Louisiana Tech announces high school rally winners

Feb 28, 2014 | General News






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Winners in the 2014 North Louisiana District Rally qualifying for the State Rally in Baton Rouge or who won first through fifth place in a subject for which there is only district testing have been announced following competition at Louisiana Tech on Saturday, Feb. 22.

Approximately 1,600 students from 18 North Louisiana parishes competed. Schools also compete for the sweepstakes award in each division. Testing in 49 subjects is separated into five divisions based on school size.

“The North Louisiana Rally allows individual students an opportunity to demonstrate their abilities and to test themselves against their peers,” said Joan Edinger, interim director of admissions at Tech and district rally director for the North Louisiana High School Rally Association.  “Louisiana Tech is honored and delighted to have a part in this program.”

Edinger said area students who qualified for State Rally or who won first through fifth place in a subject that has only district competition (as indicated by an asterisk) are listed below by parish, school division and subject. The State Rally is scheduled for April 5 at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge.

“We are also grateful to our dedicated Tech faculty members who give their time and effort to proctor the testing sessions,” she said. “This competition helps the students to develop academically and personally. It gives them and their families something to be proud of.”

Sweepstake points are awarded to schools placing in each subject area offered at the rally (both those with state competitions and district only competitions). The following schools were designated Sweepstakes winners for having the highest number of points in their division: Ruston High School, Division I; Neville High School, Division II; Louisiana School For Math, Science and the Arts, Division III; and Cedar Creek School, Division IV; and Glenbrook School, Division V.

Bienville Parish

Gibsland-Coleman High School  – World History, Kiedeja Jackson, 4.

Bossier Parish

Airline High School (I) – Algebra I, Daniel Szarvas, 1; Algebra II, Ye-Rim Noh, 1; Biology, Gabbrele Wright, 2; Biology II, Christian Bosch, 2; Business Computer Applications, Camile Spataro, 1; Civics, Abhishek Shah, 1; Geometry, Caitlin Simcox, 1; Physical Science, Erin Bullock, 1; Physics, Kaitlin Simpson, 3; U.S. History, Blaine Reeder, 1; World History, Thomas Johnson, 1.

Haughton High School (I) – Advanced Mathematics-Pre Calculus, Dustin Smith, 2; Biology, Cooper Hollis, 1; Chemistry, Everett Miller, 2; Introduction to Business Computer, Carlos Carrillo, 2; Nutrition and Food, Dustin Wright, 2; Parenthood Education, Amanda Simmons, 1; Psychology, Megan Birdwell, 2.

La New Tech @ (V) – Chemistry, Dalton Cook, 4; *Spelling 10, Amanda Langston, 2; U.S. History, Quamel Webb, 1.

Caddo Parish

Caddo Middle Magnet (V)  – Algebra I, Dakota Simpson, 1; Introduction to Business Computer, Sean Hearn, 2; Spanish I, Gavin Chan, 1.

Northwood High School (II)  – Accounting, Tyler Pond, 1; Advanced Mathematics-Pre Calculus, Aaron Varelas, 2; Algebra II, Tiffany Collinsworth, 2; Biology, Haley Peace, 1; Biology II, Kelsie Darmstaedter, 1; Chemistry, Madelynn Cook, 2; Civics, J D Reich, 1; English II, Mariah Corbell, 1; *English Pronunciation, Sydnee Horne, 2; Fine Arts Survey, Gabriel Flippo, 1; French I, Renee Copeland, 1; Geometry, Abby Byford, 2; Health, Caitlin Hanning, 1; Physical Science, Clayton McGee, 1; Physics, Thomas Jones, 2; Psychology, Martin Brock, 1; Sociology, Mary Hawks, 1; Spanish II, Tuesday Lee, 1; Spanish III, Angelique Jones, 2; *Spelling 10, Ashlyn Tullis, 1.

Caldwell Parish

Caldwell Parish High School  – Advanced Mathematics-Functions & Statistics, Tyler Duchesne, 2; Biology, Ian Lee, 3; Chemistry, Bryan Lamb, 2; English II, Savannah Steines, 1; English IV, Jonathan Folds, 2; Family and Consumer Science, Rebecca Childress, 1; Introduction to Business Computer, Madeline Guerrero, 2; Nutrition and Food, Shelby Nugent, 1; Parenthood Education, Haley Allen, 1; Physical Science, Shannon Johnson, 3; Physics, David Howard, 1; World Geography, Neely McCoy, 3.

Old Bethel Christian Academy  – World History, Jacob Spencer Thompson, 1.

Claiborne Parish

Claiborne Academy (V)  – Algebra I, Jenna Caskey, 4; Biology, Jacob Ellis, 3; English I, Tyler Taunton, 4; English II, Abigail Jones, 2; Geometry, Dawson Markham, 2; Physical Science, Macy Driscoll, 2; Spanish I, Ceven Norton, 3.

Haynesville High School (IV)  – Advanced Mathematics-Pre Calculus, Miguel Deleon, 3; Algebra I, Jeremy Butts, 4; English III, Franeka Taylor, 4; Health, Tania Deleon, 3; Nutrition and Food, Tytianna Manning, 2; *Spelling 11, Tamaria Williams, 2; U.S. History, Carlee Powell, 4.

Homer High School (IV)  – Agriscience I, Randy Stewart, 1; Health, Brittney Sandifer, 1.

Summerfield High School (V)  – Accounting, Marquasha Johnson, 1; English II, Ashlyn Turner, 5; English III, Chet Andrews, 1; Geometry, Kerra Howard, 4; Spanish I, Kaylee Harkins, 2; Spanish II, Jacob Harvey, 3; *Spelling 11, Destiny Carrico, 1; U.S. History, Jacque Biggs, 3; World Geography, Casey Chandler, 4; World History, Taylor Grafton, 2.

De Soto Parish

Logansport High School (IV)  – Biology II, Savannah Gresham, 3; U.S. History, Kabryn Miller, 2.

Mansfield High School (III)  – Algebra I, April Procell, 3; Biology, Victoria Jones, 2.

North Desoto High School (II)  – Algebra I, Shelby Callens, 2; Civics, Elijah Hines, 2; English IV, Maci Shinault, 2; World History, Brennen Murphy, 1.

East Carroll Parish

Briarfield Academy (V)  – Algebra II, John Henry Tanksley, 4.

Franklin Parish

Franklin Parish High School (II) – Algebra I, Reagan Lloyd, 1; Algebra II, Dylan Roberts, 3; Biology, Matthew Troha, 2; English II, Kamille Sparks, 3; *English Literature, Kati McCoy, 2; Fine Arts Survey, Daniel Sparks, 2; World Geography, Katie Marsh, 1.

Jackson Parish

Jonesboro-Hodge High School (III) – Agriscience I, Leginald Williams, 2; Agriscience II, Henry Malone, 1.

Quitman High School (IV)  – Biology, Seth Spangler, 4; Chemistry, Cole Smith, 4; English II, Sara Ogden, 2; English III, Morgan Hightower, 2; English IV, Joanna Petersen, 2; *English Literature, Morgan McCullin, 1; Geometry, Briana Spears, 3; Health, Makayla Cheatwood, 2; Physical Science, Jacob Shows, 2; *Spelling 11, Bailee Abercrombie, 1; *Spelling 9, Brooke Ginn, 2; U.S. History, Payton Bond, 3.

Weston High School (IV)  – Agriscience III, Tyler Wheat, 1; Civics, James Chatham, 3; Parenthood Education, Camille Leblanc, 2.

La Salle Parish

Jena High School (III)  – Agriscience III, Eli Whatley, 1; Algebra II, Madison Walker, 1; Civics, Sam Engles, 3; English I, Trae Jones, 2; English II, Abbie Boothe, 3; Environmental Science, Merayea Ashley, 2; Family and Consumer Science, Makayla King, 2; Journalism I, Kayla Ainsworth, 2; Nutrition and Food, Bethany Russell, 2; Parenthood Education, Macey Roark, 2; *Spelling 10, Michael Doughty, Jr., 2; *Spelling 11, Julie Hopkins, 2; *Spelling 9, Brayden Keene, 2; World Geography, Rachel Terry, 2.

Lasalle High School (IV)  – Agriscience I, David Rusk, 3; Agriscience II, Cassidy Sandidge, 1; Algebra I, Jacob Smith, 2; English II, Chelsea Baum, 4; Financial Mathematics, Vesper Zhou, 1; *Spelling 10, Slade Aycock, 3; World Geography, Jewelly Barbo, 3.

Lincoln Parish

Bethel Christian School (V)  – Biology II, Sara Liner, 2; *English Pronunciation, Jordan McCullin, 2; Psychology, Elizabeth Parker, 1; *Spelling 9, Chandler Plunkett, 2.

Cedar Creek School (IV)  – Advanced Mathematics-Functions & Statistics, Ben Everett, 1; Advanced Mathematics-Pre Calculus, Brock Blackwell, 1; Algebra II, Brandon Carroll, 1; Biology, Chesney Nguyen, 1; Biology II, Sam Rudnicki, 1; Business Computer Applications, Hassan Shahid, 3; Calculus, Mark Vandenlangenberg, 1; Civics, Garland Pipes, 2; Computer Science I, Preston Sparks, 2; English I, Ethan Hunt, 3; English II, Nikki Mallepalli, 3; English III, Hannah McNew, 1; English IV, Irie Ewers, 1; *English Literature, Destiny Raney, 2; *English Pronunciation, Catherine Hild, 2; French I, Cameron Barron, 1; French II, Mary Tyler Storms, 1; French III, Shelby Raley, 1; Geometry, Sarfraz Ahmed, 1; Introduction to Business Computer, Elizabeth Wood, 2; Journalism I, Alex Thomas, 1; Physical Science, Logan Kent, 3; Physics, Erik Eklund, 2; Psychology, Kay-Lynn Klug, 1; Sociology, Austin Pike, 1; Spanish I, Bekah Smith, 1; Spanish II, Madison Hoffman, 3; Spanish III, Carley Bowman, 2; *Spelling 10, Jacob Lewis, 1; World Geography, Nicholas Slusher, 1.

Choudrant High School (IV)  – Business Computer Applications, Frankie Landers, 1; Chemistry, Mallory Austin, 3; Computer Science I, Brandon Bryant, 1; Family and Consumer Science, Allie Hibbard, 2; Fine Arts Survey, Rachel Lee, 3; Introduction to Business Computer, Addison Patton, 1; Nutrition and Food, Brittany Colvin, 1; Physical Science, Jarod Sexton-Davis, 4; Principles of Business, Johnanna Jiles, 1; *Spelling 9, Sarah Langheld, 3; World History, James Dagan Brewer, 2.

Ruston High School (I)  – Accounting, Kaleb Reeves, 1; Advanced Mathematics-Functions & Statistics, Ben Serio, 1; Advanced Mathematics-Pre Calculus, Rachel Hegab, 1; Agriscience I, Jack Walters, 1; Agriscience II, Owen Ellis, 1; Agriscience III, Barrett Moore, 1; Algebra I, Ryan Sorenson, 2; Algebra II, Mindong Teng, 2; Biology, Hannah Scheaffer, 3; Biology II, Tahsin Bari, 1; Business Computer Applications, Nina Collins, 2; Calculus, Austin Meng, 1; Chemistry, Ryan Duke, 1; Civics, Alex Bishop, 2; Computer Science I, Trey Williams, 1; English I, Evan Ward, 2; English II, Collin King, 1; English III, Ben Sawyer, 3; English IV, Melissa Dosher, 2; *English Literature, Laura Cason, 1; *English Pronunciation, Landon Sims, 1; Environmental Applications, Rydricka Perkins, 2; Environmental Science, Brittany Harper, 1; Family and Consumer Science, Alex Bennett, 1; Financial Mathematics, Paige Peterson, 2; Fine Arts Survey, Caitlin Berry, 1; French I, George Crook, 2; Health, Kendal Martin, 1; Introduction to Business Computer, Nolan Bennett, 1; Journalism I, Thristan Cecil, 1; Principles of Business, Nicholas Avery, 1; Psychology, Ty Oakes, 1; Sociology, William Ponder, 1; Spanish I, Danielle Prescott, 1; Spanish II, Victoria Wheat, 2; *Spelling 11, Valerie Thomas, 2; *Spelling 9, Thomas Strebeck, 2.

Simsboro High School (V)  – Advanced Mathematics-Functions & Statistics, Xavier Ogunyemi, 3; Agriscience I, Christopher Kilgore, 1.

Madison Parish

Tallulah Academy (V)  – English IV, Margie Cox, 1; Fine Arts Survey, Savannah Gaumnitz, 1; Geometry, Taylor Antley, 3.

Morehouse Parish

Bastrop High School (II)  – Biology, Jake Vancoevering, 3; Chemistry, Kevin Yabut, 3; English I, Alexis Paige, 3; English II, Jamila Burnette, 2; English III, Sam Parrino, 3; French II, Pierre Coleman, 2; Journalism I, Courtney New, 2; Physical Science, Skylar Singley, 3; Spanish I, Racheal Lautigar, 3; *Spelling 9, Montana Leonard, 1; U.S. History, Jaylean Edmonds, 2; World History, Julien Parino, 3.

Prairie View Academy (V)  – Agriscience II, Austin Riley Smith, 2; Algebra II, Morgan Ghaedi, 5; Civics, Justin Tyler Netherlan, 3; Financial Mathematics, Ross Blackard, 2; Introduction to Business Computer, Brandon Jacobs, 3; Psychology, Harriet Adams, 3; U.S. History, Clayton Moore, 4.

Natchitoches Parish

La School For Math (III)  – Accounting, Jarret Claire Young, 1; Advanced Mathematics-Pre Calculus, Mirza Azum Beg, 1; Algebra II, Lacey Hines, 3; Biology, Aryiana Moore, 1; Biology II, Bailey Dixon, 1; Calculus, Shiva Velingker, 1; Chemistry, Neel Reddy, 1; Computer Science I, Rhiannan Berry, 1; English III, Jordan Chauncy, 1; English IV, Chloe Letulle, 1; Environmental Science, Allison Boudreaux, 1; Fine Arts Survey, Christine Savoie, 1; French I, Tiffani Smith, 2; French II, Leia Bright, 2; French III, Logan Osborn, 1; Geometry, Katherine Wheeler, 2; Health, Ritcha Roy, 2; Journalism I, Carlie Procell, 1; Physical Science, Aaron Kastner, 2; Physics, Zachary Hall, 2; Principles of Business, Saolam Nguyen, 1; Psychology, William Ganucheau, 1; Spanish I, Joshua Poche, 1; Spanish II, Deborah Adeyemi, 1; Spanish III, Marissa Lausen, 1; *Spelling 10, Mirza Azum Beg, 1; World History, Marika Buchholz, 1.

Orleans Parish

Louisiana Virtual Charter Ac  – Civics, Valon Mull, 2.

Ouachita Parish

Carroll High School (II)  – Business Computer Applications, Jokia Greely, 2; Parenthood Education, Johnshandreana Baker, 1.

Claiborne Christian School (V) Algebra I, Devin Walters, 5; Algebra II, Lilly Weston, 1; Biology, Chynna Chapman, 4; Chemistry, Gracie Gill, 1; English I, Griffith Olinde, 2; English II, Shelby Joyner, 3; English III, Savannah Ogle, 2; Psychology, Nora Gill, 2.

Neville High School (II)  – Advanced Mathematics-Functions & Statistics, Emily Mouk, 1; Advanced Mathematics-Pre Calculus, Truc Pham, 1; Algebra I, Meagan Thomas, 3; Biology II, Folasade Lapite, 3; Calculus, Dalric Fields, 1; Chemistry, Emiley Bryant, 1; English I, Aofie Odonovan, 1; English IV, Tammir Marshall, 1; *English Pronunciation, Alicia Harris, 1; Environmental Science, Sarah Allen, 2; French II, Emily Coenen, 1; Geometry, Katherine Burkett, 1; Journalism I, Chantelle Erickson, 1; Nutrition and Food, Katherine Nickelson, 1; Physical Science, Julianne Campbell, 2; Physics, King-Chun Wong, 1; Sociology, Aaliyah Newell, 2; Spanish II, Parker Reneau, 3; Spanish III, Millicent McFarland, 1; *Spelling 11, Ryder Myers, 2; U.S. History, Henry Coburn, 1; World Geography, Kristin Van, 3; World History, Kemi Lapite, 2.

Ouachita Christian School (III) – Advanced Mathematics-Functions & Statistics, Christopher Cole Nelson, 1; Algebra I, Katherine Hall, 2; Biology II, Anna Mulhern, 2; Calculus, Zachary Palowsky, 2; Civics, Brian Halsell, 1; English I, Grant Fitzhugh, 3; English II, Sydne Messer, 2; English III, Nathan Bromley, 2; *English Literature, William Boles, 1; Fine Arts Survey, Jennifer Warren, 2; French I, Ninche Kaba, 1; French II, Abigail Barker, 1; French III, Mackenzie Treadwell, 2; Geometry, Jackson Green, 1; Physical Science, Foram Patel, 1; Spanish I, Helayna Barber, 2; Spanish II, Allison Newton, 2; Spanish III, Elise Nelson, 2; *Spelling 11, Randall Bentley, 1; U.S. History, Jacob Hall, 1; World History, Randall Bentley, 2.

Ouachita Parish High School (I) – Advanced Mathematics-Pre Calculus, Brady Wilhite, 3; Algebra II, Jason Myles, 3; Chemistry, Ben Freasier, 3; English I, Miranda Campbell, 1; Physical Science, Xin Chen, 2; Physics, Jeremiah Temple, 2.

River Oaks School (V)  – Accounting, Mariah Rogers, 2; Advanced Mathematics-Pre Calculus, Shaji Ul-Islam, 1; Algebra I, Michael Hollman, 2; Calculus, Jennifer Henry, 2; Chemistry, Jake Bryant, 2; English I, Sydney Ball, 3; English III, Cole Dewitt, 4; English IV, Zaib Qayyum, 3; *English Literature, Alyssa Vingiello, 1; *English Pronunciation, Tommy Johnson, 1; Environmental Science, Libby Herman, 2; French I, Lilly Saye, 1; French II, Betsy Trammell, 1; Physical Science, Cole Nimmo, 1; Physics, Ben Zollinger, 1; Spanish II, Thomas Causey, 1; *Spelling 10, Jt Allen, 3; *Spelling 11, Shelby Sheppard, 3; *Spelling 9, Jacqueline Jenson, 1; World Geography, Radha Patel, 2.

St. Frederick High School (IV)  – Advanced Mathematics-Pre Calculus, Lexie Richard, 2; Algebra II, Diana Pham, 2; Biology, Jonara Mercado, 3; Environmental Science, Kristy Pham, 2; Fine Arts Survey, Hein Nguyen, 2; Geometry, John Ellender, 2; Introduction to Business Computer, Jack Weir, 4; Spanish I, Grant Johnson, 3; Spanish II, Austin Clark, 2; World History, Mattie Kincannon, 1.

Sterlington High School (III)  – Advanced Mathematics-Pre Calculus, Bethany Wallis, 3; Algebra II, Luke Vaughn, 2; English I, Selma Sheikh-Khalil, 1; English III, Catherine Darnell, 3; U.S. History, Tatiana Pham, 2; World Geography, Lauren Turner, 1.

West Monroe High School (I)  – Advanced Mathematics-Functions & Statistics, Joshua Osborne, 2; Calculus, Matthew Upshaw, 2; Civics, Scott Dorman, 3; English II, Emily Buttitta, 2; English III, Faith Maxwell, 1; Family and Consumer Science, Gracie Beebe, 2; Financial Mathematics, Tristen Books, 1; French I, Paige Hobson, 1; French II, Hannah Twist, 2; French III, Savana Spears, 1; Geometry, Mallory Loe, 2; Health, Avery Newsom, 2; Physics, Bradley Charlie Thomas, 1; Spanish II, Brittney Davis, 1; *Spelling 10, Samantha Seetharama, 1; *Spelling 11, Jamie Leung, 1; *Spelling 9, Caitlyn Hilliard, 1; World Geography, Tressa Bice, 1; World History, Ethan Towns, 2.

West Ouachita School (I)  – Agriscience I, Corbin Wiley, 2; Agriscience II, Katelyn Coston, 2; Agriscience III, Hunter Carter, 2; English III, Kristen Nugent, 2; English IV, Ethan Sims, 1; *English Literature, Jacob Evans, 2; *English Pronunciation, Brandy Munoz, 2; Environmental Application, Mallory Russell, 1; Fine Arts Survey, Mallory Chapman, 2; French II, Josh Chisholm, 1; Nutrition and Food, Gabby Moore, 1; Parenthood Education, Alysson Thomas, 2; Spanish I, Nick Patton, 2; *Spelling 10, Brindan Eisler, 2; U.S. History, Tyler Peacock, 2; World Geography, Arizona Higuera, 2.

Wossman High School (II)  – Advanced Mathematics-Functions & Statistics, Aja Gatson, 3; Business Computer Applications, Amber Eldridge, 1; Calculus, Tarira Payton, 2; Financial Mathematics, Nicole Rogers, 1; *Spelling 9, Jamecia Horn, 2.

Richland Parish

Delhi Charter School (IV)  – Civics, Alana Sullivan, 1; English I, Rebecca Jones, 4; English IV, Matthew Watson, 4; *English Pronunciation, Matthew Watson, 1; Journalism I, Ashley Harden, 2; Physics, Jared Parks, 1; *Spelling 10, Ithiel Batoon, 2; *Spelling 11, Jordan Christian, 3; World Geography, Lara Wallace, 2; World History, Bethanny Gray, 3.

Delhi High School (IV)  – English IV, Danielle Porter, 3; French I, Talaya Hamilton, 2.

Mangham High School (IV)  – Advanced Mathematics-Functions & Statistics, Haley Graham, 2; Algebra I, Colby Sanders, 3; Chemistry, Justin Biggs, 1; English I, Ashley Grant, 2; Spanish III, Reagan Bennett, 1.

Rayville High School (III)  – Advanced Mathematics-Pre Calculus, Zaire Dill, 2; Agriscience I, Maggie Lee, 1; Agriscience III, Nathan Young, 2; Biology II, Richelle Flowers, 3; Business Computer Applications, Ann Clack, 2; *English Literature, Katie Hamm, 2; Financial Mathematics, Gaylin Banks, 2; Geometry, Diona Sanchez, 3; Health, Caitlyn Corey, 1; U.S. History, Caleb Salsbury, 3.

Riverfield Academy (V)  – Advanced Mathematics-Pre Calculus, Holly Johnson, 3; Biology, Bradford Doughty, 2; Business Computer Applications, Brennan Morris, 1; Computer Science I, Stone Reeves, 2; English III, Elizabeth Durbin, 3; English IV, Emily Dupree, 2; *English Literature, Phillip Smith, 3; *English Pronunciation, Haley Bennett, 3; Environmental Science, Tre Cade, 3; Family and Consumer Science, Madeline Thomas, 2; Fine Arts Survey, Jonah Sharbono, 3; Introduction to Business Computer, Caroline Ragus, 1; Journalism I, Ali Green, 1; Nutrition and Food, Alizabeth Guillot, 2; Physical Science, Kendall Williams, 3; Principles of Business, Avery Crawford, 1; *Spelling 11, Ashley Cooper, 2; World Geography, Marianna Tarver, 3.

Union Parish

Downsville Charter School (V)  – Biology II, Corey Antley, 3; English IV, Hannah Jemerson, 4; Family and Consumer Science, Taylor Antley, 3.

Union Parish High School (II)  – Family and Consumer Science, Emily Rodriguez, 1; Introduction to Business Computer, Nicholas Atkins, 1; Spanish I, Kristen Dean, 1.

Webster Parish

Doyline High School (IV)  – Algebra II, Katelyn Beaird, 4; Biology II, Cassidy Zanca, 2; English II, Abby Smith, 1; World Geography, Jataveon Jackson, 4.

Glenbrook School (V)  – Advanced Mathematics-Functions & Statistics, Sunni Wilson, 2; Agriscience II, Garrett Sanders, 1; Agriscience III, Clay Simonton, 1; Algebra I, Caleb Dossett, 3; Algebra II, Catherine Willis, 3; Biology, Dakota McGarity, 1; Biology II, Morgan Hanson, 4; Business Computer Applications, Dalton Scruggs, 3; Calculus, Austin Snider, 1; Civics, Abigail Gilbert, 2; Computer Science I, Brant Franklin, 1; English II, Kathy Moore, 1; *English Literature, Eleanor Gilbert, 2; Environmental Applications, Macie Branch, 1; Environmental Science, Sam Marvin, 1; Family and Consumer Science, Braden Dickson, 1; Financial Mathematics, Kaleb Adams, 1; Fine Arts Survey, Connor Chase, 2; Geometry, Peyton Page, 1; Journalism I, Heather Stahl, 2; Physics, Cason Featherston, 2; Principles of Business, Graham Lemoine, 2; Spanish III, Connor Copeland, 1; *Spelling 10, Kathy Moore, 1; *Spelling 9, Peyton Page, 3; U.S. History, Bridget Cone, 2; World Geography, Lexie Martin, 1.

Lakeside High School (III)  – Algebra I, Deirdre Johnson, 1; Business Computer Applications, Cassie Monday, 1; Chemistry, Allison Powell, 3; English IV, Caitlin Walker, 3; *English Pronunciation, Emily Maness, 1; Environmental Applications, Ashley Nunn, 1; Financial Mathematics, Blanca Sototorres, 1; Introduction to Business Computer, Tiffany Odom, 1; Spanish I, Tymarius Walton, 3; *Spelling 9, Jalynn Tillman, 1.

Minden High School (II)  – Advanced Mathematics-Functions & Statistics, Rachel Perkins, 2; Biology II, Jacob McCready, 2; Computer Science I, Troy West, 1; English I, Anna Tucker, 2; English III, Kat Murphy, 2; English IV, Sonia Pereira, 3; *English Literature, Phelicia Neal, 1; Environmental Science, Kendal Morgan, 1; Financial Mathematics, Nick Hartwell, 2; Introduction to Business Computer, Christopher Stephens, 2; Nutrition and Food, Keidra Ridley, 2; Parenthood Education, Daelaunna Ford-Dumas, 2; Psychology, Kristen Shaw, 2; Spanish I, Keadria Miller, 2; Spanish II, Zeder Dunihue, 2; *Spelling 10, Zack Brown, 2; *Spelling 11, Nick Joslin, 1; World Geography, Cassidy McKinney, 2.

North Webster High School (II)  – Accounting, Diakeijah Hawthorne, 2; Algebra II, Justin Colley, 1; English III, Cassie Thomas, 1; Fine Arts Survey, Bo Nipper, 3; French I, Jacob Harrison, 2.

West Carroll Parish

Epps High School (V)  – Algebra II, Justin Simms, 2; Parenthood Education, Moesha Smith, 2.

Forest High School (V)  – Advanced Mathematics-Functions & Statistics, Lea Kochendoerfer, 1; Advanced Mathematics-Pre Calculus, Baylen Harris, 2; Agriscience III, Austin Lopez, 2; Biology II, Nikki Crowe, 1; Business Computer Applications, Thomas Begley, 2; Chemistry, Miranda Colman, 3; Civics, Aaron Patrick, 4; English II, Hunter Fowler, 4; Environmental Applications, Allison Irby, 2; Health, Krista Collum, 2; Nutrition and Food, Dakota Helmer, 1; Parenthood Education, Megan Fontenot, 1; U.S. History, Nelissa Prine, 5; World History, Bethany Ratcliff, 3.

Kilbourne High School (V)  – Civics, Shannon Shepherd, 1; English I, Abby Ainsworth, 1; Health, Taylor Hayes, 1; Spanish II, Ross Popejoy, 2.

Oak Grove High School (IV)  – Accounting, Allison Ward, 1; Agriscience I, Derek Sanders, 2; Agriscience II, Justin Lingo, 2; Algebra I, William T Davis, 1; Algebra II, Veronica Leggett, 3; Biology, Alanna Thompson, 2; Business Computer Applications, Bradley Albritton, 2; Chemistry, Christopher Lovell, 2; English I, Baylie Bruce, 1; English III, Michelle Courville, 3; Environmental Science, Madison Overby, 1; Family and Consumer Science, Morgan Dunnahoe, 1; Financial Mathematics, Sydnie Gates, 2; Fine Arts Survey, Makayla Peoples, 1; Introduction to Business Computer, Dann Lat, 3; Parenthood Education, Samantha Shepard, 1; Physical Science, Christopher Anders, 1; Principles of Business, Kaytlin Pardon, 2; Sociology, Destinae Brown, 2; Spanish I, Latecia Hays, 2; Spanish II, Gaea Lat, 1; *Spelling 9, Isabella Harper, 1; U.S. History, Mitchell Broadway, 1.
Written by Reggie Owens –