Tech announces high school rally winners

Mar 28, 2013 | General News

Winners in the 2013 North Louisiana District Rally qualifying for the State Rally in Baton Rouge or who won first through fifth place in a subject for which there is only district testing have been announced following competition at Louisiana Tech University on Saturday, March 23.
Due to problems with testing materials for Agriscience II and Agriscience III, all students who took these two tests will be eligible to compete at the state rally, said Joan Edinger, associate director of admissions at Louisiana Tech and district rally director for the North Louisiana High School Rally Association.
Approximately 1,600 students from 18 North Louisiana parishes competed. Schools also compete for the sweepstakes award in each division. Testing in 49 subjects is separated into five divisions based on school size.
“The North Louisiana Rally allows individual students an opportunity to demonstrate their abilities and to test themselves against their peers,” Edinger said.  “Louisiana Tech is honored and delighted to have a part in this program.
Edinger said area students who qualified for State Rally or who won first through fifth place in a subject that has only district competition (as indicated by an asterisk) are listed below by parish, school division and subject.  The State Rally is scheduled for April 20 on the campus of Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge.
“We are also grateful to our dedicated Tech faculty members who give their time and effort to proctor the testing sessions,” she said. “This competition helps the students to develop academically and personally. It gives them and their families something to be proud of.”
Bienville Parish:
Gibsland-Coleman High School — Algebra II, Charaveon Tubbs, 5; Nutrition and Food, Christianna Cottonham, 1; U.S. History, Kiedeja Jackson, 4.
Bossier Parish:
Airline High School (I) — Advanced Mathematics-Functions and Statistics, Hyein Jeong, 2; Advanced Mathematics-Pre-Calculus, Chase Courville, 1; Algebra I, Samantha Villarreal, 1; Calculus, Sarah Brantley, 2; English II, Matthew Higginbotham, 2; Geometry, Sherlyn Villarreal, 1; Physical Science, Ye-Rim Noh, 1.
Haughton High School (I) — English II, Dakota Digilormo, 3; *English Pronunciation, Zach Moncla, 1; Introduction to Business Computer Application, Carlea Brown, 2; Psychology, Kia Weinreber, 2; Sociology, Katelyn Nattin, 1; Spanish I, Vivien Nguyen, 2; Spanish II, Alicia Bailey, 3; World Geography, Davin Johnson, 3.
La New Tech @ (V) — Business Computer Application, Carlie Cook, 1; Nutrition and Food, Nefatedi Cooks, 2; Physical Science, Jacob Day, 3; *Spelling 9, Amanda Langston, 1.
Caddo Parish:
Northwood High School (II) — Accounting, Sabrina Warren, 2; Advanced Mathematics-Functions & Statistics, Jacob Cannatella, 1; Algebra I, Lilah Thibodeaux, 1; Biology, Gregory Carper, 2; Biology II, Rachel Patteson, 2; Civics, Thomas Jones, 2; English IV, Breanna House, 1; Environmental Science, Sterling Davenport, 1; Fine Arts Survey, Dawn O’Bannon, 1; French I, Caitlin Hanning, 2; Health, Amber Cortez, 1; Introduction to Business Computer Application, Francine Miller, 1; Journalism I, Carly Dean, 1; Nutrition and Food, Austin Delpapa, 2; Parenthood Education, Heather Carper, 1; Physical Science, J D Reich, 1; Psychology, Kelsie Darmstaedter, 2; Spanish I, Tuesday Lee, 1; Spanish III, Jessica Barrons, 2; *Spelling 10, Lindsey Laird, 2; *Spelling 9, Shaddaia Young, 2; World Geography, Austin Murphy, 3; World History, Evan McMichael, 1.
Caldwell Parish:
Caldwell Parish High School (III)– Chemistry, Kelsey Cassels, 3; English III, Jonathan Folds, 3; Nutrition and Food, April Palmer, 1; Parenthood Education, Rebekah Childers, 1; Physical Science, Savannah Steines, 3; U.S. History, D J Nelson, 4.
Old Bethel Christian Academy (V)– English I, Jacob Spencer Thompson, 5; English II, Erin Scott, 3; *Spelling 9, Jacob Spencer Thompson, 3.
Claiborne Parish:
Claiborne Academy (V) — English II, Hannah Harper, 1; Financial Mathematics, Alexandra Taunton, 1; Spanish I, Kyle McDonald, 1; Spanish II, Selena Gonzalez, 2; World History, Shelby Pace, 3.
Haynesville High School (IV) — Advanced Mathematics-Functions and Statistics, Sean Bailey, 1; Algebra II, Miguel Deleon, 2; Financial Mathematics, Alexis Hildreth, 1; Geometry, Al Henderson, 3; Nutrition and Food, Marissa Lewis, 1; *Spelling 10, Braley Smith, 1.
Homer High School (III) — Advanced Mathematics-Functions and Statistics, John Holloway, 2; Journalism I, Lacy Camp, 2; Principles Of Business, Kionna Tate, 1; *Spelling 9, Chelsea Bassett, 2; World Geography, Marshall Faulk, 1; World History, Tony Sepulvado, 3.
Summerfield High School (V) — Biology, Chet Andrews, 1; Civics, Ashlyn Turner, 3; Geometry, Kailee Harkins, 1; Physics, Kennedy Carey, 1; U.S. History, Jacob Harvey, 5; World Geography, Taylor Grafton, 3; World History, Sean Bailey, 1.
De Soto Parish:
Logansport High School (IV) — Civics, Savannah Gresham, 3; English IV, Macie Mosley, 3; Environmental Application, Aniya Robinson, 2; French I, Dajah Gant, 2; Principles of Business, Lakenzie Davis, 2; Sociology, Destiny Quillin, 1; Spanish II, Marissa Burns, 3.
Mansfield High School (III) — Agriscience III, Stony Sorter; Introduction to Business. Computer Application, Courvoisea Woods, 2; Physical Science, Victoria Jones, 2.
North Desoto High School (II — Agriscience I, Haley Parker, 1; Agriscience II, Dakota West; Algebra II, Tyler Foster, 2; Introduction to Business Computer Application, Travis Smith, 3; Physical Science, Victoria Carroll, 3; Spanish II, Jessica Burford, 2; Spanish III, Ladarius Raspberry, 1; World Geography, Brennen Murphy, 1.
Pelican All Saints High (V) — Computer Science I, Dasha Carroll, 2; Sociology, Mikesha Alexander, 2.
Stanley High School (V) — Algebra II, Shelby Hebert, 1; Geometry, Trenton Bossier, 3; Sociology, Tanner Timmons, 1.
East Carroll Parish:
Briarfield Academy (V) — Algebra I, Logan Fortenberry, 5; Biology II, Taylor Howard, 1; Chemistry, Charles Teamer, 4; English IV, Marron Frith, 1; Geometry, John Henry Tanksley, 2.
Franklin Parish:
Franklin Parish High School — Agriscience I, Mikey Parker, 2; Algebra I, Kamille Sparks, 2; Chemistry, Jonah Blackwell, 2; English I, Justin Marsh, 2; English IV, Rachel Quimby, 3; Financial Mathematics, Trevor Crawford, 1; Geometry, Rebecca Bizzell, 2; Physics, Zachary Miller, 1; U.S. History, Aleah Pylant, 2.
Jackson Parish:
Jonesboro-Hodge High School — Agriscience II, Clayton Logan Hampton; Agriscience III, Tyler Hampton; Algebra I, Infinite Cottonham, 2; Algebra II, Joan Tran, 4; English II, Jordan Boston, 3.
Quitman High School (IV) — Agriscience I, Sara Ogden, 1; Agriscience II, Randy Magee; Agriscience III, Natalie McGuire; Biology II, Paige Leedy, 3; English I, Seth Futrell, 4; English III, Sarah Horsley, 2; English IV, Katie Gaulden, 4; *English Literature, Kaelyn Culpepper, 3; Financial Mathematics, Ryan Chapman, 2; Physical Science, Drew Harbor, 3; *Spelling 10, Caylin Brown, 2; *Spelling 9, Seth Futrell, 1; U.S. History, Logan Willis, 2.
Weston High School (V) — Agriscience I, Josh Feirn, 1; Agriscience II, Josh Fox, .; Agriscience III, Victoria Smith, .; Business Computer Applica, Mallory Watts, 3; Fine Arts Survey, Rikki Wheat, 3; French I, Erika Medrano, 1; Health, Cody Chatham, 2; Intro To Bus. Computer, Abigail Lee, 3; Parenthood Education, Jenna Holt, 2; Spanish I, Tiffani Tolar, 4.
La Salle Parish:
Jena High School (III) — Agriscience I, Samuel Engles, 1; Algebra I, Madison Walker, 1; English II, Tori Russell, 2; English IV, Macy Tullos, 3; *English Pronunciation, Abigail Cox, 2; Environmental Applications, Kailey Bignar, 2; Environmental Science, Ethan Edwards, 1; Family and Consumer Science, Katie Williams, 1; French I, Brian Enterkin, 2; Nutrition and Food, Sarah Enterkin, 2; Parenthood Education, Naomi Reeder, 2; Psychology, Brittany Farris, 2; Sociology, Trevius Todd, 1; Spanish II, Hannah Francis, 1; *Spelling 9, Keri Jones, 1; U.S. History, Richard Johnson, 3.
Lincoln Parish:
Bethel Christian School (V) — Algebra II, Chayce Penix, 2; Chemistry, Jack Scharr, 3; English IV, Jacob Scharr, 2; Spanish II, Ryan Howard, 1; *Spelling 11, Alexis Wyatt, 2.
Cedar Creek School (IV) — Advanced Mathematics-Functions & Statistics, Mark Vandenlangenberg, 2; Advanced Mathematics-Pre-Calculus, Garland Pipes, 2; Algebra I, Sarfraz Ahmed, 1; Algebra II, Brock Blackwell, 1; Biology, Ethan Hunt, 2; Biology II, Katie Howard, 2; Business Computer Application, Kay-Lynn Klug, 1; Calculus, Jeff Carroll, 2; Chemistry, Ben Everett, 2; Civics, Joseph Hild, 1; Computer Science I, Aaron Hunt, 2; English I, Madison Hoffman, 2; English II, Hannah McNew, 1; English III, Morgan Vann, 1; English IV, Will Rudnicki, 2; *English Literature, Emma Crawford, 1; *English Pronunciation, Taylor Barron, 1; Fine Arts Survey, Irie Ewers, 1; French I, Mary Tyler Storms, 1; French II, Erik Eklund, 1; French III, Jacob Antee, 1; Geometry, Brandon Carroll, 4; Health, Shelby Raley, 2; Introduction to Business Computer Application, Sunny Sarai, 3; Physical Science, Nikki Mallepalli, 2; Psychology, Chloe Kaczvinsky, 1; Sociology, Austin McNeill, 2; Spanish I, Jacob Brown, 2; Spanish II, Carley Bowman, 1; Spanish III, Destiny Raney, 1; *Spelling 11, Kimberly Hodge, 2; *Spelling 9, Gracie Maxwell, 2; U.S. History, Story Moller, 1.
Choudrant High School (IV) — Advanced Mathematics-Pre-Calculus, Aaron Taylor, 3; Agriscience II, Trevor Hammons; Agriscience III, Michael Lane Brister; Biology, Jarod Sexton-Davis, 3; Business Computer Application, Frankie Landers, 2; Calculus, Luke Taylor, 1; Computer Science I, Brandon Bryant, 1; English III, Rachel Sasser, 3; *English Literature, Nathan Taylor, 2; Family and Consumer Science, Emmy Aaron, 1; Fine Arts Survey, Alisa Garcia, 3; Introduction to Business Computer Application, Brianna Thompson, 2; Journalism I, Kaitlyn Mixon, 1; Parenthood Education, Erica Baker, 2; Physical Science, Brandon Smith, 4; Physics, Hunter Antley, 1; Principles of Business, Rebecca Walters, 1; *Spelling 10, Laura White, 3; World Geography, Christian Nugent, 3; World History, Lukas Rinehart, 1.
Dubach High School (V) — Agriscience III, Kaleb Reeves.
Grambling University Laboratory School — Calculus, Breyonna Morgan, 2; Financial Mathematics, Darriun Manning, 2; *Spelling 10, Trace Payne, 1; *Spelling 11, Brianna Ridgell, 3.
Ruston High School (I) — Accounting, Michael Davis, 1; Agriscience I, Aaron Freeman, 1; Agriscience II, Barrett Moore; Agriscience III, Jonathan Craig; Algebra II, Austin Meng, 1; Biology, Tahsin Bari, 1; Biology II, Morgan Paige Ward, 2; Business Computer Application, Bianca Drumgo, 2; Calculus, John Herren, 3; Chemistry, Ben Serio, 1; Computer Science I, Thristan Cecil, 1; English I, Collin King, 1; English III, Laura Cason, 1; English IV, Rachael Maxson, 1; *English Literature, Jake Kyte, 1; *English Pronunciation, Jonathan Verret, 2; Environmental Science, Cameron Haughton, 1; Family and Consumer Science, Taylor Heiden, 2; Financial Mathematics, Kevin Riley, 1; French II, Erick Huynh, 2; Geometry, Owen Ellis, 2; Health, Erica Sorensen, 2; Journalism I, Elena Till, 1; Nutrition and Food, Stephanie Jackson, 1; Parenthood Education, Imani Joseph, 1; Principles of Business, Michael Roebuck, 1; Psychology, Anna Ryder, 1; Sociology, Michael Davison, 2; Spanish I, Rachel Hegab, 1; *Spelling 11, Tyler Oakes, 1; *Spelling 9, Robert Kyte, 2; U.S. History, James Davison, 2; World Geography, Kiran Seetala, 1; World History, Trae Ford, 2.
Simsboro High School (V) — Biology, Brianne Ellis, 3; Introduction to Business Computer Application, Lillian Merritt, 2.
Madison Parish:
Madison High School (III) — U.S. History, Chris Herring, 2.
Tallulah Academy (V) — Biology II, Emily Clack, 2; English III, Margie Cox, 1; Fine Arts Survey, Emily Ginn, 1; Geometry, Erick Nguyen, 4; World History, Brian Wilson, 4.
Morehouse Parish:
Bastrop High School (I) — Algebra II, Nigena Brooks, 3; Chemistry, Pierre Coleman, 2; English I, Rachael Lautigar, 2; English IV, Brittney Hill, 3; Environmental Science, Whitney Jones, 2; Spanish III, Cassi Canada, 1.
Prairie View Academy (V) — Advanced Mathematics-Functions & Statistics, Trevor Wallace, 3; Agriscience III, McLendon Sharp, .; English I, Laken Blakely, 4; English II, Harriett Adams, 2; English III, Jordan Caldwell, 4; English IV, Anne-Marie Ogden, 3; Family & Consumer Science, Chandler Freeland, 1; Health, Caleb Anders, 3; Journalism I, Brianna Jacobs, 1; Spanish I, Cole Bryan, 2; Spanish II, Maria Roberts, 4.
Natchitoches Parish:
Louisiana School For Math (III) — Accounting, Austin McMichael, 1; Algebra II, Rebecca Lopez, 1; Biology, Aaron Cao, 1; Biology II, Catherine Broussard, 1; Calculus, Matthew Johnson, 3; Chemistry, Cosette Zacarias, 2; Computer Science I, Joshua Bright, 1; English II, Ashlyn Anderson, 1; English III, David Walker, 1; Fine Arts Survey, Morgan Griffen, 2; French I, Genesis Allen, 1; French II, Madison Conlay, 1; French III, Ravleen Kaur, 2; Journalism I, Kyle Welch, 1; Physical Science, James Rodrigue, 1; Physics, Katherine Prutz, 1; Psychology, Danielle Bass, 1; Spanish I, Siobhan Prasad, 1; Spanish III, Marika Buccholz, 1; *Spelling 10, Julia Landon, 2; World History, Sean Cuff, 1.
Ouachita Parish:
Claiborne Christian School (V) — Algebra I, Shelby Joyner, 1; English I, Gracie Gill, 2; English III, Nora Gill, 3; English IV, Jami Holmes, 4; Physics, Beaux Bennett, 2; Psychology, Nicole Carpenter, 1.
Neville High School (II) — Advanced Mathematics — Functions and Statistics, Alaric Fricke, 2; Advanced Mathematics — Pre-Calculus, Margaret Jacks, 1; Algebra II, Emily Mouk, 3; Business Computer Application, Mary Shepard, 2; Calculus, Sara Jacks, 1; Chemistry, Owen Herrock, 1; Computer Science I, Placid Nwokorie, 1; English I, Colby Brown, 1; English II, Shadman Yusuf, 3; English III, Tammir Marshall, 3; English IV, Lillie Burroughs, 2; *English Literature, Elijah Evans, 1; Environmental Application, Corbin Boykin, 1; Family & Consumer Science, Ashtin Taylor, 1; French I, Emily Coenen, 1; French II, Jorden Johnson, 1; French III, Michael Theriot, 1; Introduction to Business Computer Application, Jalysa Bias, 2; Journalism I, Anne-Marie Hancock, 2; Parenthood Education, Daniel Eskew, 2; Spanish I, Parker Reneau, 2; Spanish II, Chicka Ifediora, 1; *Spelling 10, Henry Coburn, 1; *Spelling 11, Daniel Verlander, 1; *Spelling 9, Sean Hollis, 1; U.S. History, Will Coburn, 1.
Ouachita Christian School (I) — Advanced Mathematics — Functions and Statistics, Brigitte Barnes, 1; Advanced Mathematics — Pre-Calculus, Kasey McDonald, 1; Algebra II, Chamberlyn Pruitt, 2; Calculus, Hannah Mosher, 1; Chemistry, Dillon Morvant, 1; Civics, Hayden Anthony, 1; English I, Abby Barker, 1; English IV, Preston Watts, 1; *English Literature, David Halsell, 1; Fine Arts Survey, Emily Green, 1; French II, Michaela Hartline, 2; French III, Brian Halsell, 1; Geometry, Edward Seymour, 1; Spanish I, Allison Newton, 2; Spanish II, Ninche Kaba, 2.
Ouachita Parish High School (I) — Agriscience II, Chris Durham; Biology, Ben Hargrove, 2; Business Computer Application, Brooke Washington, 1; Calculus, Derek Dozier, 1; Geometry, Kelsey Gammill, 3; Introduction to Business Computer Application, Charlie Bordelon, 1; Physical Science, Kennedy Madison, 3; *Spelling 10, Rod Jackson, 1.
River Oaks School (V) — Advanced Mathematics – Functions and Statistics, Lindsey Duncan, 1; Advanced Mathematics – Pre-Calculus, Radha Patel, 3; Algebra I, Mary Grace Holloway, 4; Algebra II, Shaji Ul-Islam, 3; Biology, Grace Anne Moore, 2; Chemistry, Ben Zollinger, 1; Civics, Thomas Causey, 4; English I, Hannah Gray, 3; English II, Alyssa Vingiello, 4; *English Literature, Madison Street, 2; *English Pronunciation, Albert Nugent, 3; Environmental Science, Shelby Sylvester, 3; French I, Betsy Trammell, 2; French II, Bailey Richardson, 1; Physical Science, Abdullah Mousa, 2; Principles Of Business, Daniel Zollinger, 1; Spanish I, Emma Jane Johnson, 3; *Spelling 10, Shelby Sheppard, 3; *Spelling 11, Zaib Qayyum, 1; U.S. History, Brent Charles Alexander, 3; World Geography, Kayli Raeisghasem, 4; World History, Haley Morris, 2.
St. Frederick High School (I) — Biology, Austin Clark, 1; Biology II, Cullen Clark, 1; Chemistry, Hien Nguyen, 3; English I, Rachel Augurson, 1; English III, Mylinda Worthy, 4; English IV, Randi Domingue, 1; Geometry, Diana Pham, 1; Spanish I, McKenna Sanderson, 3; World Geography, Daniel Ellender, 2.
Sterlington High School (III) — Advanced Mathematics – Pre-Calculus, Devin Hunsaker, 2; Algebra I, Hope Hutson, 3; Biology, Luke Vaughn, 3; Calculus, Matthew McHenry, 2; English III, Katie Coutcher, 2; Physics, Noah Hutson, 2; U.S. History, Blake Marchbank, 1.
West Monroe High School (I) — Advanced Mathematics – Functions and Statistics, Charlie Thomason, 1; Advanced Mathematics – Pre-Calculus, Adam Loe, 2; Algebra I, J C Abiera, 2; Algebra II, Hannah Twist, 2; Biology, Iriel Edwards, 3; Biology II, Skylar Winters, 1; Civics, Kerri Gustinger, 1; English II, Faith Maxwell, 1; English III, Anna Sit, 2; English IV, Ruth Crigler, 2; *English Literature, Allison Shambro, 2; Environmental Application, Meredith Garza, 1; Fine Arts Survey, Arielle Dison, 1; French I, Jordan Touchet, 2; French II, Joshua Parnell, 1; Health, Kayla Fontenot, 1; Nutrition & Food, Kayla Phillips, 2; Physical Science, Jakob West, 2; Physics, Shelby Hust, 1; Spanish I, Jodie Faulk, 3; Spanish II, Paul Linder, 1; *Spelling 10, Peyton Frick, 2; *Spelling 11, Avery Newsom, 2; *Spelling 9, Emily Buttitta, 1; U.S. History, Jacob Hall, 1; World Geography, Samantha Seetharama, 2.
West Ouachita School (I) — Agriscience I, Ashley Hudson, 2; Agriscience II, Zach Staples; Agriscience III, Zach Joyner; Chemistry, Hunter Carter, 3; Civics, Tyler Peacock, 2; Environmental Application, Jamie Pemberton, 2; Family and Consumer Science, Alysson Thomas, 1; French I, Josh Chisolm, 1; Parenthood Education, Lindsay Boyett, 2; Physics, David Guthrie, 2; Spanish II, Ethan Sims, 2; World History, Jonathan Cavell, 1.
Wossman High School (II) — Advanced Mathematics – Pre-Calculus, Johnesha Lyons, 2; Biology II, Joseph Kemp, 1; Calculus, Raven Traylor, 2; English II, Imani Millsap, 1; Fine Arts Survey, Larachael Drayton, 2; Health, Tiffani Hampton, 2; Physics, Travez Washington, 2; World History, Deantres Robinson, 2.
Richland Parish:
Delhi Charter School (IV) — Advanced Mathematics – Pre-Calculus, Kelly Scurria, 1; Chemistry, Jared Parks, 1; *English Pronunciation, Clarrissa Johnson, 2; Environmental Science, Katelyn Rogers, 2; Physics, Jacob Antley, 2; Psychology, Clarrissa Johnson, 2; Spanish I, Matthew Eldridge, 1; *Spelling 11, Mathew Watson, 1; World Geography, Madison Cobb, 1.
Delhi High School (IV) — U.S. History, Danielle Porter, 3.
Mangham High School (IV) — Agriscience III, Joshua Trichell; English I, Jeremy Biggs, 3; Introduction to Business Computer Application, Mary Smith, 1; Physical Science, Justin Biggs, 1; Spanish II, Will Gibson, 2; Spanish III, Taylor Cheek, 2.
Rayville High School (III) — Advanced Mathematics–Pre-Calculus, Kadeja Johnson, 3; Agriscience II, Nathan Young; Algebra II, Linda Claire Morris, 3; Biology, Caleb Salsbury, 2; Business Computer Application, Brandi Delaney, 1; Civics, Cody Skains, 2; English II, Katheryn Lucas, 3; Financial Mathematics, Ashley Tabb, 1; Geometry, Olivia Tedeton, 2; *Spelling 10, Kylie Pitman, 1; *Spelling 11, Zaire Dill, 1; World Geography, Caleb Hamm, 2.
Riverfield Academy (V) — Advanced Mathematics-Pre Calculus, Katie Lee, 1; Computer Science I, Logan Gandy, 1; *English Literature, Bella Kitchens, 3; *English Pronunciation, Emily Dupree, 2; Environmental Science, Lacy McManus, 1; Physical Science, Bradford Doughty, 1; World Geography, Elizabeth Durbin, 5.
Union Parish:
Farmerville High School (II) — Civics, Cody Kennedy, 3; English III, Alexandra Nolan, 1; Financial Mathematics, Jeremiah Martin, 2; Geometry, Taylor Cheyenne Dupree, 1; World Geography, John Tyler Murray, 2.
Webster Parish:
Doyline High School (IV) — Business Computer Application, Kristen Woodall, 3; English II, Faith Noe, 2; Environmental Science, Zach Morris, 1; French II, Summer Keith, 2; World History, Rachel Brooks, 3.
Glenbrook School (V) — Accounting, Quinton Martin, 1; Advanced Mathematics-Pre-Calculus, Austin Snider, 2; Agriscience I, Garrett Sanders, 2; Agriscience II, Clay Simonton; Agriscience III, Spencer White; Algebra I, Peyton Page, 3; Algebra II, Gracyn Gorman, 4; Biology, Justin Le, 4; Biology II, Shelby Breazeale, 3; Calculus, Hunter Estabrook, 1; Chemistry, Murray Twyman, 2; Civics, Lexie Martin, 2; English I, Kathy Moore, 1; English III, Meredith Nelson, 5; *English Literature, Lauren Featherston, 1; *English Pronunciation, Elizabeth Wise, 1; Environmental Application, Allison Mourad, 1; Environmental Science, Braden Dickson, 2; Family & Consumer Science, Lauren Windham, 2; Fine Arts Survey, Nathaniel Dauphin, 2; French II, Lauren Featherston, 2; Health, Jessica Mangrum, 1; Introduction to Business Computer Application, Peyton Masingill, 1; Journalism I, Lucille Dayton, 2; Principles Of Business, Morgan Hanson, 2; Psychology, Noah Woodard, 2; Spanish III, Savannah Willis, 1; *Spelling 10, Bridget Cone, 2; *Spelling 9, Kathy Moore, 2; U.S. History, Eleanor Gilbert, 1; World Geography, Bridget Cone, 2.
Lakeside High School (III) — Algebra I, Karrie Taylor, 2; Biology II, Sam Thrash, 2; English I, Lane Hammons, 2; *English Literature, Paige Osborn, 2; *English Pronunciation, James Taylor, 1; Environmental Application, Emily Robinson, 1; Family and Consumer Science, Heather Schenck, 2; Financial Mathematics, Caroline Ledet, 2; Health, Misty Swilley, 1; Intro To Business Computer, Nina Knowles, 1; Principles Of Business, Kayla Carter, 2; Spanish I, Ariel Wallace, 3; *Spelling 11, Kirsten Smith, 2; World Geography, Rachel Vickers, 3; World History, Enrique Soto, 2.
Minden High School (II) — Accounting, Phelicia Neal, 1; Algebra II, Austin Drake, 1; Biology, Andrew Holford, 1; Business Computer Application, Ladarrian Mixon, 1; Chemistry, Callie Chancellor, 3; Civics, Keadria Miller, 1; English II, Kathryn Murphy, 2; English III, Sonia Pereira, 2; *English Pronunciation, Rebecca Foster, 1; Family & Consumer Science, Shatereka Wallace, 2; Nutrition and Food, Kathryn Edwards, 1; Physical Science, Jason Barton, 2; Psychology, Jordan Wood, 1; *Spelling 11, Emily Turcotte, 2.
North Webster High School (I) — Accounting, Dalton Harrison, 2; Business Computer Application, Megan Revelle, 2; Civics, Stephanie Manuel, 3; English I, Caitlin Maples, 3; English IV, Jason Oller, 2; Environmental Science, Trevor Stover, 2; Geometry, Justin Colley, 3.
West Carroll Parish:
Epps High School (V) — Agriscience II, Justin Simms; Geometry, Lexie Porter, 5.
Forest High School (V) — Accounting, Nikki Crowe, 2; Advanced Mathematics-Functions and Statistics, Cameron Irby, 2; Agriscience II, Austin Lopez; Algebra I, Grant Libby, 2; Biology II, Chase Stephens, 4; Business Computer Application, Baylen Harris, 2; English III, Bethany Ratcliff, 2; Environmental Application, Hayley Hughes, 2; Parenthood Education, Brittany Carroll, 1; Physical Science, Matthew Rando, 4; U.S. History, Triston Smith, 2; World Geography, Aaron Patrick, 1.
Kilbourne High School (V) — Civics, Nelissa Prine, 1; English II, Sidney Sibley, 5; Spanish II, Violet Newell, 3.
Oak Grove High School (IV) — Accounting, Kaytlin Pardon, 1; Agriscience I, Colby Lingo, 2; Agriscience II, Ty Zimmerman; Agriscience III, Dustin Sanders; Algebra I, Carlo Sciara, 3; Algebra II, Kaitlyn Johnson, 3; Civics, Paige Nevels, 2; Environmental Application, Hannah Schrock, 1; Environmental Science, Landyn Black, 3; Family & Consumer Science, Lateacia Hayes, 2; Fine Arts Survey, Ryan Smith, 2; Geometry, Allison Ward, 2; Health, Cierra Abernathy, 1; Nutrition and Food, Sam Dugan, 2; Parenthood Education, Blair Johnson, 1; Psychology, Lacy Schultz, 3; World History, Makayla Peoples, 2.
Written by Reggie Owens –