Top 5 – Songs for the Walk to Class

Oct 25, 2021 | Student News Bureau, Top 5

Note: This series started during the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, we have the chance to learn a little more about our Louisiana Tech University Family: students, staff, alumni, faculty, and friends. We’ll call it Tech Top 5. 

Sophie Edwards

Sophie EdwardsSophie Edwards is a freshman from Baton Rouge. When she’s not studying at the College of Business, Edwards loves spending time with her Kappa Delta sisters, worshipping at Ruston’s churches, and taking in the sights on Tech’s campus. She is thrilled to be a part of the new Louisiana Tech Student News Bureau and looks forward to sharing the best parts of being a Bulldog.

“You cannot take one step away from your dorm without either seeing someone with headphones on or hearing the anthem of a biker as they zoom past you,” Edwards said. “Music is everywhere on our campus. I’ve compiled five songs guaranteed to send you off to even your least favorite class with newfound energy and enthusiasm.”

  1. “A-O-K” by Tai Verdes is a quick classic among Generation Z. With a Jimi Henricks-style electric guitar and Verdes’s joyful chorus of vocals, you cannot help but dance. The easygoing beat and lighthearted lyrics make “A-O-K” the perfect song for when schoolwork, social life, and the balance of it all is overwhelming.
  2. “Don’t Rain on My Parade” sung by Barbara Streisand originated from the hit Broadway musical, Funny Girl. While Barbara carries this tune in prideful defiance, you can hold the same vibrant demeanor on your way to your classes when the sun is out and “life’s a bowl of butter.” Although “Don’t Rain on My Parade” is one of Broadway’s greatest, this song comes with a fair warning. This song’s happy tune is proven to ruin any head-down, cool-kid persona you intend on carrying through the Quad.
  3. “Don’t Stop Me Now” — The title of this rock classic explains why “Don’t Stop Me Now” deserves a spot on this list. This high intensity song is perfect for the days when you leave the cafeteria just a little too late or need a kick-start after your afternoon nap. Freddie Mercury’s pure joy screams from behind the lyrics of this song, and its contagiously energetic beat makes this song a perfect addition to your college playlists.
  4. “Love On Top” — “Bring the beat in!” Released in 2011, “Love on Top” is the quintessential lovesick ballad for all of your college needs. School is not just about tests, quizzes, and papers. If you are lucky, you might just find your special someone. But even if you have not found your college sweetheart, this song is guaranteed to put you in a great mood. Just try not to keep humming this catchy song in your class!
  5. “Break My Stride” — No walk would be complete without the 1980s hit single “Break My Stride” by Matthew Wilder. With unexpected visits, pop quizzes, and that homework that you totally forgot about, it is important to make your progress impenetrable. This hit song is about just that: not letting anything or anyone “break [your] stride.” When the stress of school, work, and that social life you are supposed to have is too much, throw on your coolest shades and stride off to class to this classic!

“Whether you are stressing over a test or swooning over your class crush, music is a powerful tool for motivation, reflection, and empowerment. By decreasing stress and anxiety, music is proven to better the mood of its listeners,” Edwards said. “This compilation of songs was created for just that! So, before you set out for class, put on some good, old-time Broadway music or even some classic rock. Just make sure whatever you put in your ears elevates your attitude! Happy listening, Bulldogs!”