Louisiana Tech inducts new members into the Order of the Engineer

May 13, 2015 | Engineering and Science

Louisiana Tech University has inducted 59 new members into its “Order of the Engineer,” a national organization established and dedicated to upholding devotion to the standards and dignity of the engineering profession.
Louisiana Tech Order of the Engineer

Louisiana Tech Order of the Engineer

During the ceremony, initiates received a stainless steel ring to wear on the fifth finger of the working hand and accepted the Obligation of the Engineer, a code of ethics in which they pledge to uphold the standards and dignity of the engineering profession and to use the principles of science and technology to serve humanity.
“We are pleased to see so many of our graduating seniors take this pledge,” Dr. Jenna Carpenter, associate dean of undergraduate studies in the College of Engineering and Science said. “While this is an optional activity, it underscores the importance of upholding the highest ethical standards in the practice of engineering and reflects the high standards we set for our students in engineering ethics.”
New members are as follows:
Daniel Adams
Nwadiuto Nkenyika Chimdiya Adebamiji
Agustine Aelavanthara
Christy Aelavanthar
Justin James Agar
Courtney Allbritton
Richard Ellis Bennett
Anuj Bhandari
Vaughan Raymond Bogran
Nicole Boothe
Layton Crawford
Bigyan Dahal
Nimesh Dahal
Mallory Dupont
Kailey Dupre
Forest Scott Engel
Ryan Gilbert
Justin Caleb Burt Heard
Jacques Honore, Jr.
Justin Taylor Huckaby
Zachary Stephen Hudak
Lasan T. K. Ihalekkankanamalage
Marley Jackson
Ashley Lauren Kennedy
MD Ehsan Khan
Kyle Kight
Dinesha Malky Kuruppuarachchi
Caleb M. Lofton
Anthony Frank Lombard III
Sudip Manandhar
Sean Manteris
Tanner Ray Martin
Thomas Allen Martin III
Avinash Maskey
Josiah David McCloud
Logan Paul Michel
Daniel William Moller, Ph.D.
Jonathan Adam Niemirowski
Nicole Oertel
Wallace Joseph Olinde III
Sarah M. Ray
Camri Aniece Robinson
Parker Allen Rogers
Ryan John Blas Salas
Darpan Shrestha
Caitlin Smith
Jacob Paul Smith
Suganeya Soundararajan
Christa Anne Swafford
Eleanor Dare Lott Swafford
Morgan Brittany Tanner
Mark Wade Taylor, Jr.
Jacob Anthony Tejada
Jeanne Thibodeaux
Samuel Paul Thurkill
Johanna Lieselotte Vrabel
Jonathan S. Weerakkody
Logan James Wells
Casey Wood
“We are proud that so many of the our graduating students recognize the impact their decisions as engineers will have on society and are making this pledge to show their dedication to the profession and for service to others,” said Dr. Hisham Hegab, dean of Louisiana Tech’s College of Engineering and Science.
In addition to the induction of the new graduates, Dr. Daniel Moller, a lecturer of mechanical engineering for the College of Engineering and Science, and Eleanor Swafford, who received her degree in electrical engineering from Louisiana Tech in 1988, were also inducted in the Order of the Engineer.
The Order of the Engineer was initiated in the United States to foster a spirit of pride and responsibility in the engineering profession, to bridge the gap between training and experience, and to present to the public a visible symbol identifying the engineer. The first ceremony was held on June 4, 1970 at Cleveland State University. Since then, similar ceremonies have been held across the United States with ceremonies conducted by Links (local sections) of the Order.
The Louisiana Tech inductees join a dedicated and prestigious group of engineers from across the nation, which includes a number of Louisiana Tech graduates. Louisiana Tech has been a member in the organization since 2005.
Written by Brandy McKnight –