Tech sees marked increase in student quality, slight decrease in enrollment

Sep 20, 2012 | General News

Average freshman ACT score tops 24 while total fall enrollment decreases by 1.9 percent —
Louisiana Tech University’s fall 2012 enrollment data released Thursday shows a substantial increase in the quality of its incoming freshmen and a rise in its main campus headcount, but a slight decrease in the total enrollment.
The average freshman ACT score for fall 2012 is 24.10, which is up from 23.81 in fall of 2011, and is the highest in the university’s history.  Tech’s average freshman ACT score also exceeds the state average of 20.3 and the national average of 21.1.
“Good students want to go to good schools,” said Louisiana Tech President Dan Reneau.  “Our students recognize that Louisiana Tech is a university that will provide them with an outstanding education and an opportunity to become successful people and professionals.
“I take a great deal of pride in the fact that our reputation as an institution and the quality of our academics continues to attract the best and brightest from around the state and the nation.”
Total enrollment for Louisiana Tech stands at 11,360 students, which is a decrease of 221, or 1.9 percent from last year.
Designated as a statewide institution by the Board of Regents, Louisiana Tech’s 2012 freshmen were the first class required to meet new and more rigorous admissions standards which included a grade point average of 2.50 in core courses or a 23 composite ACT score, and no need for remedial courses.  Institutions designated as regional universities will be required to meet the new remedial standards beginning in the fall of 2014.
“In the long term, I think the new admission standards will benefit Louisiana Tech,” said Pamela Ford, dean of enrollment management for Louisiana Tech.  “Each time the university has raised admissions standards freshmen enrollment has dropped for a year or two before climbing back.  On the positive side, retention and graduation rates have gone up each time standards have been raised.”
Total undergraduate enrollment was down by 247 students, or 2.7 percent, while graduate enrollment was down slightly with a decrease of 48 master’s students, but an increase in doctoral students of 22.