Edwards headlines Marbury Ethics Lecture in Louisiana Tech College of Business

Oct 8, 2021 | Business, Engagement, General News, Student News Bureau

In Louisiana Tech University’s College of Business, ethics is one of the foundational principles of the curriculum alongside sustainability and entrepreneurship.

In the College’s annual Marbury Ethics Lecture, Gov. John Bel Edwards shared how he uses information, a team of advisors, and his moral compass to make ethical decisions that benefit the community

Throughout his career, Edwards said, he has been presented with many ethical dilemmas, the most recent being Hurricane Ida and its effects on southern Louisiana.

“A good decision timely made is better than a perfect decision made too late,” Edwards said. Although not all people have to make decisions involving natural disaster, many people must make difficult decisions in a timely manner.

Good counsel and accurate data are also necessary to make ethical decisions. In his experience, Edwards has found that “ethical responsibility looks like doing your very best to follow the science, data, and insight from experts.”

Edwards admitted he does not always have all the answers for Louisiana’s problems; he leans heavily on his strong leadership team who provides to him data and their educated opinions.

“People do not expect their leaders to be perfect,” Edwards said, “but they do expect them to be honest.”

This article was written by Marketing student Sophie Edwards.