Louisiana Tech ranked second in state in both national service and mid-career salaries

Sep 7, 2017 | General News

Hero's Launch at MedCamps

Hero’s Launch at MedCamps built by School of Design students

Louisiana Tech is second in the state among public universities in the amount of money its graduates with a bachelor’s degree make, according to’s 2017-1018 College Salary Report released this week.
Tech graduates rank No. 2 in Louisiana with median mid-career salaries between $51,000 and $95,700.
Tulane, a private university, ranked No. 1 with median mid-career salaries between $54,600 and $114,800. LSU was No. 2 with averages of $52,700 to $100,400 at mid-career.
Tech also ranked second in the state in public service on Washington Monthly’s 2017 College Guide and Rankings. LSU was the state’s highest-ranked school; Tulane was third.
“National rankings like these from independent organizations spotlight the overwhelmingly positive contributions our faculty and staff are making,” Tech president Les Guice said. “But they also speak to the quality of our students, and they remind us of the importance of our mission to provide them with unparalleled educational experiences on a 21st century campus, experiences and an education that should prepare them to be servant leaders and difference-makers in their fields. Our culture of caring is a very real part of our campus.”
“Our School of Design partners with MedCamps to build several structures during the past four years, including an accessible canoe and paddleboat launch designed specifically for children with various special needs and disabilities,” Guice said. “These are award-winning projects on the national level. At our annual Big Event, it’s become normal for more than 1,300 students from 50 or more organizations to participate in going throughout our area in groups to provide services for those in need, whether that’s painting or raking or building or gardening. Our responsibility to our city, region, and nation is to grow students who will serve others and use their talents and education to make a positive impact on every life they touch.”
PayScale surveyed 2.3 million graduates of more than 2,700 colleges and universities to create the College Salary Report. PayScale asked respondents to report their pay, major, highest degree earned, and associate or bachelor’s school name where appropriate. Collecting this data allowed PayScale to rank colleges, universities, and courses of study by future earning potential.
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