Guice highlights Louisiana Tech achievements, strategic priorities at fall meeting

Sep 7, 2016 | General News

— Louisiana Tech president commends faculty, staff for success and collective focus on growth —
Academic and research achievements, institutional growth and progress, and providing students with an “unparalleled and integrated educational experience” served as the theme for Louisiana Tech University President Les Guice’s presentation during the annual Fall Faculty and Staff Convocation.
Guice welcomed new and returning faculty and staff Tuesday in Howard Auditorium, and began his address by highlighting some of the national accolades and institutional achievements of the past year as well as the significant impacts that Louisiana Tech faculty and staff have made on the region, state and nation.
2016-Fall Faculty-10“Over the past year, you accomplished much and I thank each of you for your contributions in making this a great institution,” said Guice.  “You are the difference makers who are propelling Louisiana Tech forward and I believe that you are here because you want to be a part of doing something special.
“I believe that you are in the right place, at the right time, with the right people and the right plan to do something truly special and to be the champions for a better future for those we serve.”
Against the backdrop of Louisiana Tech’s institutional strategic plan, TECH 2020, Guice gave several examples of faculty and programs that are helping to achieve the plan’s vision to create an institution that is recognized as a national public research university with an unparalleled and integrated educational experience.
“These are just a few examples that illustrate engaging and impactful experiences you provide to our students that impact our stakeholders,” explained Guice.  “These are also the experiences that will have an impact on those we serve: our graduates who will lead the next era of global growth and discovery.”
Guice also acknowledged the successes and contributions that Louisiana Tech’s research and athletics programs have made to the growth of the university.  “You have established momentum that, with proper support, will propel Louisiana Tech to have even greater accomplishments in the future,” Guice said.
Shifting his focus to future growth and opportunities to serve stakeholders in new and progressive ways, Guice identified growth, partnerships and leadership as the key drivers that will enable Louisiana Tech to make greater impacts and create new opportunities for students and graduates.
“Growth will enable Louisiana Tech to have greater impacts, on a national-scale and for the benefit of our region, and will enable us to be nationally competitive in all that we do, including our competition for talented faculty and students,” said Guice.  “Growth will also provide the resources needed for faculty, facilities and student support.  In my view, the number one driver of growth is the student experience and what happens both inside and outside your classrooms.”
Guice told faculty and staff that Louisiana Tech has established differentiated excellence through interdisciplinary collaborations and partnerships that have enabled the university to share resources, seek solutions that have lasting impacts and provide additional resources to help Louisiana Tech fulfill its mission.
“The third key driver is leadership which I believe is our responsibility as a national research university,” Guice said.  “Leadership in educational outcomes, leadership in research impacts and leadership in how we do our business is how we’ll show the way for a better future through educational attainment and economic prosperity for our citizens.”
Guice also used the convocation to share information from an independent study done recently by London-based research firm Firetail, which looked at over 2,000 universities globally to determine which universities might be poised to become globally renowned in the next decade or two.
“Using six years of research citation data and other information, and numerous interviews, the study identified 20 ‘rising stars’ from the original group of over 2,000 from across the globe of which only nine were in the United States,” said Guice.  “Louisiana Tech University is listed as one of those global ‘rising stars.’”
As Guice drew the convocation to a close, he turned his focus back to Louisiana Tech most valued assets: the people sitting before him in Howard Auditorium.
“None of what we have accomplished or where we are going as an institution could be possible without you and what you continue to do every day.  I want to say again that I believe that we are in the right place, at the right time, with the right people to do something truly special and be the champions for a better future for those we serve.”