Top 5 – Bonsai trees

May 14, 2020 | Top 5

Japanese maple bonsai treeNote: During the COVID-19 pandemic, we have the chance to learn a little more about our Louisiana Tech University Family: students, staff, alumni, faculty, and friends. We’ll call it Tech Top 5. Go to for more Top 5s. #TogetherApart

Robert Newberry

Robert Newberry is Louisiana Tech’s Professional-in-Residence in Chemical Engineering. He has this thing about bonsai trees, which we think is cool. So we asked him: What are your favorite bonsai trees?

  1. Bald Cypress: This species is one of the first trees I worked with.
  2. Trident Maple: I went to a workshop for this; it may be my most impressive and expensive tree.
  3. Japanese Lace Leaf Red Maple: I asked my wife to pick out a tree she would like to be hers while we were at a bonsai conference one year. This is the bonsai she chose.
  4. Chinese Elm: I like the Chinese elm because of the way it looks (older and like a tree that is growing in a field behind my old house).
  5. Brazilian Rain Tree: One of my favorites (it is related to the mimosa), and it sits on my desk (and yes, I know they are supposed to grow outside).