Louisiana Tech announces north Louisiana high school rally winners

Apr 4, 2016 | General News

Winners in the 2016 North Louisiana District Rally qualifying for the State Rally in Baton Rouge or who won first through fifth place in a subject for which there is only district testing have been announced following competition at Louisiana Tech University on Saturday, March 19.
_DJC1005Approximately 1,200 students from 18 North Louisiana parishes competed. Schools also compete for the sweepstakes award in each division. Testing in 49 subjects is separated into five divisions based on school size.
“The North Louisiana Rally allows individual students an opportunity to demonstrate their abilities and to test themselves against their peers,” said Joan Edinger, director of admissions at Tech and district rally director for the North Louisiana High School Rally Association. “Louisiana Tech is honored and delighted to have a part in this program.”
Edinger said area students who qualified for State Rally or won first through fifth place in a subject that has only district competition (as indicated by an asterisk) are listed below by parish, school division and subject. The State Rally is scheduled for April 16 on the campus of Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge.
“We are also grateful to our dedicated Tech faculty members who give their time and effort to proctor the testing sessions,” she said. “This competition helps the students to develop academically and personally. It gives them and their families something to be proud of.”
Bienville Parish:
Gibsland-Coleman High School (V)  –English II, Raul Moreno, 4.
Bossier Parish:
Airline High School (I) –Algebra I, Rodrigo Villarreal, 2; Algebra II, Eunchae Seo, 1; Calculus, Samantha Villarreal, 2; Civics, Nandini Tivakaran, 1; Environmental Science, Nathan Coker, 1; Health, Caroline Colvin, 2; Journalism I, Sherlyn Villarreal, 2; Physics, Gabby Wright, 2; Cole Edwards, 2; Psychology, Jerry Washburn, 2; Spanish I, Trevor Henry, 2; Spanish III, Hannah Roundtree, 1; World Geography, Janette Gary, 2.
Haughton High School (I) – Biology, Mackenzie Mason, 2; English III, Cheyenne Norman, 2; Health, Gavin Roe, 1; Parenthood Education, Daffney Dawson-Hampton, 2; Spanish I, Shelby Willis, 1; Spanish II, Robert Anweiler, 1; *Spelling 11, Stefani Wheeler, 1.
Plain Dealing High School (V) – Chemistry, Dawson Belk, 4; English IV, Amanda Langston, 4; French I, Keyshawn Johnson, 1; World History, Jacob Day, 4.
Providence Classical Academy (V) – Algebra I, Walker Wise, 3; Algebra II, Anna Pitney, 4; Chemistry, Connor Thornton, 2; English I, Hannah Johnson, 2; Fine Arts Survey, Zoe Palmer, 2; Geometry, Will Lazenby, 4; Health, Dayton Hintz, 1; Journalism I, Carlota Dencker Castro-Rial, 2; Physical Science, Sage Beleau, 4; World History, Collin Hall, 2.
Caddo Parish:
Caddo Middle Magnet (II) – Algebra I, Sumin Kwak, 1; French I, James Rushing, 1; Geometry, Grace Sun, 1; Spanish I, Ceara Johnson, 1.
Northwood High School (II) – Algebra I, Alores Combs, 3; Biology II, Devyn Robinson, 2; Civics, McKenzie Mitchell, 3; English I, Reggi M. Wright, 3; English III, Brittaney Slater, 2; *English Pronunciation, Elizabeth Gilland, 2; Environmental Science, Caitlin Hanning, 2; Financial Mathematics, Darrion Gilmer, 1; Geometry, Dylan Trueblood, 2; Nutrition and Food, Heather Robertson, 1; Parenthood Education, Alyssia Mobley, 2; Physical Science, Michaela Coleman, 1; Physics, Emily Mayfield, 2; Spanish II, Clayton McGee, 1; Spanish III, James Chitman, 1; *Spelling 11, Bernicia Hill, 1; U.S. History, Abigail Wolfe, 2.
Caldwell Parish:
Caldwell Parish High School (III) – Algebra II, Cameron Rabalais, 3; Biology, Zachary Brinson, 1; Calculus, Savannah Steines, 2; Chemistry, Hunter Strickland, 1; English IV, Madeline Guerrerro, 3; Nutrition and Food, Kerstin Mims, 2; Parenthood Education, Jennifer Mata, 1; Physics, Ian Lee, 1; Spanish I, Sierra Dennett, 3; Old Bethel Christian Academy (V) Civics, Jacob Spencer Thompson, 2.
Claiborne Parish:
Claiborne Academy (V) – Advanced Mathematics-Pre Calculus, Dawson Markham, 1; Algebra I, Kenneth Reed Brantly, 2; Biology, William Haynes, 1; Biology II, Madelyn Haynes, 1; Civics, Madelyn Williams, 3; Computer Science I, Virginia Reid Goodwin, 2; English I, Dylann Sharpe, 3; Physics, Aaron Hampton, 2; Spanish II, Ansley Heard, 2; *Spelling 11, Lauryn Cain, 2; World History, Jacob Peaden, 3.
Haynesville High School (IV) – Advanced Mathematics-Functions and Statistics, Giselle Martinez, 2; Advanced Mathematics-Pre Calculus, Josh Evans, 3; *English Literature, Alexandra Martinez, 2; Environmental Science, Ethan Coker, 1; *Spelling 10, Lorin Taylor, 3; U.S. History, Tania Deleon, 1.
Homer High School (IV) – Agriscience III, Jonia Como, 2; Biology II, Jonathan Ceccarelli, 3; Computer Science I, Caleb Bailey, 2; English III, Brittney Sandifer, 2.
Summerfield High School (V) – Spanish I, Maria Ojedo Cano, 1; U.S. History, Casey Chandler, 2; World History, Zach Biggs, 1.
De Soto Parish:
Mansfield High School (III) Advanced Mathematics-Pre Calculus, Tierney White, 3; Algebra I, Rashid Husein, 2; Environmental Science, Nicholas Salter, 1; French I, Antonia Brakonier, 1.
Franklin Parish:
Franklin Parish High School (II) – Agriscience III, Colter Rushing, 1; Algebra I, Brandon Monnin, 2; Biology, Robert Stewart, 2; Physical Science, Leah Tatum, 3; Spanish I, Bruce Cordill, 2; *Spelling 9, Camryn Price, 1;
Jackson Parish:
Jonesboro-Hodge High School (III) – Agriscience I, Daniel Woods, 1; Environmental Science, Chase Maxwell, 2.
Quitman High School (IV) – Agriscience I, Christopher Wages, 3; English II, Hailey Smith, 1; Geometry, Dawson Miller, 4; *Spelling 10, Rhett Weeks, 2.
Weston High School (V) – Agriscience II, Chance Leblanc, 1; Financial Mathematics, Michael Moore, 1; Geometry, Michael Harrison, 3; Health, Bailey Hines, 2; U.S. History, Zackary Frazier, 4.
LaSalle Parish:
Jena High School (II) – Algebra II, Jacob Chandler, 1; Business Computer Applications, Breanna White, 2; Calculus, Madison Walker, 1; Chemistry, Caitlyn Barker, 2; Family and Consumer Science, Angelique Davis, 2; Samantha May, 1; Spanish II, Bethany Russell, 2; *Spelling 11, Brayden Keene, 2; U.S. History, Isaac Hudson, 1; World Geography, Bailey Turnage, 2.
LaSalle High School (IV) – Agriscience II, Jacob Smith, 2; Business Computer Applications, Spencer Stott, 1; Financial, Celina Rogers, 2; Fine Arts Survey, David Rusk, 3; Spanish I, Senta Truelsen, 1; U.S. History, Randell Jacobs, 2; World Geography, David Overstreet, 3.
Lincoln Parish:
Bethel Christian School (V) – Algebra II, Bailey Walsworth, 3; English I, Lauren Walters, 4; *Spelling 9, Lauren Walters, 1; World Geography, Lois Vicente, 2.
Cedar Creek School (IV) – Advanced Mathematics-Functions and Statistics, Sarfraz Ahmed, 1; Agriscience I, Logan Kent, 1; Algebra I, Ty Lolley, 2; Algebra II, Landon Millsap, 1; Biology, Donovan Turpin, 3; Biology II, Mackenzie Harris, 2; Calculus, Brandon Carroll, 1; Chemistry, John Edward Mariano, 2; Civics, Kathryn Bryan, 3; Computer Science I, Sunny Sarai, 1; English I, Kinslee Spatafora, 2; English II, Chelsea Johnson, 2; English III, Ethan Hunt, 1; English IV, Irene Hild, 3; *English Literature, Gracie Maxwell, 1; *English Pronunciation, Samantha Funderburk, 2; Fine Arts Survey, Brooke Evans, 1; French I, Sarah Katherine McCallum, 2; French II, Chesney Nguyen, 1; French III, Cameron Barron, 1; Geometry, Mila Selmic, 2; Alexandra McConnell, 1; Journalism I, Lilli Rojas, 2; Parenthood Education, Elizabeth Guinn, 1; Physical Science, Cameron Lewis, 1; Physics, Nikki Mallepalli, 2; Principles of Business, Ben Slusher, 1; Psychology, Nicholas Slusher, 1; Sociology, Adam Hartsfield, 1; Spanish I, Rebecca Bordelon, 2; Spanish II, Mary Wynne, 1; Spanish III, Rebekah Smith, 1; *Spelling 9, Joshua Bailey, 2; World Geography, Kevin Moore, 2.
Choudrant High School (IV) – Agriscience II, Chase Echols, 1; Algebra II, Riley Hartis, 3; Biology, Bethany Ates, 2; English I, Kameron Aulds, 3; English III, Ka’lee Richardson, 3; Fine Arts Survey, Tanner Norred, 2; Health, Summer Mullins, 1; Physical Science, Hannah Ates, 2; Physics, Jarod Sexton-Davis, 1; Spanish I, Benjamin Upshaw, 3; World Geography, Forrest Adams, 1.
Grambling University Laboratory School (V) – English II, Jordan Ford, 1; *Spelling 10, Jordan Ford, 1; *Spelling 9, Aaron Hill, 2.
Ruston High School (I) – Accounting, Sierra Napoleon, 1; Advanced Mathematics-Functions and Statistics, Emily Davison, 2; Advanced Mathematics-Pre Calculus, Deandria Moss, 1; Agriscience I, Katelyn Foster, 2; Agriscience III, Luke Mercer, 2; Algebra I, David Griffin, 1; Biology II, Nolan Bennett, 2; Business Computer Applications, Victoria Edmonds, 2; Chemistry, Victoria Monsour, 2; Civics, Davis Ellis, 2; English I, Alyssa Cahoy, 1; English II, Noah Ruff, 2; English IV, Anne-Claire Rhymes, 1; *English Literature, Madison Brewton, 2; *English Pronunciation, Aubri Skinner, 1; Environmental Science, Eric Tolar, 2; Financial Mathematics, Jessica Clinton, 1; Fine Arts Survey, Emily Erickson, 1; French I, Collin King, 1; French II, Aaron Freeman, 1; Geometry, Eric Kim, 1; Johntavious Gray, 2; Nutrition and Food, Lauren Carter, 1; Parenthood Education, Starkeysia Dyes, 1; Physical Science, Peter Ford, 1; Physics, Kiran Seetala, 1; Principles of Business, James Strebeck, 1; Psychology, Adam Roberts, 1; Sociology, Nicholas Avery, 2; *Spelling 10, Shyanne Specht, 1.
Simsboro High School (IV) – Agriscience II, Landon Wilhite, 3; English IV, Tierra Jones, 2; French I, Lizeth Ramirez, 1; French II, Brenda Olguin, 2.
Madison Parish:
Tallulah Academy (V) – Biology, Brianna Gathings, 3; Biology II, Dakota Cone, 2; Physical Science, Emmy Lu Marsh, 2; U.S. History, Brandon Comans, 3.
Morehouse Parish:
Beekman Charter School (III) – Advanced Mathematics-Functions and Statistics, Noah Brown, 1; Biology II, Caitlyn Petrus, 2; Chemistry, Zeb Morgan, 2; English III, Cameryn Wooden, 3; English IV, Hayden Dupree, 1; *English Literature, Caitlyn Petrus, 1; *English Pronunciation, Hayden Dupree, 1; Geometry, Eva Hosking, 1; Journalism I, Taylor Owens, 2; Nutrition and Food, Rebecca Anders, 1; *Spelling 11, Cameryn Wooden, 1; *Spelling 9, Baylee Ewing, 1.
Natchitoches Parish:
Louisiana School For Mathematics (III) – Spanish I, McKenzie Davis, 1; Spanish II, Emilyanne St Blanc, 1.
Ouachita Parish:
Carroll High School (II) – Biology, Joyce Jiles, 1; Fine Arts Survey, Jasmine Bennett, 2; Parenthood Education, Regina Black, 1.
Claiborne Christian School (V) – Advanced Mathematics-Functions and Statistics, Tom Bui, 1; Advanced Mathematics-Pre Calculus, Shelby Joyner, 3; Algebra I, Jon Mical Hill, 1; Algebra II, Chynna Chapman, 1; English II, Katheryn Steffins, 3; English III, Griffith Olinde, 4; English IV, Gracie Gill, 3; Geometry, Josiah Weber, 1; Spanish I, Ahava Lewis, 2.
Neville High School (II) – Advanced Mathematics-Functions and Statistics, Colby Brown, 2; Algebra II, Jillian Bhandari, 2; Biology II, Sharif Elgourani, 1; Calculus, Mary Grace Holloway, 2; Chemistry, Ben Ambrose, 1; Civics, Wil Wood, 2; Computer Science I, Andrew Ausbrooks, 1; English I, Maisy Liles, 1; English II, Marla Anderson, 1; *English Literature, Louie Cuarteros, 2; Financial Mathematics, Roshan Patel, 2; Fine Arts Survey, Annabelle Yates, 1; French II, Linh Ly, 1; French III, Marija Subotic, 1; Health, Zach Wiggins, 1; Introduction to Business Computer Application, Aaliyah Jackson, 2; Journalism I, Chloe Cresse, 1; Nutrition and Food, Yatierra Brown, 2; Sociology, Angel Dixon, 1; Spanish III, Michael Villordon, 2; World Geography, Sahar Yusuf, 1; World History, Kristin Van, 3.
Ouachita Christian School (III) – Advanced Mathematics-Pre Calculus, Jack Green, 2; Biology II, Clara Kolterman, 1; Calculus, Brett Allen, 1; Chemistry, Noah Coughran, 3; English I, Ashley Dement, 2; English II, Madeline Enlow, 2; English III, Corbin Aaen, 2; English IV, Grant Fitzhugh, 2; Fine Arts Survey, Allison Newton, 1; French I, Meghan Woods, 2; French II, Kaitlin Phillips, 1; Geometry, Asa Howard, 2; Spanish II, Matthew White, 3; World Geography, Garrett Folds, 1; World History, Tanner Bush, 2.
Ouachita Parish High School (I) – English I, Ashley Carey, 2; Chandler Rowland, 1; U.S. History, Scott Young, 1.
River Oaks School (V) – Algebra II, Sara Seiler, 2; Biology, Yasmin Shafiei, 4; Calculus, Annie Farley, 1; Chemistry, Walter Zollinger, 3; English I, Olivia Armand, 1; English III, Sydney Ball, 2; *English Literature, Betsy Trammell, 2; *English Pronunciation, Jack Alexander, 2; French I, Mattie Jacobs, 2; French II, Cameron Rugg, 1; Physics, Madelynn Skipper, 1; Principles of Business, Michael Hollman, 1; Psychology, Jacob Armand, 1; Spanish II, Audrey Holland, 3; World Geography, Thomas Causey, 1.
St. Frederick High School (IV) – Biology, Nory Brockman, 1; Biology II, Jonathan Roy, 1; Calculus, Scarlett Hammond, 2; Chemistry, Jack Wier, 3; English II, Gareth Maddox, 3; English IV, Rachel Augurson, 1; Geometry, Randolph Brockman, 1; *Spelling 10, Jonathan Roy, 1.
Sterlington High School (III) – Biology, Simiran Kang, 2; Business Computer Applications, Anna Beth Mejia, 1; Civics, Christopher Williams, 1; English II, Noor Sheikh-Khalil, 1; English III, Selma Sheikh-Khalil, 1; Health, Carrington Merrell, 1; U.S. History, Reba Tumlison, 1.
West Monroe High School (I) – Advanced Mathematics-Functions and Statistics, Kathryn Diel, 1; Advanced Mathematics-Pre Calculus, Santhosh Bomminani, 2; Algebra II, Ann-Elise Mitcham, 2; Biology II, Iriel Edwards, 1; Business Computer Applications, Caleb Frost, 1; Calculus, Paige Hobson, 1; English III, Tressa Bice, 1; English IV, Katie Jones, 2; *English Literature, Christian White, 1; *English Pronunciation, Lauren Duncan, 2; Family and Consumer Science, Essence Hobbs, 2; French II, Mazy Ford, 2; French III, Nadja Junghardt, 1; Geometry, Megan Povirk, 2; Journalism I, Magi Sumpter, 1; *Spelling 11, Gloria Prestridge, 2; *Spelling 9, Symphanie Arvie, 2; U.S. History, Evan Zizzi, 2; World Geography, Zachary Marshall Hill, 1; World History, Caitlin Morrow, 1.
West Ouachita School (I) – Agriscience I, Jacey Bratton, 1; Agriscience II, Lillian Smith, 1; Agriscience III, Christian Lacombe, 1; Biology, Kailey Liner, 1; Chemistry, Kaleb Nolan, 1; English II, Sarah Martel, 1; Environmental Applications, Tabitha Evans, 1; Family and Consumer Science, Maggie Mercer, 1; Nutrition and Food, Alexis Bagwell, 2; Physical Science, Kaylee Griswold, 2; Sociology, Tyler Morris, 1; Spanish II, Mya Meloncon, 2; *Spelling 10, Rae Lynn Tedeton, 2; *Spelling 9, Elizabeth Longino, 1; World History, Nick Canales, 2.
Wossman High School (II) – Accounting, Meshonia Weeks, 1; Business Computer Applications, Kaia South, 1; Family and Consumer Science, Shameka Holloman, 1; Geometry, Mary Ann Lalehparvaran, 3; *Spelling 10, Maxwell James, 2; *Spelling 9, Donaess Wade, 2;
Richland Parish:
Delhi Charter School (IV) – Advanced Mathematics-Pre Calculus, Scarlett Lester, 2; Civics, Caleb Holloway, 2; *English Pronunciation, Eryn Ogden, 1; Environmental Science, John Young, 2; Introduction to Business Computer Applications, Chandon Black, 2; Journalism I, James Feroben, 1; Spanish II, Lara Wallace, 2; *Spelling 11, William Bullock, 1; *Spelling 9, Joniah Brown, 1; U.S. History, Scott Leguin, 3; World History, Bryan Stansbury, 2.
Delhi High School (IV) – Accounting, Terrance Grimes, 1.
Mangham High School (III) – Advanced Mathematics-Functions and Statistics, Jordan Ponder, 2; Agriscience I, Jessie Bazer, 2; Agriscience II, Doug Spencer, 2; English I, Stephanie Wilmore, 3; Introduction to Business Computer Applications, Annaliese Russell; Spanish I, Sidney Mashaw, 2; Spanish II, Elizabeth Berry, 2.; U.S. History, Jacob Piro, 2.
Rayville High School (III) – Advanced Mathematics-Pre Calculus, Diona Sanchez, 1; Agriscience II, Ian Barinsfather, 1; Agriscience III, Maggie Lee, 1; Algebra I, Christian Littleton, 1; Algebra II, Ellainey Colvin, 2; Biology, Dustin Miller, 3; Biology II, Adrien Lawson, 3; Business Computer Applications, Alexis Cheek, 3; Civics, Caleb Adcox, 2; English II, Katelyn Trisler, 3;  Mathematics, Stephanie Robinson, 1; Fine Arts Survey, Kaitlyn Andrews, 2; Geometry, Haleigh Pittman, 3; Health, Daizialyn Jenkins, 2; Journalism I, Noah Arnold, 1; Physical Science, Madison Kennedy, 2; Psychology, Dylan Odom, 1; Sociology, Heather Seffens, 1; *Spelling 10, Olivia Biddy, 1; U.S. History, Lillian Morris, 3; World Geography, Kimberly Atkins, 2; World History, Caleb Hamm, 1.
Riverfield Academy (V) – Accounting, Ethan Henry, 1; Advanced Mathematics-Functions and Statistics, John Kevin Greer, 2; Biology, Kara Grace Trisler, 2; Business Computer Applications, Kylie Mills, 1; Computer Science I, Ross Danna, 1; English I, Harrison Cooper, 5; English III, Mary Kyle Allen, 3; Environmental Science, Lynsey Mercer, 1; Family and Consumer Science, Travis Rawls, 1; Geometry, Keisha Patel, 2; Health, Alizabeth Guillot, 3; Madeline Thomas, 3; Nutrition and Food, Josh Prine, 1; Spanish I, Allanis Obriant, 3; Spanish II, Hanna Johnson, 1; World Geography, Alex Durbin, 3.
Union Parish:
Union Parish High School (II) – Advanced Mathematics-Functions and Statistics, Nakiaus Glosson, 1; Advanced Mathematics-Pre Calculus, Anna Norwood, 2; English I, Kira Cates, 2; Psychology, Mandi Gates, 1.
Webster Parish:
Doyline High School (V) – Business Computer Applications, Brittany Parker, 2; English IV, Abigail Smith, 1; *English Pronunciation, Abigail Smith, 1; Physical Science, Sebastian Watson, 3; *Spelling 10, Summer Harrison, 2.
Glenbrook School (V) – Accounting, Schyler Powell, 2; Agriscience I, Tate Towns, 1; Agriscience III, Garrett Sanders, 1; Calculus, Connor Chase, 2; Chemistry, Dakota McGarity, 1; Civics, Daniel Miller, 1; English II, Kara Bryce, 5; English IV, Kathy Moore, 2; *English Literature, Kathy Moore, 1; Environmental Applications, Emily Rhame, 1; Environmental Science, Samantha Crates, 2; Family and Consumer Science, Jennifer Nguyen, 2; Financial Mathematics, Caleb Dossett, 2; Fine Arts Survey, Justin Le, 1; Abby Simonton, 2; Journalism I, Eli McGraw, 1; Parenthood Education, Olivia Dalton, 1; Physical Science, Cody Chase, 1; Principles of Business, Carsin Spurlock, 2; Psychology, Kate Marvin, 2; Sociology, Catherine Willis, 1; Spanish III, Lyle Reagan, 1; *Spelling 10, Amelia Christy, 3; *Spelling 11, Abigail Gilbert, 1; *Spelling 9, Eli McGraw, 3; U.S. History, Abigail Gilbert, 1.
Lakeside High School (III) – Algebra I, Alayna Robles, 3; Algebra II, Chandler Perry, 1; Business Computer Applications, Megan Osborne, 2; English I, Tyler Davis, 1; *English Literature, Tiffany Odom, 2; Family and Consumer Science, Carrigan Wiggins, 1; Lane Guice, 2; Physical Science, Logan Bailey, 1; Principles of Business, Alayna Pike, 1; *Spelling 10, Brooke Walker, 2; *Spelling 11, Janie Watson, 2; *Spelling 9, Emily Comeaux, 2.
Minden High School (II) – Advanced Mathematics-Pre Calculus, Joneica Malone, 1; Agriscience II, Joshua Tubbs, 1; English II, Kirsten Sibley, 2; English III, Anna Tucker, 1; English IV, Zach Brown, 2; *English Literature, Valerie Talamayan, 1; *English Pronunciation, Ashlee Drake, 1; Environmental Science, Billi Jones, 1; Health, Parker Austin, 2; Physical Science, Mary Claire Boothe, 2; Physics, Laura Frazier, 1; Psychology, Brantly Franklin, 2; Spanish I, Christine Woods, 3; *Spelling 10, Adaja Harris, 1; World History, Chris Stephens, 2.
North Webster High School (II) – Accounting, Zoe Loyd, 2; Civics, Keaton Berry, 1; English IV, Allie Treece, 1; French I, Jessie Thomas, 2; French II, Shelby Vaughan, 2; Principles of Business, Loryn Kykendall, 1; World History, Jake Scarberry, 1.
West Carroll Parish:
Epps High School (V) – Introduction to Business Computer Applications, Qwaveshia May, 1; Nutrition and Food, Christina Hendrix, 2.
Forest High School (IV) – Algebra I, Dustin West, 3; Civics, Houston Navarro, 1; Family and Consumer Science, Olivia Stanley, 1; Geometry, Landen Ragus, 3; Introduction to Business Computer Applications, Emma Peters, 3; Nutrition and Food, Jamiyah Thompson, 2; *Spelling 11, Lane Hinton, 3; World History, Aaron Patrick, 1.
Kilbourne High School (V) – Advanced Mathematics-Pre Calculus, Ross Popejoy, 2; Algebra I, Christopher Luke Hill, 4; English II, Remi Davis, 2; English III, Abby Ainsworth, 1; Sociology, Raven Copes, 2.
Oak Grove High School (IV) – Advanced Mathematics-Pre Calculus, Bradley Albritton, 1; Agriscience I, Bo Danley, 2; Agriscience III, Derek Sanders, 1; Algebra I, Vincent Tran, 1; Algebra II, Dann Lat, 2; Business Computer Applications, Nakala Thompson, 2; Chemistry, Terral Davis, 1; English I, Wyatt Rawls, 1; Financial Mathematics, Rachel Voisin, 1; Health, Geneall Kennedy, 2; Nutrition and Food, Makayla Paul, 1; Parenthood Education, Cierra Abernathy, 2; Physical Science, Emily Gates, 3; Principles of Business, Anna Claire Roberson, 2; *Spelling 11, Isabella Harper, 2.
Sweepstakes Winners
Division I, Ruston High School; Division II, Neville High School;   Division III, Rayville High School; Division IV, Cedar Creek School; Division V, Glenbrook School.
Written by Reggie Owens –