OSLs make lasting impact on new Bulldogs

May 18, 2021 | Students, Tech Family

Orientation Student Leaders (OSLs) have long been a part of the Louisiana Tech University recruitment process. They assist incoming students in getting accustomed to their new surroundings and set the tone for what students can expect during their first year on campus.

Elton Taylor, Director of Orientation, said the impact that OSLs have has been important in helping new students feel comfortable at their new home.

“Orientation is designed to ease the transition between high school and college,” Taylor said. “A lot of these students are coming from out of town and don’t have friends who come with them. That’s the initial impact the OSLs have.”

Ethan Bartolina, a junior Communication Studies major, is currently training to become an OSL. He wanted to become an OSL in order to give freshmen a familiar face.

“My freshman year, the thing that stuck with me was how scared I was,” Bartolina said. “I’m from Lake Charles, so I only knew one other person coming to Tech. My orientation leader was a mentor for me, and she became a friend I still talk to. I became an OSL to reach the kids who were like me.”

Ladereka Christian, a junior Finance major, became an OSL to provide more equal representation for students of color at orientation.

“Honestly, that’s my biggest reason – making sure that we have more representation as black people at a primarily white institution (PWI),” Christian said. “I want to help us give off a good first impression.”

OSLs have evolved into a lasting part of the Louisiana Tech experience. These student leaders will continue to leave a lasting impact on the University’s culture.

This story was written by Communication student Aaron Terrett