Hamrick featured in magazine

May 4, 2012 | General News, Liberal Arts

Louisiana Tech assistant professor of photography Frank Hamrick snapped into the May 2012 issue of “The Sun Magazine” with a photograph of his clothesline.
Hamrick said he was excited upon hearing news of this publication.
“It always feels good to have your work selected for a publication or an exhibition,” he said. “In this case, it was a bit of a surprise. I knew my photograph would be published, but I did not know when. Recently, a package from ‘The Sun’ arrived containing a few copies of the issue, a letter saying thanks for the photograph and a check.”
Hamrick said he has submitted his photographs to the magazine for several years, and his first publication occurred in 2006. Since then, he his photographs have periodically appeared in the magazine.
“The most recent image of mine in ‘The Sun’ was from a portfolio of work I sent the magazine last summer,” he said. “They picked three photographs for future publication. The ‘Clothesline’ photograph is the first of those three to be published.”
Hamrick said he has had some of his students submit their black and white photographs to “The Sun” that have been published.
“It is encouraging to see students and their families have that sort of accomplishment while still in school,” he said. “It makes them feel assured about the path they are taking for school and their careers.”
He said his inspiration for his photographs are subjects of his immediate surroundings, but he liked the pattern the clothespins on the different lines made.
Hamrick said he enjoys having his photographs published, primarily because his works are making their way through people.
“It is nice to have my photography reproduced in almost any magazine, because that means my work is reaching people, and different magazines reach different segments of the population,” he said.
Written by Sarah Brown