ANS professor publishes book on life, experiences as a rural veterinarian

Mar 22, 2016 | Applied and Natural Sciences

Dr. William Green, professor of agricultural sciences and interim director of the School of Agricultural Sciences and Forestry at Louisiana Tech University, has published a book based on his experiences as a rural veterinarian titled, “Doc, Did I Wake You Up?”
The book, published by Tate Publishing and Enterprises, is a collection of unique and entertaining stories taken from Green’s 27 years as the owner and operator of a rural veterinary hospital in the south.  Green shares his memories about the animals, their owners and other colorful characters that he encountered during his veterinary practice.  He talks about his recollections of treating cats, dogs and cows during the daytime and skunks, horses or elephants at night.
Dr. William Green

Dr. William Green

“I had accumulated the stories in this book over several years and decided a couple of years ago to compile them so that my grandchildren could enjoy some of my life stories and experiences that happened during my years of veterinary practice,” said Green.  “I hope that people who read this book will come away with a greater appreciation of the veterinary profession in general and be able to realize the challenges and rewards of a rural veterinarian as he deals with so many different and unique people and animals.”
Dr. Gary Kennedy, dean of Louisiana Tech’s College of Applied and Natural Sciences, wrote the foreword for “Doc, Did I Wake You Up?” and talks about the special meaning in Green’s stories, especially for those from rural communities in the south.  Kennedy challenges the reader to image that they are a student in one of Green’s animal sciences classes at Louisiana Tech and they will quickly see why he is one of the most popular and beloved professors at the university.
“Dr. Green shows that working with animals is rewarding and interesting,” says Kennedy in the book’s foreword.  “But working with animals, people and the situations that they create takes it to a completely different level.  I hope [the reader] enjoys these stories as much as I do.”
Green has served on the Board of Veterinary Medicine and is a lifetime member of the national, state, and local veterinary associations.  He has been honored with numerous teaching, advising and service awards at Louisiana Tech as well as the Distinguished Service to Agriculture Award for North Louisiana.  Green holds a bachelor’s degree from Louisiana Tech, his master’s degree from LSU and a doctorate of veterinary medicine from Auburn University.
Serving as one of the advisers for pre-veterinary medicine students at Louisiana Tech and a teacher of six different classes related to animal science and veterinary medicine, Green has played a major role in Louisiana Tech’s agricultural sciences department.
“The most important thing I want Louisiana Tech pre-vet students to gain from this book is that becoming a veterinarian is difficult but not impossible,” Green said.  “Above all else, they should diligently focus on their studies, choose knowledgeable and caring mentors, and keep the Faith.”
“Doc, Did I Wake You Up?” is available from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other local and online bookstores.  Green will be signing copies of his book from 2-5 p.m. on April 2 at the Lincoln Parish Public Library in Ruston.