Louisiana Tech to host graduate webinar in multiscale genome research

Sep 20, 2021 | Engineering and Science, Research, Students

Sept. 22, Louisiana Tech University will host a multiscale genome organization research webinar in which graduate students and postdoctoral researchers will share their work in the field. The webinar, which will begin at 10 a.m. Central Standard Time, will feature five speakers from universities around the world: Stephanie Protillo, a postdoctoral researcher from Dr. Tamar Schlick’s Lab at New York University; Yunhui Peng, a postdoctoral researcher from Dr. Anna Panchenk’s lab at Queen’s University in Kingston, Canada; David Landsman, senior investigator for the Bioinformatics of Chromatin Structure Group at the U.S. National Institutes of Health; Bharath Saravanan, graduate student in Dr. Dimple Notani’s lab at the National Centre for Biological Sciences in Bangalore, India; and Amit Das, postdoctoral researcher Dr. Michele Di Pierro’s lab at Northeastern University in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Portillo will kick things off with a talk on histone chromatin transitions. Peng will follow with a talk on the roles of histone tails in nucleosome recognition by regulatory proteins.

The final two speakers, Saravanan and Das will give talks on active enhancers strengthening topologically associating domain insulation and the role of 3D genome architecture on transcription factor dynamics, respectively.

The Multiscale Genome Organization (MGO), a subgroup of the international Biophysical Society was co-founded by Dr. Thomas C. Bishop, Associate Professor of Chemistry, Physics, and Nanosystems Engineering at Louisiana Tech University, and Dr. Tamar Schlick, Professor of Chemistry, Mathematics and Computer Science at New York University launched this series of seminars in April 2021.

Beyond the upcoming graduate student and postdoctoral researcher webinar, the group is also hosting a regular bimonthly seminar. The next regular seminar is scheduled for Oct. 13 and  features Professor Jose’ Onuchic of Rice University and Professor Mair Churchill of the University of Colorado.

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