Top 5 — Reasons I Loved Being an OSL

Feb 3, 2021 | Top 5

Note: During the COVID-19 pandemic, we have the chance to learn a little more about our Louisiana Tech University Family: students, staff, alumni, faculty, and friends. We’ll call it Tech Top 5. Go to for more Top 5s. #TogetherApart

Lauren Fletcher

Lauren FletcherLauren Fletcher graduated in Spring 2020 with an undergraduate degree in Accounting and is in her final quarter of the MBA program. She is currently working as a Tax Associate at a CPA firm in Knoxville, Tennessee. While at Louisiana Tech, she served as a Peer Leadership Council member, a student recruiter, and a College of Business Ambassador. She was also an Orientation Student Leader, and here she tells us why she loved it.

  1. Building Relationships: Getting to know the incoming freshmen was by far my favorite part of being an OSL. I loved learning why they chose Tech and what they are looking forward to most about college. I strived to encourage my freshmen, to share my school pride, and to give back to the organization that helped me tremendously when I too was an incoming freshman.
  2. Learning Louisiana Tech’s History: During our orientation class, we were taught everything there is to know about the history of our University. I loved learning about each tradition and being able to share them with the incoming freshmen.
  3. Leadership Opportunities: This organization pushes you to be the greatest leader you can be. It is designed to challenge you in your weaknesses and highlight your strengths. My confidence grew with everything we did, and I learned so many valuable life lessons. Our director Elton Taylor did an incredible job teaching us how to be strong leaders.
  4. Serving On-Campus: Being an OSL goes beyond the three-day orientation session. We have various opportunities to serve the University throughout our year on staff. I never realized just how many ways I could serve my University, and I loved every minute of it.
  5. The OSL Family: Working so closely and so often with your staff, you can’t help but become a family. I learned how to work with and effectively communicate with all personality types. I met some of my closest friends from orientation, and I will forever be grateful for the experiences I had with each of them throughout college.