Men’s Volleyball Club offers competition beyond intramurals

Feb 22, 2022 | Student News Bureau, Students

In 2018, Caleb Wug and Jacob Tidwell started the Louisiana Tech Men’s Club Volleyball Team. Now, this team has over 50 members and three teams.

Caleb Wug

Caleb Wug

“We started the team because we wanted to do more at Tech besides intramurals,” Wug said. “There is something special about playing at the club level; it brings a certain level of competitiveness to the game.

“We started off recruiting players we had played intramurals with or against. This year, we held our first tryouts and over 50 guys came to try out. Now, we have A, B, and C teams.”

Logan Sanders, the team’s middle blocker, started playing with the team last season.

“I played soccer in high school, but when I came to college I had three knee surgeries,” Sanders said. “Because I wasn’t able to play collegiate soccer, I decided play intramurals that my knee could handle.”

Logan Sanders

Logan Sanders

The team is comprised of athletes with various levels of prior volleyball experience.

“Volleyball is hard, but coachable,” Wug said. “You can learn it fairly easy if you have willpower and athleticism. I spent a lot of last year breaking it down to the fundamentals, but now we are playing a lot better than before.”

The team has won both matches they played this year, and has hopes of making top silver in the Southern Intercollegiate Volleyball Association (SIVA) Conference.

“My experience with this volleyball team has been everything I hoped it would be,” Sanders said. “I encourage anyone who wants to play volleyball, travel, and make great friends to get involved with a club team.”

Louisiana Tech has 12 different club sports, including archery, fishing, golf, and hockey.

“I consider this my college family,” Wug said. “It is a really fun group of guys who love to joke around. They mean well and want to do right by the university. Most of all, they want to win, and they are.”

This story was written by Marketing student Sophie Edwards.