Top 5 – Jazz Musicians

Jun 29, 2020 | Top 5

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Gabrielle Crockett

Gabrielle Crocket is the Communications and Marketing Coordinator for Louisiana Tech’s College of Education. She is from south Louisiana and, no shock, partial to jazz. So who are her favorite jazz musicians?

  1. Louis Armstrong: There’s no one better than Mr. Satchmo himself!
  2. George Gershwin: Um, Rhapsody in Blue, need I say more?
  3. Miles Davis/John Coltrane: Davis’ trumpet runs and Coltrane’s soothing saxophone could put anyone at ease, but when they collaborate … it’s pure magic!
  4. Wynton Marsalis: I’m always partial to New Orleans’ jazz musicians and it’s many greats. This man represents Louisiana well as the musical director of the band Jazz at Lincoln Center in New York.
  5. Harry Connick Jr.: As a south Louisiana girl, I’m forever partial to my New Orleans musicians. But Harry Connick Jr. makes all 88 keys sing a new song with all the Creole flair. His piano riffs always remind me that I know “what it means to miss New Orleans.”