Tech architecture professors present research at conference

Oct 16, 2012 | General News, Liberal Arts

The Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture held a conference this fall and three of Louisiana Tech’s own professors of architecture were invited to present.
The conference, OFFSITE: Theory and Practice of Architectural Production, took place in Philadelphia, Pa., along side the Modular Building Institute’s Industry meeting, thus creating an atmosphere to examine various research from 45 universities.
Assistant professor of architecture Liane Hancock presented “Offsite Fabricators and Customization in History and Practice, and Damon Caldwell, an assistant professor of architecture, presented “Yesterday’s Tomorrow Was Today: the Revival of Mid-Century Optimism in the Age of Digital Fabrication.”
“I’m not sure I really do affect other architects with the research,” Caldwell said, “but hopefully, if (students) can get some of the enthusiasm I have for 20th century architecture, that is fulfilling.”
Pasquale De Paola, an assistant professor of architecture, presented two of his papers: “Speculative Evolution: Computational and Biogenetic Analogues in Contemporary Architectural Production” and “Form Follows Structure: Biomimetic Emergent Models of Architectural Production.”
“Although I practice architecture, I consider myself more of a theorist as I like to theorize about new speculative approaches to architectural practice,” De Paola said.
Written by Grace Moore