Master’s in Computer Science ranked as a top 2020 program

Feb 10, 2020 | Engineering and Science, Rankings

Louisiana Tech University’s Master of Science in Computer Science has been ranked as a top 2020 program by the TFE Times. It is the top ranked master’s degree in computer science in Louisiana and one of only two programs in the state to make the list.

TFE Computer Science ranking badgeStudents enrolled in the master’s degree program at Louisiana Tech have opportunities to engage in innovative research across a number of disciplines and are often employed in data mining, cybersecurity, data engineering, application and web development, and systems architecture fields after graduation. Students in the program work in interdisciplinary teams and attend conferences to discuss their solutions to real-world problems. Many students graduate having published work in peer-reviewed journals as well as books.

First-year master’s degree program student Daniel Rogers is already immersed in research, attending workshops and presenting his work at conferences. In his research, Rogers is working with a team including a doctoral student and two undergraduate students to aid students and faculty in everyday decision making on campus. They plan to turn Louisiana Tech into a “smart campus” through the use of smart devices and sensors.

“The faculty here are really easy to talk to. They make themselves available to discuss problems and questions that we have. They encourage us to discuss ideas and projects with them and with each other. The team that I work with is all computer science students now, but in the past, we worked with engineers. That interdisciplinary interaction has helped me become more confident in communicating with people outside my peer group.

“I’m gaining the tools to solve the challenging problems that will need to be solved in the coming decades. I’m considering whether to pursue a doctorate or whether to go directly to work after I complete my degree. The skills I’m learning in this program, like focusing on a problem for a long time, even when I’m hitting a wall and need to reconsider the methodology I’m using and the ability to communicate with people across disciplines and expertise levels, will transfer to both a doctoral program and the workforce.”

Kaelyn Nguyen, master’s degree student and CyberCorps®: Scholarship for Service (SFS) recipient, agrees that the access that students have to professors in the Louisiana Tech Computer Science program is unique and helps connect them with interesting opportunities. Nguyen, who has selected a coursework only path to her degree, will talk about her experiences as part of on an expert panel at Louisiana Tech’s CREWE (Cyber Research for Empowering Women Experimenters) workshop.

“One of the benefits of being a master’s degree student in Tech’s Computer Science program is that professors here are flexible and offer more office hours than professors at other universities. Because of that, you can really build a bond with a professor.

“It also gives professors a chance to get to know us, as students, and understand our abilities and interests. I will be a part of a panel at the CREWE workshop at Louisiana Tech next later this month, during which I will answer questions and talk about my experiences as a graduate student. The reason that I’ll be on the panel is because Dr. [Michele] Maasberg [assistant professor or computer science and director of the Center for Secure Cyberspace] invited me to speak based on discussions we’ve had outside of the classroom.”

The TFE Times uses a number of metrics to compile rankings, including mean GRE scores, mean starting salary and bonus, mean undergraduate grade-point average, acceptance rate, and number of students who are employed immediately and within three months after graduation.

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