UL System brings ‘Carrying on a Dream’ to Tech’s Campus

Jan 26, 2022 | General News, Student News Bureau, Students, Tech Family

Earlier this month, Louisiana Tech University students explored “Carrying a Dream,” an exhibit brought to campus by the University of Louisiana System and the Tech’s Office of Inclusion Initiatives. The exhibit honored Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and featured artifacts including the hearse that carried King after his death, historic pictures of the leader, and panels describing King’s life and mission.

Members of the first class of Reginald F. Lewis Scholars examine the hearse that carried the body of MLK to his final resting place.“As a black student at a primarily white institution (PWI) like Tech, it means a lot for the UL System to bring the ‘Carrying on a Dream’ exhibit to campus for all our students to see and experience,” graduate student Jamar Anderson said.

“Carrying on a Dream” will make four statewide stops to UL system college towns, including Ruston, Natchitoches, Lake Charles, and Lafayette. The tour is sponsored by the Reginald F. Lewis Scholars program with the UL System.

“I hope students feel the significance and magnitude of these artifacts,” Anderson said. “This is a part of a great man’s legacy who stood for so much. Although his life was taken, there is so much we can hold onto, values we can carry, that he left us with.”

The Reginald F. Lewis Scholars program provides academic, career, and research opportunities for Black men and to improve the quality and success of their education.

With the Reginald F. Lewis Scholars and displays such as the “Carrying on a Dream” exhibit, the UL System provides students with opportunities to encounter history and make room for a more diverse and inclusive campus.

“I hope the students who experience this exhibit take the values Martin Luther King stood for with them to campus and for the rest of their lives,” Anderson said.

This story was written by Marketing student Sophie Edwards.