Abe Partridge performs for School of Design

Dec 20, 2021 | Design, General News, Liberal Arts, Student News Bureau

Artist and songwriter Abe Partridge showcased his artwork and performed his original songs at a recent event in the School of Design.

Partridge describes his art as “madness.”

“Part of the reason my art looks like it does is because I was not part of the art community,” he said.

The inspiration for his art comes from the nine years he served as a Baptist preacher and the 12 years he served in the military. All his paintings portray the “madness” he felt during that time of his life.

The type of music he sings is more on the folk side, but every song has a meaning. When listening to his songs, you can get a sense of what Partridge is feeling about certain topics such as his views on people, religion, and overall, the world.

You can find out more about Abe Partridge at, and his music is available on all streaming platforms.

This story and video by Communication student Leslee Bennett.