Career Fair attracts Tech students, companies

Feb 8, 2013 | General News

All majors welcome. All opportunities open. All at Louisiana Tech.
At Louisiana Tech’s spring career fair, between 700 and 800 students and 112 companies from across the South met together Thursday to see if a match could be made.
Ron Cathey, director of the Counseling and Career Services, which hosts the Career Fair, said the event has been growing in the numbers of participating students and companies in recent years.
“My job is not hard,” Cathey said. “I have the best product in the world – Tech students. If the companies hire one, they will come back.”
Cathey said that even though historically the Career Fair once was mainly for engineering and science students, now companies come looking for majors in all five colleges.
“We want to make sure we include all our students,” he said. “We’re trying to make a difference for all our majors.”

Career Day was held Thursday, Feb. 7 in the Student Center.

Kim Comans, human resources business partner with CEFCO, said this was CEFCO’s first time to participate in the Career Fair, but it would not be the last.
“The students here have been phenomenal,” she said. “I’ve been in HR a long time, and they are so professional.”
Comans said she originally was seeking out applicants for one of CEFCO’s five stores, but once she started talking with Tech students, she began to take more applications.
“We’ve been stopping students and talking to them to see if they’re a fit with one of our companies,” she said. “It’s been very successful.”
Tommy Johnson, engineering manager with McElroy Metal of Bossier City, said this was his company’s fourth Tech Career Fair to attend and that he had no doubt he would be effective in finding a candidate for the company.
“My engineering department consists of Tech grads,” Johnson said. “The Career Fair has been very good to us in the past. We know we can find somebody here.”
Students were also finding success in the event. Megan Green, a senior animal science major, said the day had been illuminating for her.
“I was doing it for a class assignment, but I’m glad I came because I learned a lot about different careers and opportunities out there,” Green said. “I’ve gotten a lot of different opinions and advice.”
Green said she is now considering pursuing a master’s in business administration after graduating with her undergraduate degree.
“I would like to do the MBA program and specialize in a specific concentration,” she said. “I would like to be very valuable when I get out of school and have lots of career opportunities.”