Tech Family: Cavin leads SGA, UB for campus

Apr 26, 2021 | Faculty/Staff, Tech Family

For every on-campus organization, there must be a faculty adviser who oversees all decisions made within the organization. For Union Board and Student Government Association that adviser is Wes Cavin. Cavin has served in this position for three years but Louisiana Tech University has always been in his life story.

Cavin graduated in 2010 from Louisiana Tech with a Bachelor of Science in Business Management and Entrepreneurship and then returned to get his MBA. While at Tech, Cavin met his wife, Lindsay, who graduated on the same day with a bachelors in Family Child Studies. Cavin now has four young children and although he said work and life can get complicated, Cavin makes the best of it.

“I have four small children who get to interact with college kids daily. I feel confident that their maturation process, communication skills, and worldview will be better than that of their peers as a result of my work,” Cavin said.

Cavin worked from MedCamps of Louisiana for five years when he heard of a position working in the alumni center at Louisiana Tech. Working for his alma mater seemed extremely rewarding to him. He then was given the opportunity to not only work for the university, but work closely to students on a daily just as he did at MedCamps.

Cavin’s current role at Louisiana Tech is director of student activities and he is in the back of Tolliver, the main student study and eating area. Working so closely to students has been rewarding to him, but in the same vein the students whose lives have been impacted by Cavin has been the biggest reward.

“Wes has always gone above and beyond to help us. When it comes to Union Board no matter how big an idea I had Wes has always done his best to make these ideas come to life,” Denman McGinnis said, senior mechanical engineering major and Union Board president.

With every job, comes difficulties and for Cavin working with over 150 organizations on campus can be exceedingly difficult at times. Cavin’s job does not end when the university closes as his job can go through the night.

“I spend many hours outside of 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. answering emails and checking requests to make sure student leaders can proceed with plans in a timely manner. That can take a toll on time with my family if I am not careful,” Cavin said.

For every job, the ups and downs of adult life can be overwhelming for anyone, but Cavin expressed that working for Tech is more than just paperwork and telling people what to do. Having a personality as fun and playful as Cavin’s, this job is not only fun for him but also the students he works with on a daily.

“Working right next to Wes this year has truly been something I will never forget. There is never a dull moment with Wes,” SGA Treasurer Ty Hogg said.

Every day the interactions and memories Cavin makes are things that will stay with him for forever he said. Not only has he impacted the lives of students, but he has left his mark on the university for his hard work and dedication to making these organizations strive.

Story written by Communication student Daniela Torres.