Dudley encourages Louisiana Tech graduates to commit to change

Aug 15, 2013 | General News

They can change the world.
Zazell Dudley, president and CEO of Dudley Worldwide, told the 281 Louisiana Tech graduates Thursday at commencement that they must commit to being the change they talk about.
“We want to bridge change and commitment,” Dudley said. “You can’t have one without the other. If you want change, you have to have commitment.”
Dudley, who graduated from Tech in 1985, served as keynote speaker for Dr. Les Guice’s first graduation ceremony as university president. Dudley was the first African American female to graduate with a bachelor’s degree in petroleum engineering from the university.
Ms. Zazell Dudley address the summer graduates.

Ms. Zazell Dudley address the summer graduates.

“You made choices – sometimes difficult and unpopular,” Dudley said. “You handled distractions. You had a fight with the unexpected, and you won. You obtained focus. You mastered academic and life skills that will propel you.”
Tech graduate Morgan Andrus is one who is not unfamiliar with making difficult choices. In her sophomore year, she switched majors from engineering to communication design.
“I really wanted something that was a creative outlet for me,” Andrus said. “I found I was most useful in communication design. I feel I can use my talents to the best of my abilities.”
Andrus will take a 10-month internship with the Louisiana Tech Wesley Foundation, where she will use her design skills while encouraging students.
President Les Guice presents a diploma to a summer quarter graduate.

President Les Guice presents a diploma to a summer quarter graduate.

“I love what I do,” she said. “I couldn’t imagine having so much fun in my classes and enjoying what I do.”
Another student who found difficulties in college was Brandy Winfree, who majored in nutrition.
“In the senior year, it gets a lot more intense with the curriculum,” Winfree said. “The information is a lot more intense, but I enjoyed it.”
Dudley told the graduates that they can encourage and inspire each other and their future coworkers.
“As you embark on new experiences, you will be given more responsibilities,” Dudley said. “Allow naturalists to rise and shine.”
Also, Dudley said, make sure to overcome fear and become something greater than yourself.
“Be something where you can hold your head up,” she said. “Engage with each other. Help others. This is your world.”