Louisiana Tech announces pay raises for faculty, staff

Jul 29, 2021 | Faculty/Staff, General News, Tech Family

Today, Louisiana Tech University announced plans to implement pay raises for faculty and unclassified staff members.

Faculty and unclassified staff will receive average pay raises of 3 percent, pending approval at the next University of Louisiana System (ULS) Board meeting on Aug. 26.

“Thanks to the support of Gov. Edwards, our Louisiana Legislature, Board of Regents, ULS Board, and Dr. Jim Henderson [System President and CEO], we’re able to plan for these salary adjustments for our employees,” said Dr. Les Guice, Louisiana Tech President. “In this year, we’ve all made increasing salaries for faculty and staff a priority, and I hope that this is the first step in getting those salaries to the Southern Regional Education Board (SREB) average.”

In accordance with the Department of State Civil Service guidelines, classified employees have received a market pay adjustment effective July 15.

The increase will be effective for fiscal year 2021-22 for eligible professional and academic employees. These raises follow a 4.5 percent increase in faculty and staff salaries in 2018.

“Our faculty and staff are the heart of our University,” Guice said. “Their work helps us achieve the mission of providing an unparalleled learning experience for all of our students.”