Louisiana Tech mascot to show spirit at national competition

Mar 24, 2021 | Alumni, General News, Tech Family

Over the past 47 years, Louisiana Tech University’s mascot, Champ, has embodied the spirit and pride of its students, faculty, and alumni along with the entire community of Ruston. Champ shows his pride and enthusiasm for Louisiana Tech by being spontaneous with his interactions whether it be a fist bump with a student or helping cheer on the dogs.

The Louisiana Tech mascot program recently announced that Champ has been invited to attend and compete at the UCA National Mascot Championship for the first time ever.

Champ, Louisiana Tech's costumed mascot bulldogZac Little, Louisiana Tech’s Student Government Association president, said Champ’s interactions between students during sports events can encourage students to break out of their comfort zones and give them the confidence to cheer the team on.

“Anyone who interacts with Champ ends up with a smile on their face,” said Little, “At the homecoming game, he came up to the court and fixed the girls’ hair or brushed off the guys’ shoulders. It was a fun time!”

Mascots create a lifelong connection between students and their university. Champ has become a staple at any and all events at Louisiana Tech from social events to dancing with the Regal Blues during sporting events.

“Mascots can be so helpful in advancing a University’s brand as well as in building a strong and dedicated fan base, and Champ is one of the best,” said Dr. Eric Wood, vice president and director of athletics.

Sam Speed, dean of student engagement and undergraduate recruitment, said Champ creates an environment that speaks to the history and the culture around Louisiana Tech’s campus.

“If you watch people’s reactions when they see Champ, at events, or just wondering around campus, people see him and think ‘Who let this dog out?’,” Speed said.

Competing at the UCA National Mascot Championship in Orlando, Florida, is a goal that Champ has been working toward for the last seven years. This year, he is one of 10 mascots from across the nation chosen by a committee of fellow mascots. He will compete at the UCA National Mascot Championship to be voted the best mascot in the nation.

“We wish him the very best in the UCA National Mascot Championship; his hard work in and out of the gym has paid off,” Wood said. “We’re all ready to watch him compete, compete, compete on the national stage and represent Louisiana Tech with class.”

Champ will be showing the nation what Louisiana Tech is all about at the UCA National Mascot Championship which can be viewed on ESPN on April 28.

“I can’t wait to show the nation what the Tech Family is all about,” Champ said.

This story written by Communication student Kelly Cole.