Tech professor publishes translation and localization book

Mar 12, 2020 | Faculty/Staff, Liberal Arts, Research

A new book co-edited by Louisiana Tech University technical communication professor Dr. Kirk St.Amant examines how individuals in technical fields can develop materials for international audiences. 

Dr. Kirk St.AmantThe collection, titled Translation and Localization: A Guide for Technical and Professional Communicators, presents strategies for working with translators (individuals who convey ideas in other languages) and localizers (professionals who re-configure designs for other cultural audiences) to share technical information globally. 

Created in collaboration with Professor Bruce Maylath of North Dakota State University, the book contains chapters by translation and localization professionals from different nations and organizations.  Each entry examines a process related to sharing technical information internationally. The contributors also discuss technologies used in these processes and issues to consider when planning global product releases.

The book’s goal is to provide individuals in the engineering, science, and technology sectors with an overview of how to create materials that can quickly move into global markets. 

St.Amant is the Eunice C. Williamson Endowed Chair of Technical Communication at Tech, and he regularly collaborates with international partners on global projects.  He does research in the area of usability — or how to design products that are easy to use — with a specific focus on creating health and medical products for international audiences.

Translation and Localization: A Guide for Technical and Professional Communicators is published by Routledge and available through its website.