College of Engineering and Science announces outstanding students and faculty

May 28, 2020 | Engineering and Science, Faculty/Staff, Students

Louisiana Tech University’s College of Engineering and Science is pleased to announce its outstanding juniors, seniors, and faculty for the 2019-20 academic year.

Each spring, faculty select outstanding students based on academics, extracurricular activities and community involvement. Graduating seniors, likewise, vote on their favorite two faculty members from the year.

The 2020 Outstanding Seniors are:

  • Abby Walker (mechanical engineering),
  • Abigail Olsen (industrial engineering),
  • Alisha Brown (biomedical engineering),
  • Alyse Jones (electrical engineering),
  • Destiny Hicks (chemistry),
  • Grant Ledet (electrical engineering),
  • Katya Opel (civil engineering),
  • Lora Johnson (chemical engineering),
  • Luke Hansen (mechanical engineering),
  • Parker Willmon (biomedical engineering and mathematics),
  • Sammy Monk (industrial engineering),
  • Savannah Esteve (biomedical engineering),
  • Sierra Napoleon (chemistry), and
  • Sydney Thibodeaux (civil engineering).

Outstanding Juniors are:

  • Abigail Morgan (mechanical engineering),
  • Allison Hill (chemical engineering),
  • Amelia Parrenin (chemical engineering),
  • Carli Raupp (mechanical engineering),
  • Courtney Wessels (industrial engineering),
  • Daylen Griffin (physics),
  • Josh Hagberg (mechanical engineering),
  • Julia McCown (chemical engineering),
  • Kosi Anadi (electrical engineering),
  • Landry Seimears (industrial engineering),
  • Megan Ward (chemistry),
  • Peter Hyde (construction engineering technology),
  • Rick Fontenot (mechanical engineering), and
  • Todd Wilson (construction engineering technology).

Outstanding Faculty are Dr. Brad Cicciarelli (chemical engineering) and Dr. Timothy Reeves (mechanical engineering).