Tech students come up with Doggone Good Ideas

Oct 8, 2022 | General News, Innovation, Students

At Louisiana Tech University, an idea can start anywhere. On Sept. 27, the Innovation Enterprise hosted its annual Doggone Good Idea event for students full of fresh new dreams and the drive to make them come true

Two male students, Jeremiah Eubanks and John Thomas Butler, stand together with large checks in their hands.“It is the simplest thing we could think of to encourage students to recognize that all people have a good idea and stating or describing those ideas is not that difficult,” said Kathy Wyatt, one of the creators of the Doggone Good Idea Contest.

Chief Innovation Officer Dr. Dave Norris said this year saw an all-time high number of submissions. The winners of this year’s event were Jeremiah Eubanks with his idea of glasses for the deaf and John Thomas Butler with his idea of hammocks for the quad.

Butler said he was walking back from class when he decided it was a perfect day to enjoy a hammock, and an idea was born.

“I had the idea pop into my head, and I was like ‘this would be a great idea to submit’,” Butler said.

Eubanks’ idea of glasses for the deaf has been his goal for a while. The glasses are meant to help people who are hard of hearing be able to see what others are saying to better help their communication.

Previous winner Cade Spike joined the judging panel for this year’s competition.

Spike joined the Doggone Good Idea contest as a class requirement, and now he and his partner are running their own business. He joined the judging panel to help future entrepreneurs create their own businesses.

“There is never going to be a perfect time. You will never have the right amount of money or right amount of time, it’s never going to be perfect,” Spike said. “You are the least risk-averse right now. You have the time. If you fail, cool, you’re in college, you still have a path.”

In October, participants will take the next step in the TOP DOG Idea Pitch, where all students are invited to explain why the consumers should want their product.

“Share your idea; always share your idea,” Norris said.

Louisiana Tech students have until noon Oct. 13 to enter the TOP DOG Idea Pitch. Ideas can be submitted at The TOP DOG Idea Pitch will be help at 5:30 p.m. Nov. 1.

This article was written by Communication student Sarah Brackin.