Louisiana Tech pins 28 new nurses in recent ceremony

Aug 20, 2020 | Applied and Natural Sciences, Students

The Louisiana Tech University Division of Nursing held a Pinning Ceremony for the Spring 2020 graduates Aug. 15 in Howard Auditorium. Twenty-eight students received their degrees in May, and most have already begun careers as professional nurses.

Due to social distancing mandates, the usual pinning ceremony culminating the program of study in May was deferred. Several graduates were able to attend a special ceremony which was broadcast live for families and friends to celebrate the long-held tradition of the nursing pinning ceremony.

The Spring 2020 Nursing graduates are as follows:  

Connor Bethune, Madison Cathey, Corey Clampit, Morgan Clarkson, Ellainey Colvin, Jonah Bryan Doxey, Jazmine Fincher, Elena Flynn, Anna Ho, Marissa Bennett Hunter, Weston Ivey, Ashley Istre, Katie A. Lee, Makaylin Lewis, Ian Matthew Lovemore, Kimberly Middleton,  Katelynn Oliver, Emily Kaitlin Pelley, Melanie Pierot, Christian Prewitt, Trevor Res, Maddison Shayne Spurgeon, Emery Stewart, Maecee Thornton, Liza Wall, Kayla Wampler,  Sarah Eve Warren,  and Anna Grace Whitaker.

Each student was also presented a commemorative Nightingale Lamp provided by Northern Louisiana Medical Center. Following successful completion of the NCLEX-RN National licensing Exam, the graduates are Registered Nurses.

Following are the special awards earned by these graduates:

  • Pennington Visionary Leader Award: Corey Clampit
  • Academic Excellence: Connor Bethune
  • Nursing Tenets of Tech Awards: Maddie Cathey, Ian Lovemore
  • Spirit of Patient Care Awards: Connor Bethune, Jazmine Fincher, Maecee Thornton
  • Teamwork and Collaboration Award: Corey Clampit
  • Nursing Ambassador Recognition: Connor Bethune, Maddie Cathey, Jazmine Fincher, Ian Lovemore, Emery Stewart, Maecee Thornton, Liza Wall