Lambright Center helps Tech students achieve academic goals through physical fitness

Dec 20, 2021 | General News, Student News Bureau, Students

“A lot of students build sedentary lifestyles in college, which can have serious consequences post-graduation,” Louisiana Tech Cheerleader David Maxey said. Maxey is also a member of the staff at the Lambright Health and Wellness Center.

“I like to leave the gym better than I found it,” Maxey said. “No one likes not being able to find what they need when they’re trying to better their fitness.”

At the Lambright Center, students have access to personal trainers, fitness classes, and state-of-the-art gym equipment, including a rock wall.

“Being active plays a key role in how you retain information and helps with your sleep schedule,” Maxey said. “Having a regulated sleep schedule is better for everyone in the long run.”

While the gym is a great stress reliever for many, some students are intimidated by it. Maxey tells students that, although it may be uncomfortable at first, “the gym is a judgement free zone.”

“Everyone in the gym has been where you are,” he added. “Everyone is trying to better themselves, so we all leave our egos at the door. Just get in here. There is something for everyone, and once you start seeing results you won’t want to stop.”

This article written by Marketing student Sophie Edwards.