COE well represented at Mid-South Educational Research Association conference

Louisiana Tech University was well-represented at the recent annual meeting of the Mid-South Educational Research Association (MSERA).

Since 2014, the Department of Curriculum, Instruction, and Leadership and the College of Education have supported the work of MSERA through assistance in the publication and dissemination of the MSERA Researcher, the development of the MSERA Annual Meeting Program, and preparations for the Annual Meeting. Over the years, several current and former members of the CIL Department and many CIL Doctoral Students have presented their research at Annual Meetings. CIL faculty have also served in a variety of leadership roles in MSERA.

Dr. Randy Parker, assistant professor in the College of Education, was appointed MSERA’s executive director by the Board of Directors in November 2017 and serves as the coordinator of all association activities,  liaison to other Educational Research Groups including the American Education Research Association (AERA) and the Consortium of State and Regional Education Research Associations (SRERA), advisor to all association committees, and the Chief Financial Officer for MSERA. He also serves as an ex-officio member of the Mid-South Educational Research Foundation (MSERF).

Parker joined MSERA in 1991 and among his contributions prior to becoming Executive Director are: Evaluation Committee Chair, Louisiana Director, Vice President/President Elect, President, Past-President, Budget Advisory Chair, and Editor of the MSERA Researcher. He also regularly presents his research at MSERA Annual Meetings.

“I am humbled and honored to serve as the current Executive Director of MSERA. This association has provided me opportunities to present my research, develop professionally, and build long-lasting professional relationships,” Parker said. “It is also a great venue with a supportive environment for our doctoral students to network and present their research. I am grateful for the support that Louisiana Tech University has provided to MSERA and I am proud to represent the Department of Curriculum, Instruction, and Leadership; the College of Education; and, Louisiana Tech University through my continued work with this influential and very special professional research association.”

Dr. George Noflin, assistant professor in the College of Education, currently serves as Co-Chair of the MSERA Evaluation Committee, leading the collection, analysis, and reporting of conference evaluation data to improve the Annual Meeting and the work of MSERA. He also regularly presents his research at MSERA.

“This was an outstanding conference with many great presenters from all over the United States. I am very fortunate to be a part of a great research organization and to have the privilege to make a presentation with both a student and a colleague,” Noflin said. “I also have the privilege to hold an office with this organization, as one of the Co-Chairperson over the Evaluation Committee.  It was a great experience for all involved.” 

MSERA, a nonprofit focused on encouraging quality educational research in the states of Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Tennessee, provides the opportunity for researchers and practitioners to share their ongoing research, develop professional relationships, participate in ongoing professional development, and improve educational practice within the region and nation. The MSERA Board of Directors, elected by the membership, consists of 17 members representing institutions from nine states and directs the work of the association.

The 2018 Annual Meeting was attended by over 250 professional and graduate student participants from 14 states and Manitoba, Canada representing 70 universities and school districts. There were 81 sessions addressing all aspects of current educational research including Completed Research Sessions, Research-in-Progress Sessions, Training Sessions, Symposia, and Mentor Sessions.