Top 5 – Words

Jun 2, 2020 | Top 5

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Brandy McKnight

Brandy McKnight is the Communications Coordinator and Online Proctor Coordinator for Louisiana Tech’s College of Engineering and Science. She also loves a good word; where in tarnation would we be without them? We asked her to share her favorites.

  1. Catawampus: Best description of my interior design skill; besides can you think of a more Southern word? Okay, maybe…
  2. Y’all: It’s the second most useful word in the English language, only behind…
  3. Awesome!: Gotta love a word that can be used to show extreme excitement or light sarcasm.
  4. Millennia: The scope of millennium’s plural is generally a guidepost toward a fascinating discussion or a fun exaggeration.
  5. Quark: By far the coolest word on my list, a subatomic particle or a dairy product. Seriously … Google it. (We saved you the trouble and hooked you up with hyperlinks.)