Tech announces high school rally winners

Apr 15, 2015 | General News

Winners in the 2015 North Louisiana District Rally qualifying for the State Rally in Baton Rouge or who won first through fifth place in a subject for which there is only district testing have been announced following competition at Louisiana Tech University on Saturday, March 21.
Approximately 1,600 students from 18 north Louisiana parishes competed. Schools also compete for the sweepstakes award in each division. Testing in 49 subjects is separated into five divisions based on school size.
“The North Louisiana Rally allows individual students an opportunity to demonstrate their abilities and to test themselves against their peers,” Joan Edinger, director of the North Louisiana High School Rally, said. “Louisiana Tech is honored and delighted to have a part in this program.”
Edinger said area students who qualified for State Rally or who won first through fifth place in a subject that has only district competition (as indicated by an asterisk) are listed below by parish, school division and subject. The State Rally is scheduled for April 25 on the campus of Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge.
“We are also grateful to our dedicated Tech faculty members who give their time and effort to proctor the testing sessions,” she said. “This competition helps the students to develop academically and personally. It gives them and their families something to be proud of.”
Gibsland-Coleman High School (V) – Health, Brysen Waggoner, 1
Airline High School (I) – Algebra II, Erin Bullock, 2; Business Computer Application, Trenton Choate, 1; Fine Arts Survey, Skylar Giddens, 2; Journalism I, Carson Thomassie, 2; Physical Science, Nandini Tivakaran , 1; Physics, Abhishek Shah, 1; Spanish I, Emily Pardue, 3; U.S. History, Michael McConnel, 3; World Geography, Ariana Dalmau, 1
Haughton High School (I) – Business Computer Application, Dillan Mounger, 2; Calculus, Dakota Digilormo, 2; Chemistry, Sierra Matthews, 1; English II, Sarah Beth Sewell, 2; English IV, Lillian Poe, 3; Geometry, J Mason Jinks, 2; Introduction To Business Computer Application, Starra Liebenguth, 2; Nutrition & Food, Emily Lee, 1; Physics, Michael Hardcastle, 2; Spanish I, Everett Miller, 2; Spanish II, Alexis Deleo, 2; Spelling 10, Courtney Jackson, 1*; Spelling 11, Destiny McNair, 2*; World History, W Trey Jolley, 2
La New Tech @ (V) – Chemistry, Daniel Cason, 4; World History, Quamel Webb; 1
Caddo Middle Magnet (V) – Algebra I, Srikhar Chilukuri, 2; French I, Katherine Howell, 1; Spanish I, Cade Crandall, 1
Northwood High School (II) – Advanced Mathematics-Pre Calculus, Haley Peace, 1; Algebra I, Liz Gilland, 2; Algebra II, Michaela Coleman, 2; Biology, Chris Gardner, 1; Calculus, Marty Brock, 2; Chemistry, Nikolus Pickett, 2; Civics, Clayton McGee, 1; English II, Brianna Pierce; Fine Arts Survey, Greg Carper, 2; Introduction To Business Computer Application, Precious Blackshire, 1; Parenthood Education, Taylor Jackson, Physics, Gregory McGee, 1; Sociology, Lea Hall, 2; Spanish II, James Chitman, 1; Spanish III, Aaron Varelas, 2; Spelling 10, Joylin Eppinette, 3*; U.S. History , Sunny Myatt, 2
Southfield School (V) – Geometry, Iza Zabaneh, 2; Spanish I, Mary Beth Muslow, 2
Woodlawn Leadership Academy (II) – French I, Alexis Bolden, 2
Caldwell Parish High School (III) – Advanced Mathematics-Functions & Statistics, Zhane Smith, 1; Biology, Shelby Strange; Business Computer Application, Kaleb Ash, 3; Calculus, Julia Seco Orriols, 2; Chemistry, Savannah Steines, 2; English III, Meagan McCaa, 1; English IV, Tyler Duchesne, 1; Family & Consumer Science, Erin Finley, 1, Introduction To Business Computer Application, Jordan Cagle, 2; Nutrition & Food, Brooklyn Keen, 1; Parenthood Education, Makala Willis, 1; Physical Science, Zachary Brinson, 2; Physics, Bryan Lamb; Spanish I, Ian Lee, 3
Old Bethel Christian Academy (V) – Biology, Tyler Andrew Roberts, 3; Spelling 11, Alexis Brook Smith, 3*; U.S. History, Jacob Spencer Thompson, 5
Claiborne Academy (V) – Advanced Mathematics-Pre Calculus, Taylor Jones, 4; Algebra II, Dawson Markham, 1; Biology, Tyler Taunton, 1; Spanish II, Ceven Norton, 1; Spelling 10, Ansley Heard, 1*; Spelling 11, Abigail Jones, 1*; Spelling 9, Aidan Roberts, 3*
Haynesville High School (IV) – Civics, Talibah Cornelious, 2; English II, Whitney Evans, 4; English IV, Franeka Taylor, 4 ; English Pronunciation, Ethan Coker, 2*, Environmental Science, Anfernee Waller, 1; Fench II, Jacoriea Hunter, 2; U.S. History, Donovan Turner, 3
Homer High School (IV) –Agriscience II, Randy Stewart, 2; Chemistry, Jonathan Ceccarelli, 4; English III, Uniqua Stevenson, 1; Introduction To Business Computer Application, Tanishea Lynn, 2; Journalism I, Chelsea Bassett, 2
Summerfield High School (V) – Civics, Cody Andrews, 3; English IV, Chet Andrews, 3; Financial Mathematics, Kerra Howard, 1; Spanish II, Kailee Harkins, 3; World Geography, Zach Biggs, 4; World History, Caylen Frick, 3
De Soto
Logansport High School (IV) – Advanced Mathematics-Functions & Statistics, Jasmine White, 2; English III, Jessica Thompson, 3; Financial Mathematics, Crystal Hart
Mansfield High School (III) – Accounting, Brisa Bradley, 1; Algebra I, Collin Procell; English Pronunciation, Lashaimirya Partner, 2*; Environmental Science, Dominique Flowers, 2; Family & Consumer Science, Ashley Jones, 2; Principles Of Business, Dequisha Hill, 1; World Geography, Ladaijah Bledsoe, 2
Stanley High School (V) – Accounting, Peighton Fisher, 2; Agriscience I, Kayara Emerson, 3; Physical Science, Matthew Raybon, 2; World History, Zachary Temple, 4
East Carroll
Briarfield Academy (V) – Advanced Mathematics-Pre Calculus, John Henry Tanksley, 2; English I, Mary Edna Tanksley, 3; English III, Megan Fortenberry, 2; English IV, Street Buntyn, 5; Geometry, Sarah Frith, 5
Franklin Parish High School (II) –Agriscience I, Jacob Cordill, 1; Agriscience II, Colter Rushing, 1; Algebra I, Olen Gottwald, 3; Biology, Tori Brulte, 2; Business Computer Application, Courtney Boone, 3; Environmental Science, Joshua Arnold, 2; Physical Science, Marvin Scott, 3; Spelling 11, Katie Harrell, 2*
Jonesboro-Hodge High School (IV) – Agriscience II, Legenald Williams; English Literature, Jordan Boston, 3*, Financial Mathematics, Elizabeth Bolds, 2; Physical Science, Alayna Wyatt; Spelling 10, Mackenzie Houston, 3*; World Geography, David Odenbaugh
Quitman High School (IV) – Agriscience I, Makayla Cheatwood , 1; Agriscience II, Scotty Inman, 3; Algebra I, Dawson Miller, 4; Algebra II, Briana Spears
Chemistry, Seth Futrell, 3; English I, Hailey Smith, 3; English II, Daultin Burkett, 2; English IV, Morgan Hightower, 3; Geometry, Mallory Ginn, 3; Physical Science, Ruben Hatfield, 3; Spelling 9, Cassie Tucker, 1*
Weston High School (IV) – Algebra II, James Chatham, 2; Business Computer Application, Kelly Robison, 2; Family & Consumer Science, Avery Welch, 2; Health, Alexis Durkee, 3; World Geography, Alexa Garlington, 2
La Salle
Jena High School (II) – Advanced Mathematics-Functions & Statistics, Madison Walker, 1; Chemistry, Karli Fowler, 3; English I, Kylei Cornelison, 3; English II, Sarah Guinn, 1; Environmental Application, Victoria Morace, 1; Family & Consumer Science, Kalee McGuffee, 2; Geometry, Bailey Turnage, 1; Journalism I, Jessey Mason, 1; Nutrition & Food, Makayla King; Parenthood Education, Johnna Anderson, 1; Spanish II, Kara Carpenter; U.S. History, Lauren Gregory
Lasalle High School (IV) – Agriscience I, Jacob Smith, 3; Agriscience III, Cassidy Sandidge, 1; Financial Mathematics, Steven Delaney, 1; Parenthood Education, Taylor Frizzell, 2; Spanish I, Lucie Posadova , 1; U.S. History, Brandon Fryar, 1; World History, Tyler Beck, 2
Cedar Creek School (IV) – Advanced Mathematics-Functions & Statistics, Brandon Carroll, 1; Advanced Mathematics -Pre Calculus, Joshua Terral, 1; Algebra I, Mary Kathryn Maxwell, 2; Algebra II, Sarfraz Ahmed, 1; Biology II, Nikita Nikki Mallepall, 1; Calculus, Samuel Rudnicki, 1; Chemistry, Logan Kent, 2; Civics, Benjamin Everett, 1; Computer Science I, Adam Crawford, 1; English I, Carlie Ann Toliver, 1; English II, Ethan Hunt, 1; English IV, Taylor Witten, 1; English Literature, Henry Hank Craighead, 1*; English Pronunciation, Aaron Hunt, 1*; Environmental Science, Samuel Weeks, 2; Fine Arts Survey, Carley Bowman, 2; French I, Chesney Nguyen, 1; French II, Cameron Barron, 1; French III, Mary Tyler Storms, 1; Geometry, Landon Millsap, 1; Health, Caroline Hill, 1; Parenthood Education, Kay-Lynn Klug, 1; Physical Science, Jed Mariano, 1; Physics, Brock Blackwell, 1; Principles Of Business, Nicholas Slusher, 1; Psychology, Charles Micheal Gallag, 1; Sociology, Zachary Barron, 1; Spanish I, Mary Wynne, 2; Spanish II, Rebekah Smith, 1; Spanish III, Madison Hoffman, 1; Spelling 10, Mackenzie Harris, 2*; Spelling 11, Gracie Maxwell, 2*; Spelling 9, Carson Branton, 2*; World Geography, Collin Moak, 1
Choudrant High School (IV) – Advanced Mathematics-Pre Calculus, Arod Sexton-Davis, 3; Algebra I, Benjamin Upshaw, 3; Biology, Hannah Ates, 3; Biology II, Courtney Hammons, 3; Civics, James Taylor, 3; English IV, Mallory Austin, 2; Geometry, Riley Hartis, 2; Introduction To Business Computer, Grace Underwood, 3; World History, Wesley Sproule, 1
Grambling University Lab School (V) – Biology II, Johnathan Antee, 3; Spelling 9, Serena Ford, 1*
Ruston High School (I) – Accounting, Aubrey Dunn, 1; Advanced Mathematics-Functions & Statistics, Austin Meng, 2; Agriscience I, McKinnley Moore, 2; Agriscience II, Jack Walters, 1; Agriscience III, Luke Mathis, 1; Algebra I, Peter Ford, 1; Biology, Abby Pace, 1; Biology II, Benjamin Sawyer, 2; Civics, Thomas Strebeck, 3; English I, Noah Ruff, 2; English III, Robert Kyte, 1; English IV, Rachel Hegab, 2; English Literature, Vincent Grigsby, 1*; Environmental Application, Mia Smith, 2; Family & Consumer Science, Carley Strickland, 1; French I, Aaron Freeman, 1; Nutrition & Food, Brittany Brown, 2; Physical Science, David Ramachandran, 2; Principles Of Business, Brandy Boyd, 1; Spelling 10, Daniel Cheng, 2*; Spelling 9, Bailey Montgomery, 2*; World Geography; Hannah Scheaffer, 2; World History, Nick Ruff, 1
Simsboro High School (IV) – Biology, Allyson Cole, 2; English III, Joshua Alton, 4; Fine Arts Survey, Raigan Talbert, 1; French I, Brenda Olguin, 2
Tallulah Academy (V) – Agriscience I, Candis Brewer, 2; Chemistry, Roland Nguyen; 2; English III, Heather Isaac, 4; Fine Arts Survey, Eric Nguyen, 1
Bastrop High School (II) – Advanced Mathematics-Pre Calculus, Kevin Yabut, 2; Algebra I, Gene Strickland, 1; Biology II, Jacob Vancoevering, 2; Physics, Savannah Boyte, 2
Prairie View Academy (V) – Agriscience I, Kerigan Swain, 1; Agriscience III, Clay Moore, 2; Family & Consumer Science, Taylor Book, 1; Health, Julie Claire Patrick, 2; Nutrition & Food, Ty Barnhill, 2; Sociology, Madison Fisher, 2; U.S. History, Tyler Netherland, 3
La School For Math (III) – Advanced Mathematics-Pre Calculus, Isabela Walkin, 3; Algebra II, Katie Gonsoulin, 1; Biology, Allison Walters; Biology II, Michael Becker, 1; Calculus, Raul Falcon, 1; Chemistry, Mirza Beg, 1; Civics, Timothy Shertzer, 2; Computer Science I, Leopold Marx, 1; English II, Victoria Dowden, 1; English IV, Hali Ledet, 2; Environmental Science, Tori Hebert, 1; Fine Arts Survey, Waania Beg, 2; French I, Brianna Hodgkiss, 1; French II, Kyle Frederick, 1; French III, Lauren Sakryd, 1; Geometry, Aliyah Newell; Health, Lauren Nortie, 1; Journalism I, Johnnette Johnson, 1; Physics, Jack Dalton, 1; Spanish I, Seth Martin, 2; Spanish II, Joseph Munar, 1; Spanish III, Vy Mai, 1; Spelling 10 , Emma Jochim, 2*; Spelling 11, Hali Ledet, 1*; Spelling 9, Victoria Dowden, 1*; World History, Grant Libby, 1
Carroll High School (III) – Business Computer Application, Breonna Freeman, 2
Claiborne Christian School (V) – Advanced Mathematics-Functions & Statistics, Lilly Weston, 1; Advanced Mathematics-Pre Calculus, Jordan Bordelon, 3; Algebra I, Josiah Weber, 1; Biology II, Gracie Gill, 2; English I, Katheryn Steffins, 4; English II, Griffith Olinde, 1; Geometry, Shelby Joyner, 1; Psychology, Victoria Steffins, 1; Spanish II, Kaylea Jones, 2
Neville High School (II) – Advanced Mathematics-Functions & Statistics, Emma West; Advanced Mathematics-Pre Calculus, Kayleigh Keyes, 3; Algebra II, Annabelle Yates, 3; Biology II, Mary Snellings Inabnet, 1; Business Computer Application, Joctavis Phillips, 1; Calculus, King Chun Wong, 1; Chemistry, Kristin Van, 1; English IV, Emerson Heflin, 3; English Literature, Elliott Gonzales, 1*; English Pronunciation, Emiley Bryant, 1*; Family & Consumer Science, Destiny Gilmore, 1; Fine Arts Survey, Evan Hebert, 1; French I, Parker Reneau, 1; French II, Mary G Holloway, 1; French III, Emily Coenen, 1; Geometry, Marla Anderson, 2; Journalism I, Katie Lucas, 2; Nutrition & Food, Zekiah Whatley, 2; Psychology, Daniel Verlander, 1; Sociology, Henry Coburn, 1; Spanish I, Mallory Collins, 1; Spanish II, Jamier Singleton, 2; Spanish III, Michael Marchman, 1; Spelling 10, Jaqueline Jenson, 1*; Spelling 11, Sean Hollis, 1*; Spelling 9, Amanda Arcilla, 2*; U.S. History, Thomas Hopkins, 1; World Geography, Darius Washington, 2; World History, Millicent McFarland, 3
Ouachita Christian School (III) – Advanced Mathematica-Pre Calculus, Megan McCoy; Algebra I, Lauren Creel, 2; Algebra II, Jack Green, 2; Biology II, William Boles, 2; Civics, Jacob Hall, 1; English I, Madeline Enlow, 3; English III, James Anderson, 2; English IV, Abby Barker; English Literature, Shelby Young, 1*; Fine Arts Survey, William Boles, 1; French I, Kaitlin Phillips, 2; French II, Millie Patel, 2; French III, Mackenzie Treadwell, 2; Geometry, Katie Hall, 2; Spanish I, Matthew White; Spanish II, Helayna Barber, 3; U.S. History, Allison Newton, 1
Ouachita Parish High School (I) – Advanced Mathematics-Pre Calculus, Paige Price, 2; Algebra II, Jonah Pevehouse, 1; Civics, Miranda Campbell, 2; English I, Alaysha Wilson, 3; English III, Brian Coleman, 2; Family & Consumer Science, Chiemeka Onyemechara , 2; Geometry, Scott Young, 3; Introduction To Business Computer, Minnisa Garrison, 1
River Oaks School (V) – Accounting, Grace Anne Moore, 1; Algebra I, Olivia Armand, 5; Algebra II, Michael Hollman, 3; Biology, Misha Ul-Islam, 2; Calculus, Shaji Ul-Islam, 1; English I, Ashley Nugent, 1; English II, Sydney Ball, 3; English IV, Cole Dewitt, 2; English Literature, Jacob Armand, 3*; English Pronunciation, Alyssa Vingiello, 1*;
Physics, Ben Hunsucker, 2; Spelling 10, Becca Roy, 3*; U.S. History, Thomas Causey, 1; World Geography, Ben Zollinger, 1
St. Frederick High School (III) – Advanced Mathematics-Pre Calculus, Diana M Pham, 1; Biology, Jonathan Connor Roy, 2; Biology II, Jonara Marie Mercado; Fine Arts Survey; Rachel Augurson; Geometry, Jaylen Clark Giesbrech, 1; Physical Science, Randolph S Brockman, 1; Physics, Robert Austin Clark, 2; Spanish II, Grant Bishop Johnson, 2; World Geography, Grayson P Gilbert, 3
Sterlington High School (III) – Civics, Will Wohlers, 3; English I, Noor Sheikh-Khalil, 1; English II, Selma Sheikh-Khalil, 2; English III, Taylor Krohn, 3; Financial Mathematics, Stephen Colvin, 1; Psychology, Chloe Wallace, 2; Sociology, Katelyn Keller, 1; U.S. History, Lauren Cramer, 3; World Geography, Christopher Williams, 1; World History, Sydney Deville, 2
West Monroe High School (I) – Advanced Mathematics-Functions & Statistics, Iriel Edwards, 1; Advanced Mathematics-Pre Calculus, Mallory Loe, 1; Algebra I, Haleigh Vollmar, 2; Biology, Reagan Soignier, 2; Biology II, Samantha Seetharama, 1; Calculus, Reagan McGuffee, 1; Chemistry, Samantha Beekman, 2; Civics, Crystal Sykes, 1; English I, Emily Overton, 1; English II, Reagan McCrary, 3; English IV, Faith Maxwell, 1; English Pronunciation, Lauren Duncan, 2*; Financial Mathematics, Zachary Hodge, 1; Fine Arts Survey, Hannah Cottrell, 1; French I, Lexi Epling, 2; French II, Victoria Fussell, 1; French III, Chris Winn, 1; Geometry, Kathryn Diel, 1; Journalism I, Bridget Garner, 1; Parenthood Education, Deanna Moore, 2; Spelling 11, Katie Jones, 1*; Spelling 9, Chloe Lafleur, 1*; U.S. History, Wyatt Floyd, 2
West Ouachita School (I) – Agriscience I, Kaleb Nolan, 1; Agriscience II, Ashlee Sebren, 2; Agriscience III, Tristan Bratton, 2; English II, Joni Munholland, 1; English Literature, Kristen Nugent, 2*; English Pronunciation, Hope Johnston, 1*; Environmental Application, Tiffany St John, 1; Financial Mathematics, Mason McMillan, 2; Parenthood Education, Paige Smith, 1; Spanish I, Josh Chisholm, 1; Spanish II, Ashlee Edwards, 1; U.S. History, Andrew Brown, 1
Wossman High School (II) – Accounting, Guadalupe DeLaOContreras, 1; English I, Indya Lusk; English II, Horatio Traylor, 2; English III, Tiffani Gaines, 1; Environmental Science, Tyla Sherman, 1; Family & Consumer Science, Taylor Patrick; Geometry, Larry Wright, 3; Health, Jazlin Williams, 1; Introduction To Business Computer, Keira Johnson, 2; Nutrition & Food, Kiante Carter, 1; Spelling 10, Makell Sumler, 2*; Spelling 9, Maxwell James, 1*
Delhi Charter School (IV) – Advanced Mathematics-Pre Calculus, Tristan Bruce, 2; Biology II, Thomas Hale, 2; English I, Nicole New, 2; Environmental Science, Caitlyn Wallace, 3; Journalism I, Madison McPherson, 1; Physical Science, Caleb Holloway, 2; Spanish I, Lara Wallace, 3; U.S. History, Alana Sullivan, 2; World Geography, Jason Fisher, 3; World History, James Bowlin, 3
Mangham High School (III) – Algebra I, Sydney Mashaw, 3; Biology, Jesse Carroll, 1; Biology II, Cedric Straughter, 3, Business Computer Application, Jeremy Biggs, 1; Chemistry, Daniel Talbert; Civics, Jaren Parks; English II, Ashley Grant, 3; English IV, Justin Biggs, 3; Geometry, Ethan Strahan, 3; Spanish I, Elizabeth Berry, 1
Rayville High School (III) – Advanced Mathematics-Pre Calculus, Alexis Biddy, 2; Agriscience I, Elizabeth Antley, 1; Agriscience II, Maggie Lee, 1; Algebra I, Haleigh Pittman, 1; Algebra II, Diona Sanchez, 3; Chemistry, Adrien Lawson, 3; English Literature, Emily Blake Gwin, 2*; Introduction To Business Computer, Larintina Bennett, 1; Psychology, Cody Skains, 1; World History, Caleb Salsbury
Riverfield Academy (V) – Advanced Mathematics-Pre Calculus, Kendall Williams, 1; Algebra I, Keisha Patel, 3; Business Computer Application, Lacy McManus, 2; Calculus, Holly Johnson, 2; Chemistry, Bradford Doughty, 3; Civics, Jon Bailey Wright, 4; Computer Science I, Hannah Goodman, 1; English III, Mariana Tarver, 3; English IV, Elizabeth Durbin, 4; English Literature, Caroline Ragus, 2*; Environmental Science, Joseph Morris, 1; Geometry, Matthew Weems, 4; Introduction To Business Computer, Avery Crawford, 1; Physical Science, Harrison Cooper, 4; Spanish I, Morgan Anderson, 3; U.S. History, Brennan Shelton, 4; World Geography, Kylie Mills, 2; World History, Cole Ragus, 2
Union Parish High School (II) – Advanced Mathematics-Functions & Statistics, Desmond Turner, 2; Physical Science, Christopher Eric Jones, 2; Psychology, Haidyn Long, 2; U.S. History, Zachary Ramsey, 3
Doyline High School (V) – Civics, Jatavion Jackson, 2; English III, Abigail Smith, 1; English IV, Faith Noe, 1; Environmental Science, Bryce Taylor, 2; Financial Mathematics, Justin Darbonne, 2; World Geography, Joshua Jordan, 3
Glenbrook School (V) – Advanced Mathematics-Functions & Statistics, Justin Le, 2; Agriscience II, Thomas Sanders, 2; Algebra I, Jemma Killingworth, 4; Algebra II, Peyton Page, 2; Biology, Caleb Dossett, 4; Biology II, Bridget Cone, 1; Civics, Amelia Christy, 1; English I, Cody Chase, 5; English II, Abigail Gilbert, 2; English III, Kathy Moore, 5; English Literature, Amanda McLemore, 1*; English Pronunciation, Bridget Cone, 2*; Environmental Application, Jennifer Nguyen, 1; Fine Arts Survey, Graham Lemoine, 2; Introduction To Business Computer, Anne Durr, 2; Journalism I, Laurin Clemons, 2; Nutrition & Food, Olivia Dalton, 3; Parenthood Education, Lauren Windham, 1; Physical Science, Dakota McGarity, 1; Physics, Marcus Sobol, 1; Principles Of Business, Sam Marvin, 1; Psychology, Gracyn Gorman, 2; Sociology, Clay Simonton, 1; Spelling 10, Peyton Page, 2*; Spelling 11, Kathy Moore, 2*; Spelling 9, Amelia Christy, 2*
Lakeside High School (III) – Biology, Chandler Perry, 3; Business Computer Application, Megan Osborne; English I, Michaela Gusman, 2; English Pronunciation, Austin Underwood, 1*; Health, Jesse Ward, 2; Physical Science, Jaidan Turner, 3; Spelling 10, Anna Lopez, 1*; Spelling 11, Katelyn Bowers, 2*; Spelling 9, Justin Barnes, 2*
Minden High School (II) – Algebra II, Emme Mayfield, 1; Biology; Cassidy McKinney, 3; Business Computer Application, Cassie Balsamo, 2; Civics, Kirsten Parker, 3; Computer Science I, Troy West, 1; English I, Kirsten Sibley, 2; English II, Anna Tucker, 3; English III, Zack Brown, 3; English IV, Katherine Murphey, 2; English Literature, Nick Joslin, 2*; Health, Brawley Andrews, 2; Parenthood Education, Cassie Langley, 2; Physical Science, Christopher Stephens, 1; Spanish I, Tatum Terral, 2; Spelling 9, Adaja Harris, 3*; World Geography, Mary Clair Booth, 3; World History, Dillon Harrington, 2
North Webster High School (II) – Accounting, Eboni Hawkins, 2; Civics, Brittany Harper, 2; English I, Jessie Thomas, 1; English III, Allison Treece, 2; English IV, Cassie Thomas, 1; Introduction To Business Computer, Jake Scarberry, 3; Principles Of Business, John Jacobs, 1; Spanish II, Abi Shirley, 3; World Geography, Keaton Berry, 1; World History, Jordan Slack, 1
West Carroll
Epps High School (V) – Agriscience II, Deantonio Gains, 1; Parenthood Education, Kennedy Green, 2; World History, Suezanna Albritton, 5
Forest High School (V) – Agriscience III, Allen Prine, 1; Algebra II, Ethan Philley, 4; Business Computer Application, Austin Dunn, 1; Computer Science I, Chase Waters, 2; Environmental Application, Jacob Downing, 2; Family & Consumer Science, Megan Fontenot, 2; Geometry, Wallace Mills, 3; Journalism I, Logan Duos, 1; Nutrition & Food, Emily Sharplin, 1; Physical Science, Landen Ragus, 3; Physics, Justin Fontenot, 3; Principles Of Business, Shawn Collum, 2; Spanish III, Cole McCurdy, 1; U.S. History, Aaron Patrick, 2
Kilbourne High School (V) – Chemistry, Ross Popejoy, 1; English I, Remi Davis, 2; English II, Abby Ainsworth, 4; Fine Arts Survey, Morgan Green, 3
Oak Grove High School (IV) – Accounting, Kayse Glass, 1; Agriscience I, John Bolding, 2; Agriscience II, Derek Sanders, 1; Agriscience III, Colby Lingo, 2; Algebra I, Summer Holloway, 1; Algebra II, Carlo Sciara, 3; Biology, William Terral Davis, 1; Business Computer Application, Lateacia Hayes, 1; Chemistry, Seth Anders, 1; English II, Baylie Bruce, 3; English III, Alanna Thompson, 2; English Literature, Michelle Courville, 2*; Environmental Application, Carrie Ikerd, 1; Family & Consumer Science, Geneall Kennedy, 1; Fine Arts Survey, Tressie Webb, 3; Geometry, Dann Lat, 4; Health, Faith Jennings, 2; Introduction To Business Computer, Makayla Paul, 1; Physics, Christopher Lovell, 2; Principles Of Business, Bailey Wheelington, 2; Psychology, Cyrus Hinkle, 2; Sociology, Ashlyn Morris, 2; Spanish II, Bradley Albritton, 3; Spelling 10, Isabella Harper, 1*; Spelling 11, Madison Dunn, 1*; U.S. History, John Michael Stalling, 4.
Written by Reggie Owens –