More than 150 incoming students ‘commit’ to College of Engineering and Science

The Louisiana Tech University College of Engineering and Science (COES) held its third annual Commitment Day March 15.

Students gather for the COES Signing Day.More than 300 attendees, including 150 top students from across the region, gathered at the Davison Athletic Complex to celebrate the students’ decision to sign with Louisiana Tech. The students enjoyed a luncheon with their families and Tech faculty before signing letters of commitment with the University, in which they committed to pursue their undergraduate academic careers in engineering and science at Louisiana Tech.

“We are excited to welcome so many bright, new students to Louisiana Tech and to the College of Engineering and Science,” Hegab said. “The turnout was phenomenal, and it was nice to meet so many enthusiastic new students and their parents. I look forward to seeing them on campus this fall.”

COES Admissions Specialist, Leslie Brister, said she enjoys Commitment Day as much as the student attendees do.

“It is such a fun day for us here at COES. We are able to welcome students who have chosen Tech has their home for the next four years,” Brister said. “I love finally getting to know them in person and connecting them to current students and faculty that they will interact with over the next few years. Commitment Day lets us celebrate students’ success in the classroom much like athletes’ successes are celebrated on the field.”

In addition to meeting COES faculty and staff, including College Dean, Dr. Hisham Hegab, and Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies, Dr. Heath Tims, and signing certificates of commitment, the students received Tech memorabilia and attendees were treated to a performance by COES members of the Louisiana Tech Band of Pride. Following the luncheon, some of the attendees took placement exams.

“Commitment Day is a fun event for both the students and our College,” Tims said. “We attract the best and brightest, and it is very special to be able to honor and celebrate these students for their academic accomplishments. We want others to appreciate the achievements of the students that are committing to our College.”