Tech earns national recognition for low student loan debt

Louisiana Tech University was ranked third in the state for the University’s average loan debt per graduate by the Student Loan Report in its 2018 evaluations of the nation’s colleges and universities.

SLR logoThe state of Louisiana has an average $13,120 per graduate in student loan debt, making the state No. 12 in the country for lowest average student loan debt. 

Louisiana Tech registers an average debt of $10,908 per graduate, well below the state average. 

The Student Loan Report uses Peterson’s Undergraduate Database to analyze student loan debt figures at more than 1,000 four-year public and private non-private colleges and universities throughout the country.

The national student loan debt in the United States is $1.52 trillion and is now the second highest form of consumer debt in the country, trailing only mortgages, according to the Student Loan Report. The average college graduate from the Class of 2017 owed $16,683 in student loan debt upon graduation – even when those with no student loan debt were factored in.