Tech launches inaugural Giving Day

Giving day banner


In the wee hours of the morning of April 25, Ruston was rocked by a tornado. The funnel cloud tore through neighborhoods and shopping centers – and Louisiana Tech.

The destruction on campus was catastrophic.

Every residential hall and apartment building lost windows and awnings. Noble trees were torn apart at the limbs or uprooted. Signs were tossed, and power lines were ripped. 

The softball, soccer, and tennis facilities were gutted, and the Love Shack, where Tech’s baseball team plays, is a total loss. The newly renovated track and field complex was destroyed.

The list of destruction is substantial, but it’s not the whole story of the tornado that night.

Thursday morning, students and faculty and staff began working to clean up our University. They were joined by alumni – famous and not so famous – and friends. Businesses and organizations provided supplies and food for these workers.

Members of the Tech Family will once again have the opportunity to make a difference for the University as Louisiana Tech launches its inaugural Giving Day today.

“Just as we saw more than 1,200 students gather together Saturday to make a difference on our campus, Giving Day gives us the opportunity to make a positive impact on Louisiana Tech no matter where we are,” said Brooks Hull, Vice President for University Advancement. “We have been planning this event for months, and it’s even more important now to ensure our University has the resources it needs. This Giving Day has the potential not just to bring Tech back to a sense of normalcy, it can propel us toward greater impact for generations of future Bulldogs.”

To join us on Giving Day, visit