Kinesiology students, faculty present at national conference

Jul 22, 2013 | Education and Human Sciences






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Current and former graduate students, and faculty from Louisiana Tech University’s kinesiology department had the opportunity to present their research to colleagues from across the country last week at the National Strength and Conditioning Association’s (NSCA) 2013 National Conference in Las Vegas, Nev.

Graduate student Anusha Elumalai; former graduate students Josh Blaum, Barrett Stover, Tyler Donahue and Courtney Warren; and Dr. David Szymanski, associate professor of kinesiology at Louisiana Tech and NSCA Board member participated in poster and podium presentations during the three-day conference.

Dr. David Szymanski

Dr. David Szymanski

Szymanski gave a podium presentation titled, “Effect of Warm-Up Devices on Bat Velocity and Perception of Heaviness and Speed of Swing of Collegiate Baseball Players.”  He also presented a poster titled, “Effect of Weighted Implement Training on Bat Velocity of High School Baseball Players: A Pilot Study.”

“When asked to present, it means that you have been recognized by the association as having completed research that contributes to the body of evidence in your respective field,” said Szymanski.  “Through my research, I had the opportunity to inform the audience about what to use in the on-deck circle before stepping in the batter’s box and hitting in a real game situation.  Believe it or not, my research showed that college baseball players should just swing their own baseball bat in the on-deck circle.”

For the students, Szymanski says attending and participating at the conference gives them the opportunity to present their research projects at a national venue where experts in the field will come by and talk to them about their research.  It also gives them the potential to interact with a professor where they might have a chance to do their doctoral work.

For both students and faculty who present at the national conference, their abstracts get published by the Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research, which is the leading journal in this field.

“Upon attending my first national conference, I was very excited to go to Las Vegas to present my research on the arousal level of collegiate golfers while putting under three different conditions,” said Elumalai.  “I was approached by several coaches and golf researchers, and was able to share my scientific findings with them.  I had such a rewarding experience and I made some contacts with some professors at universities where I could potentially start my doctorate.”

“If it wasn’t for this experience, this might not have happened.  This could possibly be a life altering event for me and I highly recommend that others do the same, if presented with the opportunity to attend such a conference.”

Szymanski says it’s very important for students to attend these conferences because it gives them the opportunity to interact with top researchers, strength coaches, and physical therapists around the world.

“It has the potential to be a great networking platform that may help them move forward in their career,” Szymanski said.

The NSCA’s annual national conference brings together the top leaders in education, research, and fitness to one location to offer an opportunity to network and learn from the industry’s best.  The conference is the field’s premier strength and conditioning event, with over 70 hours of cutting-edge sessions led by renowned professors, strength coaches, and personal trainers.