Louisiana Tech program ranked a best master’s degree in industrial engineering

Feb 9, 2021 | Engineering and Science, Rankings

Louisiana Tech University’s Industrial Engineering program has been named to the Best Value Schools “Best 20 Masters in Industrial Engineering Programs in 2021.”

Best Value Schools determined rankings using annual tuition costs and student-to-teacher ratios of universities across the nation. In addition to affordability and small class sizes, Louisiana Tech’s Master of Science Industrial Engineering program was ranked seventh due to its national prestige and the accessibility and affordability of the online degree option.

Students who complete the Tech program hone planning and design skills that prepare them for professional leadership positions.

“My degree has helped me further advance my career and take on a leadership role within my company,” program alumnus Josh Raymond said. “Thanks to the skills I learned, I now tackle difficult problems in logistics, financial planning, manufacturing design, and more. Through this degree, I have increased my engineering skill set, enhanced my professional career, and become the first in my family with a master’s education.”

“Our master’s program has provided me with beneficial practices and certifications used in today’s various industries,” student Hanna Blanchard added. “I have been given the opportunity to explore my interest in probability and statistics because of the many courses offered to earn Six Sigma and Lean Certifications. Most importantly, my professors have shown me their support, which has built my confidence to reach my full potential in industrial engineering.”

You can find the complete list on the Best Values Schools website.