COES names 2021 outstanding students, faculty

Apr 19, 2021 | Engineering and Science, General News, Students

The Louisiana Tech University College of Engineering and Science is pleased to announce its 2021 Outstanding Juniors, Seniors, and Faculty.

Students gather for crawfish at the annual Spring Release event in the College of Engineering and Science.During the Spring Quarter of each year, College of Engineering and Science (COES) faculty and staff nominate outstanding juniors and seniors, and a committee selects winners based on service to the University and College and academic success. Seniors vote on their favorite faculty members. Winners are announced at the College’s annual Spring Release celebration.

Students selected Dr. John Easley, senior lecturer for industrial engineering, and Dr. Timothy Reeves, lecturer of mechanical engineering, as Outstanding Faculty.

In addition to College-wide awards for outstanding students and faculty, the Engineering and Science Association awarded the National Society of Black Engineers first place in the COES Cup competition, the Society of Women Engineers second place, and the American Society of Civil Engineers third place at the same event for their academic and outreach activities during the year. The ESA awarded points toward the competition to student organizations that participated in the most community outreach, attended the most conferences, and participated in special competitions hosted by the ESA Freshman Council throughout the academic year. In addition to the trophies, each organization that placed received a monetary award to put toward future events.

The College faculty and staff chose 19 seniors and 14 juniors as outstanding students for the 2020-2021 academic year.

College of Engineering and Science Outstanding Seniors for 2020-2021 are:

  • Justin Berthelot (cyber engineering),
  • Margaret Boston (chemistry),
  • Sydney Bratton (civil engineering),
  • Taylor Burreson (biomedical engineering),
  • Ian Carney (electrical engineering),
  • Richard Fontenot (mechanical engineering),
  • Jared Headrick (civil engineering),
  • Allison Hill (chemical engineering),
  • Michael Krzystowczyk (electrical engineering),
  • Jared Marcantel (electrical engineering, physics),
  • Julia McCown (chemical engineering),
  • Abigail Morgan (mechanical engineering),
  • Rachel Norton (mathematics),
  • Noah Phenice (industrial engineering),
  • Carli Raupp (mechanical engineering),
  • Diego Segura Ibarra (electrical engineering),
  • Zihao Song (civil engineering),
  • Megan Ward (chemistry), and
  • Courtney Wessels (industrial engineering).

College of Engineering and Science Outstanding Juniors for 2020-2021 are:

  • Alyssa Bradford (chemistry),
  • Max Broussard (mechanical engineering),
  • Caroline Canatella (chemical engineering),
  • Claire Dorsett (industrial engineering, mathematics),
  • Jimmie Colton Gann (computer science)
  • Tess Hamilton (biomedical engineering),
  • Matthew Lemoine (mathematics),
  • Gage Lites (chemical engineering),
  • Elizabeth McDowell (physics),
  • Abigail Phillips (chemical engineering),
  • Morgan Roque (chemistry),
  • Thomas Schwartzenburg (computer science, mathematics),
  • Carsyn Travis (chemistry), and
  • Ryan Walker (physics).