Students prepare for Sigma Xi research showcase

Anusha Elumalai and Antwine McFarland, doctoral students in Molecular Science and Nanotechnology and researchers in Dr. David K. Mills’ BioMorpH Lab, were selected to present their research in slideshow and video form to the Student Research Showcase hosted by Sigma Xi in April.

Sigma Xi, the international honor society of science and engineering, is one of the oldest and largest scientific organizations in the world. Scientists and engineers whose research spans the disciplines of science and technology comprise the membership of the Society.

Elumalai will present her research on “The Strontium-Coated Clay Nanoparticles in Calcium Phosphate Cement for Biomedical Applications,” and McFarland will present his research on “3D printed polymer blend nano-composites enhanced with growth factor doped halloysite nanotubes.”

The showcase’s focus is on communicating science to a broad audience, and it provides an opportunity for students to develop effective science communication skills, which every researcher should have. Those who are able to communicate the value of their research to a broader audience are at an advantage in terms of building financial and social support for their work.

More than 60 Sigma Xi members will evaluate students’ submissions and engage in digital conversations with presenters through their websites. Judging begins April 15, and the winners will be announced April 29.