Louisiana Tech hosts qualifier for largest paper airplane competition in the world

Mar 25, 2022 | Liberal Arts, Student News Bureau, Students

On March 15, Louisiana Tech University students had the opportunity to compete in a world-wide paper airplane competition, the largest of its kind

The competition was sponsored by Red Bull and is designed to test human creativity and imagination and promote careers in aviation

The Red Bull Paper Wings Competition is only one of the many flying competitions the company sponsors, including the Red Bull Challenger Cup and a human-powered flying competition.

Upon arrival to the Ruston Regional Airport, students made paper airplanes out of an average sheet of paper.

The planes were judged on flight airtime and distance. The only rules: each plane had to have wings, could not be torn, and could not be a ball.

“I felt like I was 10 years old again throwing paper airplanes,” said Cody Coker, a Professional Aviation major. “I loved seeing everyone smiling, and the event brought a lot of awareness to aviation as a whole.”

Kevin Coleman, a Louisiana Tech graduate and ambassador for the competition, helped bring this qualifier to the University.

After Coleman graduated from Louisiana Tech, he began a full-time career in Air Show Performance. Now, he is traveling the country while doing his passion at its highest level.

Some of his greatest accomplishments are membership in the U.S. Advanced Aerobatic Team and placing third overall in the Red Bull Challenger Cup.

“All the students had fun and took the competition seriously. Next year, I hope to come back ready to compete at a higher level,” said Harrison Dougherty, Mechanical Engineering student.


This story was written by Marketing student Sophie Edwards.