson, 1; *spelling 9, Kylie Pitman, 2; free enterprise, Marlena Sullivan, 1; agriscience I, Nathan Young, 2; English III, Parker Neathery, 3; physical science, Rachel Holmes, 3; *English pronunciation, Rachel Taylor, 1; U.S. history, Rae Ann Colvin, 1; *spelling 10, Shawndareus Watkins, 1.
Riverfield Academy (V) – business computer application, Ben Albritton, 4; physical science, Elizabeth Durbin, 2; English IV, Erin Noble, 3; computer science I, Jason Livingston, 1; *English pronunciation, Lyndsey Englerth, 1.
Union Parish
Farmerville High School (II) – agriscience II, Christopher Worth, 2; biology II, Reva Carpenter, 2; family and consumer science, Tiffany Johnson, 1.
Webster Parish
Doyline High School (IV) – physical science, Emily Long, 3; English I, Faith Noe, 2; *spelling 9, Faith Noe, 1; world geography, Katelyn Beaird, 2; English IV, Megan Long, 4; English II, Rachel Brooks, 2; introduction to business computer application, Victoria Gilcrease, 2.
Glenbrook School (V) – algebra II, Austin Snider, 1; *spelling 10, Austin Snider, 3; nutrition and food, Austin Palmier, 2; computer science I, Braden Dickson, 2; civics, Bridget Cone, 2; *spelling 9, Bridget Cone, 1; agriscience I, Clay Simonton, 3; sociology, Cole Sanders, 1; physical science, Ethan Tesnow, 1; free enterprise, Graham Lemoine, 2; financial mathematics, Heather Stahl, 3; advanced math—pre-calculus, Hunter Estabrook, 2; principles of business, Jessica Sherrill, 2; *English literature, Kate Tracy, 1; parenthood education, Lauren Sims, 1; English III, Lauren Featherston, 5; agriscience II, Lucille Dayton, 3; English II, Meredith Nelson, 1; accounting, Morgan Hanson, 1; U.S. history, Noah Woodard, 4; Spanish III, Peyton Ruple, 1; health, Spencer White, 2; environmental application, Sunni Wilson, 1; journalism I, Taryn Eason, 1.
Lakeside High School (III) – introduction to business computer application, Allison Powell, 1; *spelling 11, Allison Comeaux, 2; French I, Carlea Humphries, 1; principles of business, Enrique Soto, 1; civics, Matthew Ledet, 2; nutrition and food, Nina Knowles, 2; physical science, Thomas Lambert, 2; world history, Tiffany Soto, 1.
Minden High School (II) – agriscience I, Abigail Baker, 1; computer science I, Casey McNeill, 1; introduction to business computer application, Emily Turcotte, 2; civics, Hardy Bethea, 2; principles of business, Jacob McCready, 1; biology, Joshua Shumake, 1; chemistry, Joshua Bordelon, 2; physical science, Kat Murphy, 1; *spelling 10, Katelyn Kendrick, 2; world history, Katlyn Watson, 2; *spelling 9, Keadria Miller, 2; advanced math—pre-calculus, Mallory Stephens, 2; nutrition and food, Marissa Williams, 2; physics, Morgan Johnson, 1; sociology, Nick Joslin, 1; English III, Paul McGee, 2; Spanish I, Shelbi McEachern, 2; *spelling 11, Shelby Reed, 2; English II, Sonia Pereira, 2; psychology, Taylor Dick, 1; financial mathematics, Whitney Love, 1; algebra I, Zeder Dunihue, 2.
North Webster High School (III) – Spanish I, Allie Morgan, 3; *English pronunciation, Blake Waldron, 2; French I, Cheyenne Mason, 2; financial mathematics, Cole Butler, 2; geometry, Collin Jenkins, 2; business computer application, Devanie Jones, 2; *English literature, Emily Clark, 1; French II, Hannah Williams, 2; world history, James Sapp, 2; U.S. history, Jason Oller, 2; algebra II, Kaleigh Cook, 2; environmental science, Kimberly Scott, 1; English II, Skylar Umphries, 2; civics, Tori Cash, 3.
West Carroll Parish
Epps High School (V) – World History, Hunter Brock, 1; Civics, Stephanie Smith, 4; English I, Suezanna Albritton, 4.
Forest High School (V) – introduction to business computer application, Baylee Norsworthy, 3; English II, Baylen Harris, 2; English III, Cameron Irby, 4; U.S. history, Chase Stephens, 1; family and consumer science, Dalli Sanchez, 1; agriscience I, Jake Copes, 1; biology, Nikki Crowe, 3; *spelling 10, Nikki Crowe, 2; business computer application, Triston Smith, 1; advanced math-pre calculus, Tyler Hughes, 4.
Kilbourne High School (V) – biology, Croy Newell, 2; world history, Dakota Ratley, 3; chemistry, Jerred Finley, 2; free enterprise, Lacey Hill, 3; physical science, Lamarcus Carter, 3; Spanish II, Lauren Eubanks, 2; English I, Morgan Green, 3; agriscience III, Tommy Turner, 1.
Oak Grove High School (IV) – health, Allison Ward, 2; biology II, Angelic Dye, 1; biology, Anthony Davis, 2; principles of business, Ashlyn Morris, 2; accounting, Brittany Albritton, 1; business computer application, Christine Johnson, 2; journalism I, Colby Ashley, 2; algebra I, Gaea Lat, 3; psychology, Hagan Cupples, 1; parenthood education, Jillee Carter, 1; agriscience I, Landyn Black, 2; free enterprise, Makayla Peoples, 1; geometry, Olivia Dixon, 2; English III, Tanna Dartlon, 3; sociology, Taylor Russell, 2; financial mathematics, Troy Wheelington, 1; physical science, Tyler Barnes, 2.